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Through a mysterious incident, Sci-Twi and Sunset Shimmer are transported to the world of Pokémon. Unfortunately, while Sci-Twi arrives as a human, Sunset is transformed into a Pokémon.

Working together as a Trainer and her Pokémon, the two must journey through the realm of Kanto in an attempt to find their way home and, in the process, learn as much as they can about this strange new world.

Cover art kindly provided by Mutter_Butter!

Featured on 26/07/19 :pinkiehappy:

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Don't worry Sunset. You'll get your horn back eventually. Actually using it for magic isn't entirely out of the question, but it isn't a given either.

Hm, well I won't be surprised if this makes it to the featured box. Prose isn't terrible and the story is hitting a lot of popular beats.

Featured box would be nice, but I'm not aiming for it. Glad to hear that my prose isn't terrible though :twilightsmile: thank you!

Wanderer D

Alright. This Pokeball caught me.

Oh, so she already has her horn. Equestrian Ponyta, then? Professor, get your cousin Samson on the line. (Also, it's been too long since I played the games, because I didn't even think to look up Trace until after I'd looked up Elaine; he basically registered as "probably Tracey, who has every reason to be there")

Congratulations! You’ve caught My Interest! My Interest can evolve into Interested Reader, and from that into an Avid Reader!

...Is the character tag meant to be Sunset, not Sunburst? Cos I'm not gonna lie, that really confused me for a moment.
Anyway, this could be interesting. Definitely got me wanting more.

Really good story so far, can't wait to see what happens next :twilightsmile:

I want to see her evolve into Alicorn Sunset just so that she comes back as a permanent Daydream Shimmer. No, no option to turn back, just permanent angelic being an deal with it :rainbowwild:

Like it. Love it. Need it. Do carry on, dear author.


Oookay, I can see this getting interesting. :rainbowwild:

...But where's the romance tag? Because, y'know, that'd be hilariously awkward, and produce some rather interesting reactions from everyone around them. :rainbowlaugh:

I haven't played the games past Gen 3, but I believe Game Theory once did a video bringing up Pokémon/human marriages in the Pokémon world's distant past. ...Yeah, "Lol whut" was my reaction too. :derpyderp1:

I'm going to take a wild guess that humans and Pokémon sharing a language, yet humans being unable to understand them could be explained as some quirk of the native magical field.

Interested to see if this'll apply to Sunset talking to Twilight as well, meaning their communication having to take place entirely through body language cues and what would be perceived as "animal noises", or not. :pinkiesmile:

One thing I'm always interested in these sort of stories is what stance the story will take on "intelligent creatures forced to battle one another", especially since it's made clear Pokémon are, in fact, intelligent enough for human speech - humans are merely prevented from hearing what they say. :trixieshiftleft:

(...Which, come to think of it, also sounds like the sort of thing brought about by an evil curse, "Let's make everypony in the world forget about Heartwarming"-style. Probably someone with a grudge against "human/Pokémon relationships" in ancient times. The Pokémon world does have psychic humans. "Magical curses" in "long forgotten times" don't seem too far off. :trixieshiftright:)

Back to the subject of Pokémon intelligence;

Sunset Shimmer brings with her a pretty interesting outsider perspective on the animal kingdom; Equestria, with its many, many sapient species has, in sharp contrast to the human world, a "sliding scale of intelligence". Sheep and cows, for example, can talk. They just don't seem to hold much of a high role in pony-society. :rainbowderp:


Mice and bears can't talk. Yet Fluttershy has an animal book reading club. And try telling Angel Bunny that he's not "a person", and you'll regret it. :twilightoops:

By contrast, the human world... well, they do serve hamburgers in Canterlot High's cafeteria. And Equestria's Angel Bunny could give his EQG-counterpart a run for his carrot-salad with two paws tied behind his back.

Now, in the Pokémon world, on the other hoof, the situation is ... a third type of different. But what exactly makes the humans the masters of this world, as opposed to any of the hundreds of other native intelligent species? :rainbowhuh:

Was it simply that humans had a head start in creating their society, and no Pokémon species ever managed to bridge that gap once there was a gap? Was there a Pokémon-human war and the humans won? What's the history here? :rainbowderp:

...I've always wondered about animal intelligence in Equestria. Those critters hanging out at Fluttershy's cottage seem like they could build their own civilization if left to their own devices, Planet of the Apes style. :applejackconfused:

So, Sunset suddenly being on the other side of the divide could prove an interesting philosophical experience as well, and cause her to reevaluate the place of animals in both the human world and Equestria. :twilightsmile:

...Not to mention, I can't wait to see Sci-Twilight and Sunset experimenting and then taking apart Pokéballs and Pokémon-PC transfer adapters to see how they work.

What, exactly, is stopping a Pokéball from capturing a human? Or for that matter, any matter at all? If you can store gigantic whale Pokémon in a space the size of a tennis ball, you ought to be able to do the same with a building. :pinkiecrazy:

And imagine how it would revolutionize travel if one could simply "capture" passengers using Pokéball-technology, then transfer them to a "Pokémon center" on the other side of the world in seconds! ...If you can store Pokémon in a PC, could one create backup copies? Could you do this for humans? Could you create a virtual paradise and upload via Pokémon PC? :rainbowderp:

Sci-Twilight and Sunset Shimmer are just the inquisitive scientific sort who'd want to find out. :pinkiehappy:

Too bad Sunset's currently trapped in the body of an animal, and, well, the whole "stuck in another world" thing. 'Cause, otherwise, they'd be cracking the secrets of this universe wide open in about a month. :rainbowwild:

No worries Twilight, hereabouts your hair is downright boring. Seriously, it hangs neat and straight, with not a single sharp angle or spike to be seen.

Now this looks to be an excellent read.


Too bad Sunset's currently trapped in the body of an animal, and, well, the whole "stuck in another world" thing. 'Cause, otherwise, they'd be cracking the secrets of this universe wide open in about a month. :rainbowwild:

Yeah, with Sunset's current handicap it'll take 'em at least two months, and honestly who's got that kind of time? :trollestia:

Serious-mode, though, you raise some excellent points that I would love to see explored either in this story or elsewhere.

Imma guess what sunsets moves are gonna be by the end of this story;
Morning Sun
Obital Friendship Cannon

This list is assuming you stick to the 4 moves rule

Congratulations on making the featured list! :pinkiehappy:

P.S. Am I only the only one who gets the feeling that Sunset's evolution is basically going to be like Litten with her first turning into a full grown mare and then turning anthro (to symbolize how she was human... kinda)

I can't believe I did that, my bad :derpyderp2: nice catch!

I'll touch on some of those points, in time. I decided against having a romance in this particular story, though I am planning a (hopefully) amusing little encounter with a breeder at some point...

Honestly I'm still undecided about the four-move rule at the moment, though I have decided on certain moves she's going to start with/acquire

Wait, this got featured?

Well it both did and didn't. If you have M for mature turned off at least, it appears on the featured list (I still say congratulations are in order though)

Ok, you've caught my interest with this, tracking now.


I think it would be amusing if there was a four-move rule, and Sunset immediately broke it. y'know, to drive home the "this is definitely not a normal Pokémon" message.


As far as the question of Pokémon intelligence and ancient history goes, I believe it's been established several times over that they've a pronounced tendency towards violent conflict, and it's the moderating influence of humans that keeps matters largely non-lethal. (and when's the last time that's ever been the case?)

As to Pokéballs, they don't do anything to humans, aside from what appears to be a moderately powerful shock. Jessie and James have both caught blasts courtesy of their recalcitrant partners, and aside from a moment's stun it didn't have any effect.

Okay, this is interesting. I'll give it a track.

Tiny typo:

Her skin had changed from it’s usual purple


This looks intresting, especially starting with Kanto, Professor OAK (RIP)

I know Ash was captured by Pokeball at least once, but not caught, but the impressive one was the backstory of May, where as a child she was swimming, wearing Tentacool swimsuit, got surrounded by Tentacool, her father decided to catch a Tentacool, and the Pokeball grabbed her out of the water, then she was dropped back onto the beach as the ball failed. Somewhere Im sure I saw the proposal that Pokeballs are programmed to filer out humans as a safety feature. Which is all the more confusing given Dark Balls, as you would expect Team Rocket or other criminal gang would love to be able to grab targets with a button. And then thers the stabilisation gives criminal supergroups access to global transport network, especially given Jesse, James and Meowth grabbing all the Pokeballs in transport in the banned illegal episode Electric Soldier Porygon? Where Ash, Pikachu, Brock and Misty end up floating in Digital Space after Team Rocket also? Only appearence of Porgon?

As for Sunset human to pokemon, wouldnt Bill detect something out about that when they get to Cerluean Gym and Misty?

As for restricted 4 moveset, isnt that the Power Moves, as there is a differnce between bite and Bite, as in a Nidroan can chew at ropes even if it doesnt know the move, Bite? One of the games uses teh idea you have 4 Power Moves, and a Press A to use Action, which is all teh daily stuff, push button, read sign, etc?

Great start. Looking forward to more chapters!

So ... this is interesting ...

Nice work leaving whether or not Twilight can understand Sunset on a cliffhanger. I'm sure they'll work out something either way.

Though you have me wondering just what kind of pokémon Sunset is. Sure there would be a rather obvious option, but I'm having kind of a hard time that Professor Samuel friggin Oak wouldn't recognize a Ponyta of all things. That aside she is too small to be a Rapidash, Ponyta don't have horns and I think she would have noticed her mane and tail being on fire.
It sounds more like Sunset is more or less a normal unicorn, only with the pokémon treatment applied. I mean if I had to assign pokémon types to Sunset, she'd probably be fire psychic (which would leave open the option for telepathy if Twilight can't understand her). Her demon form would probably be fire dark and Daydream be fire fairy, but that's neither here nor there.
Either way, between two trainers, one with a Pikachu and one with an Eevee, one of those being a girl named Elaine, it sounds to me like Twilight is going to be playing Pokémon Let's Go Sunset!. The only odd thing is that the male trainer is called Trace rather than Chase, the default name for the male player character in the Let's go games.

There's quite a few more things I could unpack here, like Twilight's name being considered odd among humans, but Sunset's name being seen as entirely normal among pokémon, but all of that can wait for later. For now I'll just wait and see where this goes ...


As far as the question of Pokémon intelligence and ancient history goes, I believe it's been established several times over that they've a pronounced tendency towards violent conflict, and it's the moderating influence of humans that keeps matters largely non-lethal. (and when's the last time that's ever been the case?)

...Huh. Well, that's certainly unique, I agree. :twilightblush:

But does this "violent tendency" apply to all Pokémon species? It seems rather, well, "speciescist" to claim "human superiority" over all Pokémon species in this regard. :derpyderp1:

Let's not forget the episode "Clefairy Tales" from the early Pokémon cartoon, in which it turns out that Clefairy actually came from space. The episode involves a group of Clefairy trying to repair a spaceship using a bunch of random household appliances and Ash's Pikachu as an electric source. :pinkiegasp:

pokeviews.files.wordpress.com/2018/09/143.jpg?w=447&h=336 24.media.tumblr.com/c9aabea6b3dc5c75639fde3c93183fc0/tumblr_n2552wjYVG1rp6axuo1_500.gif

...They end up crashing and never making it to orbit, once again doomed to suffer at the hands of man who view this race capable of interstellar space travel as no more than mere animals. :twilightoops:

We don't know when Cleyfairy first appeared in the Pokémon world. Could have been decades ago, or millennia. I do wonder if they were the original crew that crash-landed on this planet or their descendants, the knowledge of their origin passed on from generation to generation... or, perhaps a mix of both, perhaps led by a crew member stuck in hibernation akin to Pokémon data storage? Pokéball-technology does have the potential. :trixieshiftright:

As to Pokéballs, they don't do anything to humans, aside from what appears to be a moderately powerful shock.

...Well, who built those Pokéballs? Humans, right? Not to mention, there's different types of Pokéball, so modification is possible.

You know how it's impossible to catch somebody else's Pokémon with a Pokéball, that throwing a Pokéball at them will have no effect?

...Yeah, turns out, that's a function built into the Pokéball deliberately. A function which can be disabled.

So, I wonder, if a Pokéball thrown at a human - or a car, a cargo truck, a house, a building full of people - does nothing merely due to its programming, not, because it couldn't. :pinkiecrazy:

EDIT: Even disregarding modifying a Pokéball's programming, what happens, if a large Pokémon swallows an indigestible object? Or simply if it has an object in its mouth, say, a packed suitcase? What happens, if a Ditto were to stretch itself thin, and wrap itself around a person completely, and then you throw a Pokéball at it? :rainbowhuh:

My biggest regret in losing touch with the Pokémon franchise after Gen 2 (I bought Gen 3 years later off eBay, but unfortunately got scammed with a function-impaired bootleg copy :applejackunsure:) is precisely that I don't feel qualified to write MLP-crossover fanfiction based on it. :twilightblush:


I'll touch on some of those points, in time. I decided against having a romance in this particular story, though I am planning a (hopefully) amusing little encounter with a breeder at some point...

Oh... dear. :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder how much of the place will remain standing after Sunset burns it down. :derpytongue2:

And Twilight's reaction towards the obliviously cheerful humans explaining what the misleadingly labeled "Pokémon daycare" actually is. :trollestia:

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the Game Theory video mentioning the lore of "ancient human/Pokémon marriages" was this:

...Basically, humans evolved from Pokémon. :duck:

Well, whether evolved or "evolved" isn't exactly clear, but you catch my drift. :derpytongue2:

...bizarre little yellow mouse...

I wouldn't call pikachu little, compared to actual mice it's enormous, about muskrat size. Exept all rodents they have in Centerlor City are capybaras then it would be little.

I think the 4 move rule is purely in game. I mean even a dog can learn more then 4 tricks and pokemon are supposedly smarter. Why should they forget the one they already learned? It might just be way harder to learn new ones.

P.S.: Am I the only one who thinks it's unrealistic that almost no person names their pokemon in the serie? I mean how many dogs do you now that called Dog, or cats named Cat?
Immagen, you're at a pikachu festival and lost your partner, and when you call him all pikachus respond.


But does this "violent tendency" apply to all Pokémon species? It seems rather, well, "speciescist" to claim "human superiority" over all Pokémon species in this regard.

Doesn't need to be all of them, just enough to wreck things for the peaceful ones as well. If a pack of houndoom kick off a forest fire fighting summat, everything that lives there is in trouble regardless of whether they had anything to do with the initial conflict.

Pokémon partnered to humans enjoy better care and living conditions, have safer outlets for their wild natures, and don't need to worry about a fight going past simple surrender or unconsciousness. There are of course outliers in both directions, Pokémon stuck with abusive owners, and Pokémon that are much better off in their natural habitats.

Really, "superiority" is such a fuzzy concept to define, 'tis why I don't like to deal in absolutes. I might simply opine that on average, life for Pokémon seems to be better with humans involved rather than without. Regardless of what Lysandre might have to say on the subject.

This definitely has my interest. I especially appreciate Twilight freaking out over her sudden shift in skin tone. And there's the question of what happened to the girls' geodes. Imagine Twilight going head to head with a Psychic type...

Also, I'd expect Professor Oak to have an oral thermometer handy for the grumpier (or more anatomically bizarre) Pokémon. Maybe he just doesn't have one calibrated for Fire types.

In any case, looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

Pretty sure Orbital Friendship Cannon is only usable once per battle if your Pokémon holds Ponium Z.

Hmm, this opening reminds me of the beginning of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers games. Which is great, because that is perhaps my most favourite game of all time.

I wonder if some pokemon can learn to speak the human language through training like Meowth did in the anime, or if that's been removed here. Do the TM items exist here like they do in the game, or will they be excluded?

You know, I've always wondered if anyone thought to design a human speech TM. Whoever sold those would get f*cking rich, really fast.


Pokémon partnered to humans enjoy better care and living conditions

I suspect something similar might be said of cows and sheep in Equestria. :trixieshiftright:

I'm not trying to get "all political" about Pokémon here, (I have no clue who "Lysandre" is), but it's just such a fascinating story-concept to explore. :raritystarry:

There are of course outliers in both directions, Pokémon stuck with abusive owners [...] Really, "superiority" is such a fuzzy concept to define, 'tis why I don't like to deal in absolutes.

Well, it can't really be said that Pokémon are seen as equals by humans. :applejackunsure:

It's not exactly like Pokémon own anything themselves. They are owned, and their trainer could just trade them against their will. :unsuresweetie:

Even if most trainers are nice, that's still pretty messed up and the law in the Pokémon world seems to be on the side of those who would abuse this power. :applejackconfused:

...But as you said, "superiority" is a fuzzy concept.

When you beat a trainer, you get money.

...You know what would be interesting? If the Pokémon who fought got a part of that money. :pinkiecrazy:

Their trainer still would buy them the essentials - provide basic food and housing. But they get to choose what to do with their earnings. Spend it on fancy candy, or save it up to buy a luxury item. Earn more when beating more fierce opponents, which would be a motivator to collaborate with their trainer. :twilightsmile:

And as you said, there are always outliers. If they truly are intelligent, there would be some individuals who would stand out.

Imagine a Pokémon taking their earnings and making it big at the stock exchange. Imagine a Pokémon owning their own land, buying their own house or hiring a building company to build them the perfect cave. Imagine the press surrounding those Pokémon outliers, what precedent that would set for other Pokémon to follow. :pinkiecrazy:


Considering that most fire types are capable of breathing fire to a greater or lesser degree, rectal thermometers might just be the standard; both for the safety of the Pokémon and preservation of the equipment, as well as getting an accurate measurement.


We don't properly know her Pokémon name yet, because none of the humans have actually used it except possibly Twilight which proves nothing because trainers name their Pokémon, and all relevant scenes have been from her perspective so even if Pokémon Speak is in play instead of the games' animal noises it wouldn't have mattered. I'm still going with Equestrian Ponyta until proven otherwise, and that's probably also Oak's working hypothesis minus the specific region. (Again, he has a cousin who specifically studies this sort of thing).


He may just not have realized he's dealing with a Fire/Psychic-type, also known as "something smart enough to realize what a rectal thermometer is before he can get it in"; with the only canon example of that combination being a Mythical Pokémon, this would be a reasonable mistake even for those not prone to require prompting for the gender of people in front of him and/or his grandson's name. (No, he's never going to live either of those down, and neither is Douche Blue.)


I had to look up all of this myself, because my last main series game was Official Diamond (stupid Telefang bootleggers). Apparently Trace is the name of the rival, so that's that. (I'd initially assumed he was Tracey Sketchit, who had just as much right to be there).


Just going to point out that the random items lying out in the open are displayed in the form of Poké Balls, that teleportation devices are used to make navigating places more difficult, and that both of these things have been true since the original games.

Interesting so far. I'll see where this goes.

We'll get an inkling of Sunset's current Pokémon name in the next chapter, at least to an extent.

As for Sunset's types she's definitely a Two-Type Pokémon, but she's a unique specimen in every meaning of the term, hence why Professor Oak hasn't seen anything like her before.

And yes, Trace is indeed the rival from Let's Go.

I'll be touching on Pokémon intelligence and rights over the course of the story, you can bet your ass Sunset isn't going to just roll over and accept being treated as anything less than an equal.

Twilight's Geode is indeed going to play a part in this story...

Now I wonder what happened to Sunset's geode ... Did it just fuse with her like it does whenever she goes to Equestria? Does she still have it? Is it a held item? (one that only works for her, of course) Do those things (also including things like the 'a pokémon can only know four moves at a time' rule) apply in this world as they have literally no canonical explanation beyond 'game mechanics'?

so fire psychic type, seems legit

I’m going to guess Fire/Fairy, as that’s one of the few fire combos I know of the doesn’t exist but makes sense considering Sunset is... well, Sunset. It’s either that Fire/Ice or Fire/Grass. Psychic would’ve been my first guess since her geode makes her a mind-reader, but Victini and Delphox are that combo, so to be truly unique it would have to be one of those three.

Oh yeah i forgot, orbital friendship cannon is the z-move version of rainbow friendship lazer

Out of curiosity, do they have a way to test her type, or are they assuming she's a fire type by her color scheme?

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