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For the past three months, The Mane Six, Starlight Glimmer, the CMC, Gabby, and Smolder have all been receiving love poems, love letters, or small gifts with no name saying who it's from. They become determined to find out who this mysterious person is and why they're so infatuated with all 12 of them. When they finally reveal who it is, however, the answer to their questions is something that no one saw coming.

Takes place sometime in Season 9.

Sorry, I couldn't fit Starlight's tag on this story. I wish FimFiction would allow more than tags for main characters.

Featured on Spike's page on April 12th, 2021. Thanks, everyone.

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Sorry, I couldn't fit Starlight's tag on this story. I wish FimFiction would allow more than tags for main characters.

I feel ya. The whole limit thing seems ridiculous.

I'm betting my handful of air that the messed-up admirer is Spike :moustache:
I mean it's pretty obvious. No crud, Sherlock.

"Alright," she said "It says here that Spike is a very rare breed of dragon that is known to have multiple mates, up to 15 of them. If Spike's breed of Dragons does build a harem, their instinct to build a hoard and go into a greed-induced growth spurt will be gone. It also mentions that this particular breed is rather more gentler and kinder than most breeds of Dragons."

huh, how convenient :rainbowlaugh:

Commence Operation Heartbreak Kid!

So the CMC, Gabby, and Smolder have a thing for Spike that's 5 of the 15.

Maybe Trixie, Marble and Limestone Pie could be additional.

"That's Pinkie for you," Applejack smiled. "Unpredictable, but still lovable."

Ain't that the truth lol 😅 :pinkiehappy:

"Uh, thanks for the offer, Twilight, but I'm gonna have to pass on that one," Spike replied. He fidgeted slightly and looked a bit nervous. "I offered to help the Cakes with the twins today and I need to be at Sugarcube Corner in an hour."

Hmm I feel like I know who the secret admirer is but then again I could be wrong but still he's not really helping his situation :moustache:

This is just my opinion, but what if it’s not a secret admirer but secret admirers?

"That just leaves one question: Who gets him?" Smolder said. "We all like him for the same reason and we all know our feelings for him aren't going away that easy."

Ohhh yeah that is a huge problem there😰

Ok, let’s say it is spike, now that he knows their plan he could easily find a way around it.

"Sweet," Spike said. "I'm glad you finally got a break, Rainbow Dash. I wish you the best of luck in finding him. I'm headed uptairs for a nap. Trying to put the Cake Twins to sleep was almost impossible and tired me out. Wake me for dinner."


I have a gut feeling about who it is, but I’ll wait until the next chapter to know for sure...

Was whoever the secret admirer even trying to not get caught?

i feel like i know who the admirer is but im not gonna say it until the next chapter

And now I am going to say my prediction: It's Spike isn't it? He was only mentioned the one time in this chapter so what better way to make up for his absence?

Question: is the story taking place in ponyville or canterlot because you say they are in the crystal castle but keep saying canterlot.

I'm sure it spike but again I could be wrong but let see what happens next

Castle of Friendship. I forgot that the castle wasn't in canterlot. Please refresh my memory on here it is.

It’s... gonna be spike isn’t it?

"Well, when we first became pen-pals, I had a boyfriend named Rocky. He acted charming and laid-back when I was around, but behind my back, I found out that he was arrogant, lazy, and rude. Then, one time, I came home to find Rocky kissing another Griffon girl. I had never felt so betrayed and heart-broken in all my life. Then to top it all off, he had the gall to say it was my fault he cheated on me because I wasn't good enough for him. I kicked him out of my house and wrote Spike the next morning to tell him about what happened. He came over to Griffonstone to see me no later than three hours after I sent that letter to him. He told me to forget about Rocky and that there are plenty of guys out there who'd be more than grateful to be with me. He helped me find my way back to my normally cheerful self in less than a week," Gabby explained. "I began to have strange feelings for him after that. At first I didn't know what to do about it, bit then I realized that it was love. Like the four of you, I too had fallen in love with him because of his kindness and empathy."

All griffons: have a name starting with g
Rocky: I’m a bad boy

might as well throw in Ember and Thorax while you're at it :trollestia:
and imma like the harem even more :pinkiecrazy:

The Friendship Castle? It's in Ponyville.

Actually if you include the main 6 and Starlight, you would account for 12 of the 15.

Also it says “up to 15” meaning less then or equal to fifteen. As stated in a different reply, the cmc, the main 6, gabby, and smolder would make twelve in total and that might be where the line gets drawn in the sand.

If Smolder is included then Ember is no longer a contender.

When I say, "not a long wait", it usually means less than or a full week.

Wow, imagine being in love with twelve other girls.

Its lovely in seeing Spike getting a harem there.
Wonder how Luna and Celestia would react?
Definitely seeing a reaction from Cadance due to her being the princess of love there.

Boy Spike hope you got a hell load of stamina

Now when I think about it, who would actually want a harem?

No sooner did they say their last word, than did Spike finally fall asleep. He looked absolutley peaceful as he began to sleep off his meds and pain. One by one, the rest of his harem joined the slumber, happily dreaming of all the great things they could do together now that they were kore than just friends.

Think you meant to put more instead of kore.

This story was so cute i loved it and don't care what other people say i love this story and its ships

Yeah and the rest of the money is gonna be for the children they have

This is a good story but could use a once over by a editor and some polishing on some parts. Overall a good story with an interesting selection of love interests.

Because, it seems like one of those questions are obvious, but I wanna see how many actually put some thought into their answer.

Well it certainly is good for those who love more than one person and it keeps people from fighting over you. If you love just one person than don’t make a harem.

Yeah, but I feel like it wouldn’t be that simple to choose. I feel like it requires more thinking.

That’s true, but who knows? Maybe there’s someone out there with twelve girlfriends.

I love it! But was also hoping Ember would've been part of it XD. Still an awesome story!

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