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That Feeling When... · 4:31am September 6th

...your muse only strikes you in the middle of the night when you work in the morning. :facehoof:

Nevertheless, I do have several concepts I've been tossing around! Trying to work on fleshing one out to get another tale posted here, perhaps more than just a one shot this time! Stay tuned...

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    Hi, Blue Streak! Looks like you did check out the main story. Thanks! Expect a new chapter in the next couple days.

    And thanks for the follow, too!

    Thanks for checking out "Sensation - Fire Streak," BlueStreak! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you'll give the main story a try, too!

    Also, welcome to FIM Fiction! Hope you're enjoying it so far. :scootangel:

    2412659 Thankyousir! Decided I spend enough time on here to warrant actually keeping track of what I've read. :rainbowlaugh:

    Thanks for the follow and the fave! Welcome to fimfiction! :eeyup::scootangel:

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