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Raven Inkwell speaks out her concerns about Discord getting away Scott free for starting the Legion of Doom (L.O.D.) and should be punished for his crimes.

Fluttershy speaks out her beliefs that Discord should be forgiven for he made up for his mistake of forming The L.O.D.

Raven doesn't believe that Discord deserves to be forgiven and she aims to prove it.

Fluttershy stands in her way to defend her friend.

It's Raven vs Fluttershy in a heated debate that will determine Discord's fate.

Artwork by: witchtaunter

Note: It's hard to see at first glance but know that the cover art of Raven is showing that she is extremely angry. Just do a close up on the pic and you can see her eyebrows scowling.

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This story is a sequel to OBJECTION!!!!! Spike's Sacrifice was completely Unnecessary

This is not a sequel, just a side story of things to come.

Three weeks ago, Spike sacrifice himself to save his lovers, friends, and the world from The Legion Of Doom, Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow.

Though he did go to heaven after his death, he was free to visit the world of the living anytime he wants, but as a ghost, completely invisible and unnoticed to everyone.

During one of his visits, Spike was present when all his friends went to go speak to the three responsible for his death, but only one of them earned his and his friends anger the most.


Chrysalis feels no remorse for killing Spike and would say horrible things about the decease Drake, with such pride and joy. This earns her quite a beating from five of his friends.

Spike wishes he could speak to Chrysalis and say his piece, but he can't. Until sometime later, Raven Inkwell cast a spell that brought the young Drake back to life, albeit temporarily.

After reuniting with his loved ones and reconcile and forgiving Discord and Cozy Glow for their part in his death. Spike now wishes to have a little chat with the ex-queen of the changelings.

Not Tirek because despite what he did to Cozy, he never spoke ill of Spike.

This story was requested by chazkopa

This story is also a side plot to OBJECTION!!!!! Spike's Sacrifice was completely Unnecessary.

In the past, people would tell how they really want to see the moment when Spike and Chrysalis meet face to face again in my story Objection! Spike’s sacrifice was completely unnecessary.

So far, it's the biggest moment many fans look forward into seeing and I’ve been asked to give a glimpse of that meeting.

So, I decided to write a story base on that scenario. Just to satisfy those who look forward to seeing it.

Now I haven't written the scene yet in the main story, but after being reminded of it, I have been thinking on how that scene would go. So, in other words, what you read here, might not appear in the finish product. Things can change, and I might come up with some new ideas by then.

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This story is a sequel to OBJECTION!!!!! Spike's Sacrifice was completely Unnecessary

In The Meeting (Part 2) of OBJECTION!!!! Spike’s Sacrifice Was Completely Unnecessary. Rarity, Rainbow, and Fluttershy tell everyone what happened 7 years ago, when they confess to the cakes about what happened to MMMM.

I just wanted to write a side story to that little plot.

Now that The National Dessert Competition was over. Rarity, Rainbow, and Fluttershy realized that they have to tell Mr. and Mrs. Cake about what they did to MMMM.

As long as they apologize, they're sure the Cakes will forgive them... Right?!

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This story is a sequel to You've Got Debt

Takes place after the events of You've Got Debt by, Coronet the lesser.

Note: This is a non canon sequel.

After just becoming The new Ruler of Equestria, Twilight learns that The Crown is in debt of six hundred billion bits shared across many different kingdoms, all because of Celestia's many economic blunders that she didn't know of until now.

It turns out Celestia kept many important secrets from Twilight and with each new info revealed to her like how she have to marry The Saddle Arabian Prince, Saladin, just to cover half of the debt that is owed, only made her more angry and outrage, when she also learned that Celestia trick her into performing a marriage ritual for the The Saddle Arabians.

So with no other choice Twilight vows to fix all of the problems left to her and pay back the debt in full and make sure this crisis never happens again and the second all is said and done she will make sure that Celestia pays for all this.

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This is an alternate ending on the story The Crimes of the condemned by WurkyWilk 358 0W0.

Its been a month since the utter destruction of "The Purest." The evil organization of highly racists unicorns hell bent on slaughtering all non-unicorns ponies and taking the throne for their leader have been completely crush before they can begin their plans of mass genocide and taking power.

The human prisoner wakes up from his coma and is soon visited by Princess Luna and Shining Armor. Though they are happy to see him awake. It would seem that they have much to tell the human about what happened after he was attacked.

The human will soon learn that his plan to help others nearly got Equestria destroyed. He will also learn of the many great consequences of his choices.

All which could of been avoided if he just did one simple thing.

I originally made an alternate version to the Canon version of the original story but I haven't gone back to it. So I decided to "Remake" it with this one and get straight to the heart of why I started writing that story in the first place.

This version will follow everything that happened in the original until Chapter 6 where this story begins.

I hope you enjoy!

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Base off of the Secret admirer, Spikes Sacrifice series by 1jckuhn.

Takes place in the combination of these three stories:
A Secret Admirer
A Secret Admirer 3: Spike's Sacrifice (AU)
Chrysalis' Beating

Note: This story will resurrect the original canon where Chrysalis and Tirek were sentenced to be executed before 1jckuhn change it to life in tartarus because of readers demands.

The Legion of Doom had been defeated and Equestria was saved once again only this time victory came at a terrible price; The death of Spike. He gave his own life to protect six of his harem of lovers and the world with a selfless sacrifice.

The Mane 6, CMC, Smolder, Starlight, and gabby mourn the death of their decease lover and wanted justice for his murder.

After their defeat Chrysalis and Tirek will be put on trial for their crimes against Equestria and the death of Spike the dragon.

They were both facing the death penalty for what they did and knew that this was their end.


luckily for them it turns out that one mare is willing to stand up in their defense for she believes a great injustice is being committed and she refused to just sit in the background and allow it to go on.

Raven Inkwell decides to defend the evil duo in court and make sure that justice is truly served by exposing the truth behind the attack on Equestria and the lies of the one who started it all.

This story was requested by 1jckuhn. This isn't just a simple request, 1jckuhn and I have a history that goes back to the many comments I left in his stories; mainly the ones up top.

He is also a reader of my ongoing story WAIT THIS ISN'T OVER YET!!!!!!, because of this I decided including The Raven Inkwell of my story and have her comment on his stories and give her opinions, he in turn have the Smolder of his story reply back; so the two of them would have a pretty heated discussion about Discord.

It's a game that we played until he asked me to write a story that kinda combines ours together and after sometime I finally thought of an idea that would work; In more ways than one:pinkiecrazy:

What do I mean by that, well just stick around till the end and find out because theirs more going on behind this story than meets the eye and I didn't just go over the the reason why this story exist just so you all would know, it also serves a greater purpose as well.

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An alternate take to the ending of Always the quiet ones by Eddy13. Please click the link to read his story first before reading this one.

This story take place after Fluttershy explained all the misunderstandings her friends came across when they thought she murdered Rainbow Dash. When Fluttershy tried to apologize to them, Rainbow tells her that she doesn't need to apologize and that they are the ones at fault for everything. Fluttershy disagree with her girlfriend statement and once again gives a logical explanation as to why they were at fault as well.


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Equestria have been saved once again, the Windigos are gone, and three members of the Legion of doom have been defeated and turned to stone, all's well that ends well.

As everycreature started to leave, Raven Inkwell speaks out for she believes that there is still one more member of the Legion of doom that needs to be punish too, that member being, DISCORD.

But Fluttershy believes that Discord should be forgiven for he made up for his mistake of forming The Legion of Doom.

Its Raven Inkwell vs. Fluttershy in a heated debate to that will determine Discords fate.

Artwork by: witchtaunter

Note: It's hard to see at first glance but know that the cover art of Raven is showing that she is extremely angry. Just do a close up on the pic and you can see her eyebrows scowling.

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This story is a sequel to The Bet

This is my take on a Aftermath story base on "The Bet" by Paridigm Shift.

WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD IN THE DESCRIPTION Go and read the first story before reading this one if you haven't.

Sunset and Raity learned that they have been doop, Prank by thier friends...mainly Twilight Sparkle being the mastermind, into going on a date with one another because each believed that the other was in love with them and even wrote a love story titled "The Perfect Date" with them both as the main characters.

They both were confronted by Twilight and some their friends seperatly and were showed the stories both were led to believe were written by the other, they were also goad into a bet by Twilight, who promise them both a fabulous reward if they win the bet, all they have todo is go on a date with the other and re-enact the stories that they were given to a "T"

At the end of their date it was revealed that the whole thing was a setup, they been played, neither Sunset or Rarity wrote the stories they were shown, nor were either of them was in love with the other romanticly....at first. Sunset and Rarity date night did show them both a side to the other they never saw before which led the now two new love birds going out with one another on their own terms.

Though the prank did help them see a romance neither knew was there and are happy for it, They're still upset about the prank and they will confront the mastermind behind it all.


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