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Drago Cadenza

What can I say? I may not be a brony, but I do love Princess Cadence (or Cadance), especially since she's one of my favorite characters ever.


*Ok, so I kind of changed Cadence and Shining's relationship from Husband and Wife to Fiancé's. Either way, not much else has changed within the story.*

Twilight Sparkle of the Human World has now been restored to her normal self by the magic of Friendship thanks to Sunset Shimmer, the Rainbooms, and most of all, Spike the talking dog. But what about Abacus Cinch, the one Responsible for Pressuring Twilight into releasing dangerous magic that not only corrupted the young student, but almost destroyed the entire world?

Well don't worry, Dean Cadence will deal with her in a more direct approach. Why? Because Twilight Sparkle is like a little Sister. How will Abacus Cinch react to all of this? You already know the answer so prepare yourselves everyone.

*This story is based on Persuasion Chance 1% by Hydralisk, which got me inspired to create this story.*

*Warning, rated Teen for language use and mild violence.*

*Also, if you like or dislike the story, I would love to know why.*

*Featured in the Dean Cadence, Abacus Cinch, and EqG Spike Sections on 5/20/2017.*

*07/11/2018 Update: Story has just been edited with some capitalization errors finally getting fixed.*

*Finally, there's no 'Anon-a-miss' in this universe. So YAY! :yay:*

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"But...But...But you forget that I can call the Police on-" Cinch was about to use her last resort option when suddenly, Cadence threw a powerful punch right into her face, knocking her completely out cold.

"Good luck with that you Bitch!" Cadence hissed with venom.


Er, as much as I hated Cinch this all seems a bit over the top and Cinch seems just a tad off then the movied showed. Sure Cinch was a bitch (Cadence was right on the money there) but outright insane?:applejackunsure:

7254435 Well Ok, I might've overdone it just a tad bit when it came to portraying Cinch, but can you ask yourself these Questions?
How would you react when you've just seen someone transform into a monster and try to destroy everything without remorse? And What would you do about it? Or in Cinch's case: What can I do without acting like a madwoman and would I succeed? That's all I got for now. :twilightsheepish:

Either way, I am glad I got to hear your opinion and I will respect it.

Thanks for the input, :twilightsmile:

7253888 I guess you like it then? :raritystarry:

7255981 Well, as Mario would say: YIPPEE! :pinkiehappy:

What is shining and human twilight parents reaction?

7307360 It's a surprise. :twilightsmile: I might do a bonus chapter if you want me to. :raritystarry:

EDIT: Actually, Scrap the Bonus Chapter. I'm doing a separate story instead. Sorry. :pinkiesad2:


Though the sentiment is appreciated, I feel the execution is lacking. I recommend reading fiction often to get a better feel for what works (and, as always, practice makes perfect).

You know, if that's alright with you. :fluttershyouch:

Yep. Someone saw that name and immediately assumed.

Kinda think Spikes reaction was a bit off when it comes to Sunset’s admission.

I would have been that student in the background instigating.

I'm always happy to see a Fluffle Puff cameo.

Well then, I'm glad I was able to make you happy with one. :twilightsmile:

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