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This story is a sequel to Rarity's a Sociopath

Back by popular demand, Rarity's a Sociopath again.

Rarity lives a good life but she loses her temper from time to time. Now a man is lying dead in the trunk of a Shining Armor's police cruiser and her relationship with Sci-Twi is starting to crumble. She might still be seen as a beautiful fashionista, a paragon of grace and virtue, an exemplar of friendship and generosity but that mask is beginning to crack, fast. And who it reveals is none of those things.

Can she repair her failing reputation and hide her crimes before its too late? Can she mend the break in her carefully-crafted mask before her secrets are revealed? Or will she finally get what's coming to her as her life burns up?

Edited by:
The Silver Dodge - check out his work here.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 80 )

She's too wild, has no control, and is going to get caught for her bullshit. Sooner or later she's going to meet someone who she can't use, someone who will kill her without a shred of hesitation.

We have a saying where I come from. It goes like this,"Never take a psycho into the gang,
Because they don't know when to stop, and sooner or later, you'll have to make them."

Anti-social disorder is not the same as psychopathy.

Exactly, she's not a sociopath, she's a psychopath

Besides, I only drink expensive whisky – Monkey Shoulder, for instance

Ha. Sorry Rarity , but that one is still cheap whisky. Not trash tier , mind , but still near the bottom of the middle range whiskies in the grand scheme of things.
To get something good , you have to , at the very least , go to twice the price of the Monkey Shoulder.

Also , that little indiscretion , namely murder , at the end here wasn't a very smart thing to do , especially since you didn't wear you gloves while at the wheel , had people waiting for you that could attest of you being there , and your girlfriend being able to say you were in that car.

Talking about Twilight , she need to think thing through more. She seemed to know about Rarity's condition , that the later admited having , but still believed her wholeheartedly in the following conversation. That's a very big mistake to make given that her condition makes her girlfriend a pathological liar (I was actually surprised that Rarity told her the truth about that.)... and also makes her litteraly unable of "loving" Twilight in the traditional sense of the term.

I'm trying to portray Rarity as somebody who is nowhere near as cultured/knowledgeable as she thinks she is. Good catch though.

Okay now I really wanna read more

i like the story so far

Neither psychopathy or sociopathy are medically recognized terms, as far as I know. The definitions also vary from country to country but both tend to describe somebody with antisocial personality disorder. For simplicity's sake, the story regards all three as describing the same condition.

I am liking this rarity
I have a feeling cadence somehow saw her take the cruiser
And shame on shiney for leaving his keys in his cruiser

And nothing of value was lost.

:pinkiecrazy::heart: Nightmare Rarity attack :raritywink:

Oh, Rarity... I've seen enough forensic TV shows to know you dun fucked up.

i going to find it funy if down the road we find out that the pony rarity is the same way and is dateing princess twilight and works on her own issue in different way, :duck: ie in a BDSM style with twilight

i like this story , please do continue i was not expecting discord that came out of left field but please keep up the good work!

Treehugger – I recall Fluttershy introducing me to her, once – made an obscene gesture at me at I passed by her patch of the lawn. I imagine she must’ve thought it a peace sign, but her hand was pointed backwards.

You have no idea how many non-Brits do that. :rainbowlaugh:

Chances are it's the same number of people that use the word "spaz" without knowing how offensive it is in the UK.

lovely chapter i await further madness

Thanks mate. Glad to see you're enjoying it.

I opened the boot. Sugarcoat screamed. I tased her. What a sight that was. I daresay she leaped a good fifteen feet into the air, shivering and jabbering incoherently all the while. Upon landing, her jaw smacked quite soundly against the bumper of the car.


“... Rares, Why’s there somebody screaming?” Lyra asked.

“Ah. That. Twilight’s watching a movie, Lyra. Saw 2 , I think.”


OH BOY i'm going to ride till i see the end of this madness it's gotta be good , else we riot

busts were cracked until their subjects were unrecognizable lumps of shattered clay

Whoever's responsible for their breast augmentation surgery has quite the lawsuit to deal with. :rainbowlaugh:

Bad puns aside, good chapter. Keep it up. :twilightsmile:

Murder in the morning - adultery in the afternoon.

:heart::heart::heart::pinkiecrazy: A perfect day... :pinkiecrazy::heart::heart::heart:

I would probably call it more manslaughter than murder, to be honest.

I do wonder if her life has always been slipping from one disaster to the next, day by day, or if this is a unique period of time for her.

“My daughter’s a good person, Miss Cadance,” he said, turning and tipping his hat and walking faster than he usually did down the hallway.

Father of the year right here, people

I concur (though I don't have any girlfriends and chances are I would be the one being cheated on).
Is it any wonder why her daughter's a psychopath? :rainbowlaugh:

In my defence, they were annoying me.

To be fair, that is a good reason to kill someone (even if they're doing it by accident and not intending to annoy you, especially if they're not even talking to you).

In my life, I’ve come to expect many things. However, the unexpected always manages to sneak up on me – be it a parallel universe of sapient ponies, demon-possessed girlfriends-to-be, the Spanish Inquisition, etcetera etcetera.


And beginning to fear that I may have made one mistake too many this month. Oh, if only I hadn’t hit Twilight. Then Cadance wouldn’t have interrogated me, I wouldn’t have found Shining’s car unoccupied, I wouldn’t have driven some lout over with it and I wouldn’t have had to then kill Sugarcoat to cover the last murder up.


this is snowballing into madness and i love it , how much more can she weasel the fuck out of dodge? this is thrilling love it

If there’s one thing I know, it would be etiquette and fashion. No, if there are two things I know, it would be etiquette and fashion and knowing how to play fools like a deck of cards. If there are three things I know, this is turning into a Monty Python reference faster than one can’t expect the Spanish Inquisition.

I suppose a proper lady watches Monty Python. :rainbowlaugh:

There are so few properly attractive women in this world, it’d be a shame to deplete that precious supply more than the advent of fast food and social media already has.

I know the feeling. Seriously, out of all the girls in my secondary school, there were only two that I considered extremely attractive (but I never made any moves because I would rather focus on my work and I have certain...tastes...that would get me into a lot of trouble should I act on them).

Twilight smiled. “Gladly. Your first mistake was telling me you have Antisocial Personality Disorder. My knowledge of psychology not exactly being the best, I confused it with schizotypal personality disorder, or asociality for short. Hence why I didn’t suspect anything until I got to a medical dictionary.”

You know, I was wondering why Twilight was sympathizing with Rarity in the previous story (mainly because psychopaths and narcissists are anything but sympathetic). That said, I'm very certain asociality is a symptom of schizotypal personality disorder rather than another term for it.


And I only imagined how he could save himself from telling him that he has Antisocial Personality Disorder, to tell him that he told her so that he knew everything about her, as some love for twilight or that he would believe, because she is the only one who told him of his condition, Candance He discovered it but Rarity so far only told Twilight. So Rarity could lie to him to continue as they were.

“You’ll get out of my life. If you do that, I won’t press charges. I won’t tell anyone else what you did. In fact, I’ll let you keep everything you tricked me into buying for you. It’ll all remind of you anyway if I bothered to take it back.”

Now wait for the bodies to be discovered so that Twilight breaks her promise not to say anything. :pinkiecrazy:

“Not just yet,” she grabbed my hand again. “Let me explain. By getting out of my life before you cause any more damage, I want you gone. That means you leave the band, you change classes, and you never, ever, talk to me again after this conversation.”

And since Rarity won't talk to Twilight anymore, Rarity will avoid her so that Twilight obliges her to confess those deaths, which will surely soon put Shining Armor in jail, for being the main suspect. Cadance and Twilight joining forces for Rarity to fall. Mmmm ... I feel that Rarity is James Moriarty but I still don't know who Holmes and Watson would be. :raritystarry:

Then, he turned to me and did a funny little jump and let go of his skateboard, which had an image of a paper doll spray-painted onto its underside.

Instead, she shakily pointed to the mess of bandages wrapped around her shoulder, beneath which a half-covered tattoo of a paper doll was visible.

“Why didn’t he send Shamrock instead? Uh, no offence.”

“None taken, kid. Red just said the boy wasn’t answering his phone.”

“Yeah. He does that. Keeps it muted while skateboarding so it doesn’t distract him or anything.

Well, I guess we know the names of both occupants of the trunk.

And, as a matter of fact, my credit card has been overdrawn for the past three months.

I'm actually surprised considering how much she goes out of her way to NOT pay for a damn thing

The sad thing in all of this is that, had Twilight not misunderstood Rarity's disorder , that whole fiasco could have been avoided.
They most likely would have had a pretty bad breakup on the spot , but at least it would have been on good enough terms. No hope of that now.
Also , Rarity being out of the band might just be a bit problematic ...

Well, there's the reason she never pays for a damn thing.


I thought of earlier when Rarity said Sunset went off on Fluttershy about leaving


I waved at Fluttershy upon spotting her. “Ah, Darling!” I said, “There you are.”


“Totally, Darling. Now, if you must excuse me, I really must get going. I’d just planned a small visit to… ah… lend Sugarcoat a hand with something. Can’t stay to long, I have a date to keep.”


Only then, once outside and headed towards where Lyra stood on the sidewalk awaiting a lift, did it occur to me that I killed Lightning Dust’s brother. Oh. Well then.


I’ve already said it once and I will likely say it again. If my little tiff with Vignette Valencia has taught me anything, its that there is certainly a thing as too much media and it about occurs when you sit down to write fanfiction about your favourite characters.

Truly, I pity the people who do that. Well, I am mentally incapable of pitying anything, really, virgin or otherwise but I would probably do so if I could.

So, she would pity about half of the people who use this website, then? :rainbowlaugh:

There's no self awareness like scathing criticism.

“You try living in a world where, no matter what you do, you are always in somebody else’s shadow. No matter how intelligent you are, millions are smarter. No matter how rich you are, millions are wealthier. No matter how beautiful you are, millions are still more popular than you will ever be. You feel powerless. You feel useless. You feel like there is always somebody better than you.”

“And because you can never be the best, you give up on trying to be decent at all. You’re just some poser in a swanky outfit. Of course, you act out from time to time then. At the end of the day, you rationalize, it doesn’t matter. You’re mediocre. Somebody has invariably committed worse, so why should anyone care about what you do?”

“That’s why I’m like this, Sunset. That’s why I am,” and Chanel forgive me for uttering this, “a failure of person. I never had any support growing up, not when everything around me was so happy to settle for average and so I gave up on trying to be the hero. I was content being the villain because I knew that there’d always be somebody more villainous than me. At worst, I’d just be the town newspaper’s headline for a week and then I’d be old news. That’s why I do what I do. Why shouldn’t I?” I explained, “So no, I don’t think you’ll care. Nobody else does. And you, the Queen of Canterlot High, the Saviour of the Universe, the Darling of the World, certainly won’t. Because you know that I am right.”

Even though she was lying through her teeth, is it wrong that I find some of what she said relatable? Key word being "some" because I have friends and family that are supportive of me and I most certainly don't consider myself a failure and I am by no means mediocre, contrary to what one of my friends says. Oh, and if I do anything bad, I go for low-level stuff because I know I won't get caught for it. I'd rather be in the news for my work rather than I tried to temporarily possess a pretty lady's body using dark magic. Plus, another reason why I do bad things from time-to-time is because people don't give a shit when they do things like swearing and saying Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are real even though they don't believe they are (in other words, intentionally lying) yet when it comes to doing something "worse", they won't do it for moral reasons. So I figured I'd keep any semblance of morality to a bare minimum and only follow the rules for pragmatic reasons. What can I say? I don't see the point in hypocrisy?

I felt almost flattered to play my part in it again. Before this last week, my life was getting ever so dull. I almost enjoyed risking my life to fight magical demons and cybernetic morons. Almost.

Cybernetic morons? When did that happen? :rainbowlaugh:

Watch out for the Cybermorons! They want to "DERP-LETE" everything!

Cybernetic morons is a reference to the time the girls fight a robot in one of the music videos.

I see. Guess I'll have to look that one up.

I don’t think it’s wrong to find it relatable. In fact, I dare say that was the point. It’s far easier to manipulate somebody who feels they relate to what you say. It doesn’t match you perfectly because, well, it was designed for Sunset.

That’s why you have to be careful even around those you feel you can trust or relate to. Trust should be build over time from reliable actions *as well as* relating to one another, to prevent tragedies like being manipulated by people like Rarity.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Luckily for me, it usually takes a while for people to gain my trust.

You hit the nail on the head there. Her speech is supposed to be vaguely relatable to everyone, because everyone has come 2nd at some point. And yes, it was intended to be a silver bullet for Sunset's character, although you could definitely argue that Rarity isn't being as insincere as she'd like to be, especially in regards to her own (boring) life.

I was wondering when she was gonna dispose of the car

This is a critique of Rarity's character, by any chance?
'Cause...if it is...
OK, I'm not a fan of Rarity, and this story pretty much hits the nail on the head. It's not that I get a rush from seeing a character I don't like do bad things, but it's because this completely squares with my view of Rarity:
The main reason I don't like Rarity...is that she feels fake. From her fake accent, to her fake eyelashes, to her fake freakouts, everything about her just is saturated with fakeness. The way she suddenly became best friends with Twilight after hearing she was from Canterlot, the way she uses Spike...
Now, don't get me wrong: As this story proves, A character like Rarity can be quite a delicious read...as long as her mask isn't played straight and the way she treats the other characters isn't played for laughs...like they did in the show...take the thing where she lies about having dog allergies to get out of work. If this were the actual show, and that actually happened, (And I can actually see Rarity doing this in canon) it would probably be played as an "Oh, Rarity, you little rascal you". When it would actually be kind of a major jerk move, and even the best, most forgiving friends would probably be kinda hurt and there would be some broken trust issues and stuff...uh...but I digress.
Good story. I never really thought Sugarcoat was dead. I mean, the fact that she is only described as knocked out (and she is later heard screaming in the trunk) shows a lot of things. Of course it's possible that you're faking us out and she really is dead, but I am placing my bets that she is not. (And not in such a good mental state)
Also, I never really liked Rarity flirting with people to get what she wants. Some might term me a "female misogynist" (And an "Enabler of the heteronormative patriarchy", LOL) for vetoing free body expression, but it's not really "free body expression" that's the problem, so much as it feels kind of a slippery way to act towards the guys, I mean, can you imagine how much of an uproar there would be if a hot guy character screwed around with girls the way Rarity does with guys? (Especially Spike) I know I would be more then a little hurt if some guy began being super-duper nice to me, and showering with super-duper nice compliments, and then it turned out that he just wanted someone to help carry his stuff or foot his bill. If he really wants help carrying his stuff or paying for a meal, he can just straight up ask.
But seriously, rant over. Good story, man, good story.

Thank you for the essay. It is much appreciated. I hadn't intended this to be a character critique - more so just an AU but I suppose your interpretation certainly holds up. I tried to make Rarity entertaining to listen to and I'm glad that works out here. I also wanted to show her actions as definitely having consequences, especially towards her friends.
And yes, Sugarcoat lives. Her coma dream will be detailed in one of my upcoming stories.
I'd also agree with your stance on flirting and whatnot. Again, I'm trying to show her as a toxic and manipulative person and that's one aspect of her character in FIM itself I really dislike. It isn't a good role model there and it sure isn't here either.

Oh shit. BOTH Raritys are sociopaths! Oh man, I can't wait for the climax!

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