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A place to have your story be reviewed, or to suggest others to be reviewed.

The story should be unrated (less than 10 total up or down ratings) OR have less than 300 views.
The story should be at least one month old.
Stories that have been published more recently will be given preference.
The submission folder can and will be emptied at random times.
Only 2 stories at a time from any given author.

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Rules for the forum:
Be kind.
Be on topic.
No spam or NSFW linking.
You can critique a story, but avoid targeting the author. Let's support one another.

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Hello again, it's me.
At the time of writing this, the fic I have in mind (This one) if over the rating limit, but view limit I'm not quite sure.
It has a total of 567, but a view of 272.
I'll add it here just in case, but if you could clarify, that would be awesome for any future fics.

(Also, I'd like to say thanks again the for the first review you had done. It really helped, and I hope I've been able to improve since then.)

If it has less than 300 views, the votes don't matter. If it has >10 votes AND >300 views, it hasn't been entirely ignored.

I think the required number of upvotes should be raised to 100. I have a hidden gem with only 88 upvotes, even though it deserves more.

But if you're trying to be a productive force you wouldn't take a day off would you?

Then I get a day off, clearly.

So rain or shine, what happens if there's an eclipse 😕


Yes, it is, and it's been there for a while now :trixieshiftleft:

Though you might find it lacking since it is incomplete. Since it had been in queue for so long, I thought you were waiting for me to finish at least 50% before considering a review for this. I reckon it isn't even at 30% of the way. There is still much to uncover and put to paper, but I plan to finish this.

Oh my, that's a biggun... Alright, I'll start on it.

I'm doing my best. I try to give each story a fair chance, and rain or shine, be a productive force for the story and its author.

So hi, I joined to see how my story fares in reviews. It's fairly ambitious, but mostly a personal story. Thanks for having me. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Daremo deleted Dec 6th, 2017

This looks a little bit like Seattle's Angels, but that group is complete nonsense, and good luck keeping this group up and running

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