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My profile name is Italian for "Dragon of Cadence" or "Dragon of Rhythm"


Rainbow Dash, a Pegasus pony, absolutely Loves flying, especially at nighttime, where she is allowed to express her talent anyway she wants. Plus, she won't have to receive any complaints from Mayor Mare or even a few of her friends such as Rarity, Twilight, and even Applejack.

But, on one cool Summers night in the Whitetail Woods, Rainbow Dash hears the sounds of someone crying nearby, and rushes towards one of several beautiful lakes. When she arrives, the cyan Pegasus is shocked to find Cadence near the edge of the lake, crying .

Putting two and two together, Rainbow Dash rushes to the Alicorn's side, willing to stay with her for as long as she can while also wanting to find out why the Empress of the Crystal Empire is out here to begin with.

*Writer's blocks SUCK. They suck and I hate them so much, I just want them to DIE. They SUCK!*

*Takes place after Season 5: Episode 18. New Characters that had appeared after that episode are allowed to exist, but Episodes that are the Seasons 5 and 6 finales, and the Season 6 premiere won't be allowed UNLESS noted otherwise.

*Warning! This story is rated Teen for use of Language, thoughts of someone probably wanting to commit suicide, and Marriage Issues. Plus the Sex tag is for mentions of it happening.*

*Oh, and don't forget to rate and/or comment. I'm open to any feedback, but be sure to keep the comments civil.*

:heart: *This story has already been featured under the tags of Rainbow Dash and Princess Cadence. Thank you guys so much! :rainbowkiss:* :heart:

Featured on December 26th - December 27th!

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Comments ( 21 )

Nice work, my friend. Looking forward to the sequel.

7822387 Could take a while for that to happen because of College. But I'm glad you faved it Friend. :twilightsmile:

Welp, this is better than before. Now the plot is more clear and the characters are a bit more IC. Sure I hope that in the sequel there will be the reason/s for all of this to happen, and it sure that I'll wait for it with pleasure!

I'm waiting for the sequel. :yay:

Comment posted by Cytotoxin deleted Feb 19th, 2017

7959511 Now why is it bad? Or why do you believe it's bad?

It`s horribly overwritten and makes characters act OOC. And, what`s even worse, idiotic. Them being OOC I could possibly tolerate, if it were for a good cause, but when you make them idiots as well? Sheesh.

Consider this.
Cadence overhears what literally amounts to confession from Shining Armor to:
A) Being an oathbreaker.
B) Being an adulterer.
C) Intending to commit a coup.

And your idea of a response to all that is "burst into tears and go away to sob pitifully"? To make that reaction reasonable, your character has to be naive, stupid, young and sheltered. None of this applies to Cadence in the slightest.

What she should have done, was to move away quietly not to tip her hoof, then quickly assemble guard and rush in on Shining and his paramour to catch them "in delicto flagrante", then accuse paramour of being a changeling and brainwashing Shining Armor as a reason to have both of them confined to the dungeons. At this point, yes, Cadence may have had afforded herself for a few hours to lock up in her private rooms and cry it out. Not earlier.
Consequently, what to do depends on how sore Cadence feels and how much she`s inclined to keep Shining Armor. One possible option is to have the paramour publicly executed/exiled as a changeling, then announce that due to repeated exposure to changeling entrancement, Shining Armor will be undergoing a magical treatment (obviously administered by the foremost expert in the realm of love magic, aka his loving wife), and placing him under geas that will simply not allow him to become interested in anyone else again romantically. Or in working against Cadence in any way.

Horizontal Lines are for indicating Chapters, like Chapter 1 is beneath the first Horizontal Line and the Prologue.

This is what chapters are for…?

Violet Eyes

Ruby Irises

Unnecessary capitalization.


This is what chapters are for…?

Yes, actually. I was trying something new at the time and may or may not happen again.

Unnecessary capitalization.

Doh! :facehoof: I'll fix those.

8059499 :derpyderp2:you fixed it

You go in my good authors list

Now this is how that should have gone. Not the execution, since that is far too ooc for Cadance to do, no matter what the reason.

Depends, to be honest.
If the paramour is actually a changeling for real, then I can see Cadence ordering an execution. She has to be sore about what Chrysalis did at the wedding, and having a proof that changelings are still trying to wreck her love life would likely be more then enough to make her go "alright, time to escalate this, they clearly don`t plan on letting me be otherwise".
If not, well....
There are many options open to Cadence at this point, actually. For example, she IS the alicorn of love and probably can alter paramour`s worldview sufficiently enough to make her fall in love with someone other then SA. If she feels particularly vindictive, Cadence herself.


Yeah, even I admit that it could've gone better. And I wrote this for crying outloud. :ajsleepy:

Though after she calls for the guards, I could have Cadence believe that the mare is a Changeling, accuse her as one, but have a truth spell put on both her and Shining. Then, have the twist being that Shining was never under a spell, the mare is not a changeling, and that Shining and Cadence's love for each other was never meant to be. Then the oath breaker and his partner in crime could be thrown in prison, Twilight, Luna, and Celestia would be pissed, and Cadence finally breaks down and cries her heart out for hours and hours on end.

But I do like your suggestions guys. Thank you so much. :twilightsmile:

Dude, that kinda creates a bigger problem.
Namely, Cadence is explicitly named as alicorn of love. If she could goof up so badly about her own love, just what does it say about her competence in the chosen field?

Also, admittedly, while you paint SA like an industrial grade asshole, cheating by itself isn`t a crime. Grounds for divorse, yes, crime, no. And given that SA is kinda an asshole in this story, I have little doubt he would be able to deflect all the rest of accusations as being empty bragging. I can easily see that kinda person spinning this as being utterly dissatisfied in marriage, turning to liquor and mistress to find some solace from that particular failure. And what kind of stallion wouldn`t brag, when drunk and horny?

As for "truth spell", I highly doubt anything like that exists - because it if were, then Celestia would`ve surely made it a law that anyone involved in government has to undergo regular interviews under the spell, to keep the lid on corruption.

Aww man. You got a point there.

I kinda specialize on finding plot holes.

5/10 if this were to feature soarin and his 9 ft cock it be a solid 10/10

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