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This story is a sequel to The Bet

This is my take on a Aftermath story base on "The Bet" by Paridigm Shift.

WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD IN THE DESCRIPTION Go and read the first story before reading this one if you haven't.

Sunset and Raity learned that they have been doop, Prank by thier friends...mainly Twilight Sparkle being the mastermind, into going on a date with one another because each believed that the other was in love with them and even wrote a love story titled "The Perfect Date" with them both as the main characters.

They both were confronted by Twilight and some their friends seperatly and were showed the stories both were led to believe were written by the other, they were also goad into a bet by Twilight, who promise them both a fabulous reward if they win the bet, all they have todo is go on a date with the other and re-enact the stories that they were given to a "T"

At the end of their date it was revealed that the whole thing was a setup, they been played, neither Sunset or Rarity wrote the stories they were shown, nor were either of them was in love with the other romanticly....at first. Sunset and Rarity date night did show them both a side to the other they never saw before which led the now two new love birds going out with one another on their own terms.

Though the prank did help them see a romance neither knew was there and are happy for it, They're still upset about the prank and they will confront the mastermind behind it all.


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Comment posted by Cojo5536 deleted May 10th, 2021

Please continue this story! This is such a good continuation and I really am interested to see what happens next! :pinkiehappy:

Don't worry I will someday.

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