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This story is a sequel to You've Got Debt

Takes place after the events of You've Got Debt by, Coronet the lesser.

Note: This is a non canon sequel.

After just becoming The new Ruler of Equestria, Twilight learns that The Crown is in debt of six hundred billion bits shared across many different kingdoms, all because of Celestia's many economic blunders that she didn't know of until now.

It turns out Celestia kept many important secrets from Twilight and with each new info revealed to her like how she have to marry The Saddle Arabian Prince, Saladin, just to cover half of the debt that is owed, only made her more angry and outrage, when she also learned that Celestia trick her into performing a marriage ritual for the The Saddle Arabians.

So with no other choice Twilight vows to fix all of the problems left to her and pay back the debt in full and make sure this crisis never happens again and the second all is said and done she will make sure that Celestia pays for all this.

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Comment posted by nlinzer deleted Last Thursday

I hope Twilight gets her revenge Celestia really deserves it.

Meanwhile in the human world

Sunset: (resting aside from the portal alongside her friends and the rest of the school) take a while to princess Twilight ti figure out?

Pinkie: even i don't pull up a Yoshi to evading taxes


Yep! Both Celestia and even Luna are gonna have a massive "karma storm" on their asses. And to make things better. Twilight could have told the truth to everybody in Equestria ( Especially her own friends and family ). Thus, destroying both Celestia's and Linda's reputation for eternally. :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiecrazy:

P.S. Cadence is also in deep shit as well. I mean, she COULD have known what is happening too, but did she warned or tell Twilight??? F*** NO!!!!!!!!

And for her brother's sake, hope Shining Armor was in the dark as well. Otherwise, this will be like the Canterlot Wedding but times INFINITY!!!!!!! :twilightangry2: :twilightangry2: :flutterrage: :flutterrage:


SMG4 reference!

Well i for one hope the Prince is a nice guy, Else let's look forward to Twilight getting her magic around those two, Who knows she might be able to track them Down do to the magic they left in the amulet for the sun and moon, and it's not about if she finds them its about when

Yep, that thing has fun potentionalšŸ˜‚

Go on with it and that might be my favourite "Celestia why?" Story!

So first time i read this was just before work and i had just gotten up now i am rereading it to get it all,

And bloody hell They do not seem to even have the ability to see what they did here is right out evil

"Twilight! I'm so sorry!"

And then there is this line Like this is hollow, And then there is her Sister in law, like i Don't think there is anything she can say there will earn Twilights forgiveness, For how Celestia talks about her she knew about this, She even owes her 75 billion for that just sounds like Cadance was just thinking about how she can get her money not even thinking about the stress she has throw onto Twilight:facehoof:

All i can say as this point is bloody hell i Truly hope that the Prince turn out to be a nice guy who can help Twilight so she can get to the point when she can pull the two Scam artist out and get some pay back, and with Tempest train the Royal Guard they are going to be helpful

So yeah heavy looking forward to more

I can tell it's a good story, but wow, this urgently needs an editor to go over the whole bloody thing, it's borderline painful to read!

I know, I will go over it again and try and fix things, and Iā€™ll make sure this isn't repeated going forward.

I agree with the others. This Saddle Arabia Prince could be a nice guy to Twilight. And maybe, just maybe, Twilight will actually like him too, and they actually hit it off. I mean, it's better than Pony Flash Sentry, am I right! :rainbowlaugh:

( While I have no problem with Human Flash, and he could go back together with Sunset. )

twilight could do some pretty good payback for this. say capture and imprison celestia and luna in tarturus for as long as their new personal debt to twilight is (depending on how twilight wants to play it 1 bit can be subtracted every year or day) and since they didnt sign anything about this debt they have taken out from twilight then she can not only set the intrest rate but the payback way and payment in genrel aswell.

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