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Just reading and writting stories for and from anyone.


Lyra has always belived in humans, but everypony in ponyville thinks than she is crazy for beliving on stories for colts.
Parallel to her, Sophia is an 9 years old girl that always belived on unicorns but her father just thinks than she is just unmature, and she will eventualy grow up.
However; everything changes the day that...

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Bon-bon leaved Lyra on her room for her to prepare herself for the day, which she did but sadly.

Bon-bon left Lyra in her room for her to prepare herself for the day, which she did, but sadly.

Your story details are a lot better that anything I could write, but your punctuation and grammar is bad. My punctuation and grammar is good, but my story making skills are bad. Maybe I can proofread for you?

"Lyra wake up!" Said hisher roommate Bon-bon "it's seven in the morning, and you have to go to see DJPon3 for your next play!"she said. No pony answered

When they reached home hisher father spoke:

Sophia was crying on her bedroom with an older photo of her, hisher mother, and father; back when her mother was still alive, and hisher father loved to watch sci-fi movies.

Sorry for the comment spam. It's just the constant pronoun changes are confusing me. ;-;

Suddenly Lyra felt than hisher bed vanished from his back, and she fell into the floor of other room.

Oh, okay! I understand.
Also, I'm really enjoying this so far :D

Don't worry, I appreciate the help.

Parallel to her Sophia is an 9 years old girl that always belived on unicorns but everyone just thinks than she is just unmature, and she will eventualy grow up.

Why would they think that's unusual? She is nine, after all.

Sorry if I appeared as rude. I was just suggesting that I help you proofread.

I hope so too, i always love a good Story of lyra!

Story is cute and has potential, but you need an editor.

I did for sure! The punctuation could need some improvement though. No offense.

But lovely!

Youre welcome, eager to see how it goes

Sorry mixed ideas, correcting it right now

In the coin he could read: 'Celestia the princess of equestria recognize this coin as 1 BIT'. It seemed to heavy, to shiny, simply to detailed to be fake; but it couldn't be real, or that would mean that a world full of talking horses exists.

You used the wrong to. It should be too (as in "too much") rather than to. (as in "going to the store")

"Well... actually, we can't eat flowers, so..."

I'm not sure about what I'm about to type, but I think we can eat the flowers themselves, as long as their not straight-up poisonous, like nightshades and Apiaceae. Flowers don't contain as much cellulose as the leaves, so they should be digestible.

Edit: I thought of an example. A common yellow flower in North America and Asia, the dandelion, is edible and nutritious for humans, and it's poison free!

Cute story......but you really need an editor.

Wow, this story is set 2000 years in the future? Also, it's relic, not relique.

Thanks for 'relic'.
And yes it is in the future :)
But as I said in the story, technology is practically the same as ours.

Wow, this chapter is good. Is this actually a 2,000-year-old stagnation of technology?

Yes it is.
Only minor advancements like more fast computers, and that kind of stuff.

in that moment the guide said something that cached her attention.

Sounds like her dad's job is rubbing off on her

very nice but oddly, i saw it only in my feed but no update in the libary

Ya know, Art had it right, 'Kids DO say the darnest things' !!!

I didn't get an update in my tracking list either.

Very nice! But don't you mean best instead of vest?

Heh, funny, i used a similar idea once

As for military, could you imagine other bronies?

My finger should have slipped
Anyways, thank you, and what do you mean by other bronies?

Youre welcome! Well, is equestria here completly unknown or do bronies exist here?

Nope, in this world, equestria is a very old and unknown legend.

Okay. Thought like at the news of military Intention, that there could be humans to equestria's defense

Lyra's mind was also stunned by the fact that she was taken to a portal, into the room of a human little girl, her dream of his life was now true, and this moment worth all the times she was called crazy back at ponyville; but after 20 seconds of astonishment, she realized than the human girl still deserved at least a greeting from her.

Is lyra genderfruid?

"This!?" said the mare. "This its just a piece of paper, how could any society use this as currency."

Dept driven capitalist society

This future feels like it's made from WEF's wet dream.

"I'M GETTING THERE!" Ruth shouted, tired of repeating the same thing over and over. "The friendship protocol doesn't stop there. The next step is than, after a few hours, it would start opening more portals between the worlds, and take the most kind inhabitants from world to world so they could start knowing each other. I would say that Celestia and the other princess, Luna, arrive at the earth to meet the human that triggered the equestrian amulet. And for what you told me, that is no other than Sophia."

What kind of chaotic insanity is that?

Nice work! Hmm, do you need a soldier who tried t reason with the ambassador or something like that? Or a human who reasons with Sophia/ encourages her?

Celestia stood silent for a few seconds, until she broke the silence. "When I developed the friendship protocol, I used a spell to see the future, to know if the protocol would even trigger someday. And the only thing I was able to see, was you and Sophia at a speech."

I guess that's one way to give someone confidence. If that wasn't a lie, than the future would have changed due to her seeing that, especially now that she has told someone about it, meaning that Sophia giving a good speech still isn't certain.

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