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After the defeat of Pony of Shadows, Somnambula returned to her old village. She doesn't quite feel at home in this new world where she feels out of place and where almost nothing is familiar to her.

Turns out that the sphinx hasn't changed much either, and can really hold a grudge.

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Absolutely magical story.

XD That was cute! I like it. Another villain reluctantly converted to the cause of friendship! It'd be fun to see some follow-up mini stories of the Sphinx's lessons. It'll certainly have a tricky time hanging out with Somnambula anywhere other than in the great wide open, as big as it is!

Very nice. Glad to see that there are more Somnambula stories sprouting up here and there. It's about time, really.

Keep up the good work.

Any chance for a sequel? This Is so good.

I like this one.
Kinda wish to see where it would go from here lol

Something you might find interesting; your story brings my fave total to 2500.

This feels very not out-of place at all. Could be even a real episode don't you think?


Nicely done, would love to see a sequel.

Yes, Yes! More Boola Please!

Heh, your riddle foreshadowed the riddle in the Christmas/Heart's Warming special!

Love it!!!
We need more stories with the sphinx. :pinkiecrazy:

Hehs poor car. O her we’ll feuensgop giced a lot of things

Love the little tantrum.

Can i do a humanish version of this story? Plz. I will give you credit.

Really good. Simple but good. Sorry it took so long to get around to it.

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