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This story is a sequel to Legends of Equestria: Fire and Faith

Tom cannot catch a break. No sooner is he back from one adventure, then fate has changed him into one of Equestria's greatest war heroes. Thrust into battle against an ancient enemy, does he have what it takes to fight to the death in the hardest struggle he is yet to face?

Part of the Legends of Equestria continuity. Reading the other stories in the series first is strongly recommended, but at a bare minimum, you must have read Sands of Time in order to understand what is going on;


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Per the traditions of our characters, Jimmy assigned female characters to his self insert, meaning that it was Tom's 'honour' to get the male characters.

Heh... I'm just so lucky. X3


Noice line to end the chapter on. X3

2 things. =3


"Somebody made an entrance," said a familiar voice. Flash looked up to see Somnambula sitting on a nearby pyramid entrance. Presumably Neighhiptians did that for fun, or something.

Best entrance line for Somny ever. X3

2. -sees my story mentioned in the Author's note- =3

Excellent. X3

1. No problem.

2. Well, hey, all part of the same world.

People. Humans. These trailers were transporting humans! That seemed like an oddly dark thing to do. The humans were lined up in front of a group of individuals, who all looked somewhat threatening.

Holy Shit. :O

-sees where the latter part of the speech is influenced-

Excellent <3

Two very good speeches, methinks.

They had flown straight into a massacre.

Good Lord.... O_O

And it was very angry.


This chapter of the story may be over, but on Monday JimmyHook19 picks up the story with Legends of Equestria: the Long Road Back.

And you can count on me for it. X3

The story is nice since Flash Magnus and Somnambula is my favorite Pillar

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