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Call me Leroy. Some time ago, never mind how long exactly, having little or no sense in my brain, I began to write.


This story is a sequel to Rarity's a Sociopath

By popular demand, Rarity's a Sociopath again.

Rarity lives a good life but she loses her temper from time to time. Now a man is lying dead in the trunk of a Shining Armor's police cruiser and her relationship with Sci-Twi is starting to crumble. She might still be seen as a beautiful fashionista, a paragon of grace and virtue, an exemplar of friendship and generosity but that mask is beginning to crack. And who it reveals is none of those things.

Can she repair her failing reputation and hide her crimes before its too late? Can she mend the break in her carefully-crafted mask before her secret is revealed. Or will she finally get what's coming to her as her life burns up as she was just a paper doll?

Edited by: ZettaiDullahan

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 14 )

She's too wild, has no control, and is going to get caught for her bullshit. Sooner or later she's going to meet someone who she can't use, someone who will kill her without a shred of hesitation.

We have a saying where I come from. It goes like this,"Never take a psycho into the gang,
Because they don't know when to stop, and sooner or later, you'll have to make them."

Anti-social disorder is not the same as psychopathy.

Exactly, she's not a sociopath, she's a psychopath

Besides, I only drink expensive whisky – Monkey Shoulder, for instance

Ha. Sorry Rarity , but that one is still cheap whisky. Not trash tier , mind , but still near the bottom of the middle range whiskies in the grand scheme of things.
To get something good , you have to , at the very least , go to twice the price of the Monkey Shoulder.

Also , that little indiscretion , namely murder , at the end here wasn't a very smart thing to do , especially since you didn't wear you gloves while at the wheel , had people waiting for you that could attest of you being there , and your girlfriend being able to say you were in that car.

Talking about Twilight , she need to think thing through more. She seemed to know about Rarity's condition , that the later admited having , but still believed her wholeheartedly in the following conversation. That's a very big mistake to make given that her condition makes her girlfriend a pathological liar (I was actually surprised that Rarity told her the truth about that.)... and also makes her litteraly unable of "loving" Twilight in the traditional sense of the term.

I'm trying to portray Rarity as somebody who is nowhere near as cultured/knowledgeable as she thinks she is. Good catch though.

Okay now I really wanna read more

i like the story so far

Neither psychopathy or sociopathy are medically recognized terms, as far as I know. The definitions also vary from country to country but both tend to describe somebody with antisocial personality disorder. For simplicity's sake, the story regards all three as describing the same condition.

I am liking this rarity
I have a feeling cadence somehow saw her take the cruiser
And shame on shiney for leaving his keys in his cruiser

And nothing of value was lost.

:pinkiecrazy::heart: Nightmare Rarity attack :raritywink:

Oh, Rarity... I've seen enough forensic TV shows to know you dun fucked up.

i going to find it funy if down the road we find out that the pony rarity is the same way and is dateing princess twilight and works on her own issue in different way, :duck: ie in a BDSM style with twilight

i like this story , please do continue i was not expecting discord that came out of left field but please keep up the good work!

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