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I am Spyder27 and I write MLP stories! I'm known as the Emperor of Sundagio by friends~ I don't write free stories, so DM me for comm details. Follow me if you want regular updates on my stories~


This story is a sequel to Sins of the Mother

The Dazzlings once tried to take over Canterlot High, but what about their human counterparts? What happened to them? Adagio Dazzle is the legal guardian of her two younger sisters, leaving her with quite the predicament of raising them. She has to sacrifice her own personal life to provide for her only family and this hasn't been a problem so far. That is until a certain fiery-haired woman convinces her to be friends with her. Will this friendship lead into something more? Will this social life Adagio is building for herself negatively impact her sisters? Let's see~

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Wow, this needs more attention. Hauntingly well written and beautiful in its own way. I would be a little gun shy on this, I've seen a lot of stories about a suffering Adagio that never get updated. But this is so far too good for me not to be excited.

Thank you so much for your compliments~ It really means a lot to me and I will keep your words in mind~ I probably won't update this until I finish A Shimmering Heartbreak, but if you like stories about Adagio suffering a little bit, maybe look at my other works~ That's primarily what I write after all~ :twilightsmile: As always, have a great day~

Oh, apparently I did already:pinkiegasp:. One letter away from home was a good one. The rest all look like I might want to read as well. Thanks so much:pinkiehappy:

Thanks! I'm glad you like my writing and I hope to give more in the future~ And I hope you do check out some of my other works, especially since I love some of my other stories more :twilightsmile:

I was not expecting rainbow rocks to be canon in this universe but now my interest dobled!

I'm glad you're interested! My updates for this story will probably be pretty slow, but yeah~ Let's just say this Adagio is not the same one we got to know in Rainbow Rocks~ :twilightsmile:

Getting interesting.

Thanks~ :twilightsmile: I hope the next chapter is interesting as well~

When is the next chapter?

To be honest, I'm not sure~ I think it will probably release sometime next month, but yeah. It really depends on if I have the time due to university~ :twilightsmile:

Ah got it thank you for informing me and others who were wondering the same thing

Normally, I would reject her offer and go about my day, but… for some reason, I don’t want to refuse. “Why not?”

The shipping has now commenced.

Also yes new chapter, and very good one too.

Anyways can’t wait for the next one

Thanks for the compliment~ I liked writing this chapter since it was a lot of fun~ :twilightsmile: If you like Sundagio, it's pretty much all I do since more than 90% of my works are Sundagio. But anyway, I'll see you next chapter~ :pinkiehappy:

I love this tie in idea. Yes, amazing, I'll be looking forward to seeing how this might play out.

Lots of building layers going on here. I have so much anticipation.

A very sudden but pleasant surprise getting the chapter so soon ^^! One thing that makes me wonder is how much time has passed since RR? Like pumpkin cake is pretty old here to be sonatas age (11). So did RR take place 11 or so years ago? The cmcs are older than their pony counterparts so would it be the same for the cake twins?

That's a very good question~ Honestly, I sorta planned for this story to be around 8-9 years after Rainbow Rocks, giving the Mane 7 sufficient time out of high school to establish themselves in their career fields. So, to answer your question, the Cake twins are probably a couple years older than their pony counterparts, but the story happens 8 years later. So, mid-twenties Adagio and Sunset~ :twilightsmile: I'll take this into consideration and explain the time difference sometime later~
EDIT: Also, Sonata is almost eleven. She's a couple months away from that birthday, so yeah~ The only reason I point this out is because it's important later on~

I was worried we were getting set up for sonata to have a big disappointment after the pinky promise, but then I saw Mrs. Cake and felt better. So now my greatest fear as to a potential boot drop is this turn aria seems to have taken and if it is genuine. Still loving even bit of this.

Everyone assumes I have some sort of boot to drop with my stories~ :twilightsmile: Given, I have sort of set up that status quo for my writing, so I understand that. Sometimes, I will give just pure fluff~
Also, turn Aria has taken? What do you mean? :twilightsmile: Aria is still a rebellious teenager, but she has a soft side every now and again~

I feel like having a rebellious teenager in the house could cause a fun moment after this chapter. Adagio explains where she's been, Aria looks at her for a minute before suddenly just asking, "so when did you go lesbian?" "What??!! What Are you talking about???" "You lost track of time walking around a park with someone for hours just talking about your lives. And they just so happen to be a girl." "That's not gay." "It's definitely not straight."
Another great chapter.

XD That's legit hilarious. I am so tempted to include this. I guess it'll really depend on how the story goes for now. XD Aria can definitely be like that~

Feel free to use any ideas my depraved mind generates, I wouldn't have said them out loud if I wanted to lay claim to to them. May they bring you good fortune on the next chapter.

Sonata is a handful by herself. She’s a little girl coming into the world. Her body is growing, but her innocence remains. It’s a breath of fresh air from Aria, but she often gets in trouble for trying to have fun. I suppose it’s not that uncommon for eleven year-old kids, but still. I have to talk to her about sitting still in class soon… It’s unfortunate… She doesn’t have a lot of friends, despite being as friendly as she can be, offering to play with others and even giving her toys to kids who need one. I’ve asked Aria to look out for her sister, but she prefers to stick with her own crowd rather than pay attention to a kid. Aria has her own social group, so I guess I can’t blame her, but I could really use some help here…

Yikes. :fluttershyouch:

Turning the corner, the sight of the apartment complex makes me exhale with a shake of my head, jogging towards our front door. The lights inside our apartment are on, so at least they’re still awake. I’m here now, girls… Sliding my keys into the door’s lock, I open the front door quickly, slipping in to avoid one more second of the biting cold. Despite the living room lights being on, Aria is nowhere to be seen. “Girls?” I call out, hanging my coat on the rack next to the door. Perhaps it’s just my paranoid nature, but whenever I don’t get a response from them, I can’t help but worry that something is wrong. They usually don’t hear me, but it doesn’t stop my mind from coming up with wild things. Kicking off my boots, I quickly walk down the hallway, not bothering to take my socks off yet. Aria’s door is left wide open with her light on, no one in sight… Of course she went out. She didn’t even bother to turn the light off before she left. When will she give me a fucking break and listen to me? If she isn’t here, then… Sonata’s been left alone again… Quickly turning around, I walk to Sonata’s door, knocking on it with a worried expression. I can’t help but worry when it comes to them… “Sweetie? Adagio’s home. Are you alright?” I ask with a soft yet pronounced voice, continuing my knock for a couple moments before turning the knob. The pink room is illuminated brightly by the light on the ceiling, but Sonata isn’t anywhere to be seen… The last time she was left home alone, she ended up breaking down and crying… She does that a lot… Whenever she hasn’t seen Aria or I in a long time, she feels anxious and nervous, wanting to be with us again. It usually doesn’t interfere with her school, but there have been a couple times I’ve had to leave work to comfort her. I don’t know for sure the reason why she is like this, but… I have an idea. “It’s alright, you can come out now,” I talk into the seemingly empty room, sitting on her bed as I look around. “I’m sorry you were left alone, Sonata. I’m here now, so we can watch some cartoons and read a story before bed, okay?”

Don't you mean 'me' not 'I' ? :applejackconfused:
Also, what Aria did, is so getting her in trouble later. :ajsmug:

“They were mean to me again…” Her voice is soft and quiet, barely audible as a result of her pressing her face against me. By ‘they,’ she usually means a group of boys who bully her at her school… They haven’t hurt her physically, but the problem is that they keep picking on her. The girls in her class don’t do anything to stop it either since they don’t like her, making Sonata sort of the outsider of the whole class. The most mean thing I can remember them doing to her is when they spray-painted the word ‘orphan’ on her locker, making Sonata run and cry in the bathroom… If I remember correctly, that was one of the days I had to leave work to get her.

Poor Sonata. :pinkiesad2:

“Your little sister, Sonata, is the reason I called you today.” Her hand pushes a piece of paper over to me, one I recognize all too well… The school uses the same document outline for every report of misbehavior. I’ve received dozens of these for Aria, but now, my eyes can’t help but hesitate to look at the paper, knowing it’s something involving Sonata. She’s such a good kid… What could have gotten her in trouble? “Sonata assaulted one of her classmates during recess,” Celestia says frankly, still looking at me.

Holy shit! :pinkiegasp:

“I do care about you…”

I'll believe it when I see it Aria. :ajbemused:

“Is it really that wrong of me to want Sonata to turn out better than you?” The words come out of my mouth faster than I could think, making me cover my mouth immediately afterward. Silence follows my words as I try to think of something to say, not a word coming from Aria. Quickly, I can hear her get up from the couch and run past me, making me look towards her direction. “Aria, I didn’t mean-” A loud slam coming from Aria’s bedroom door interrupts me, making me frown even more to myself. I let my anger get to me again… God damn it, Adagio… I didn’t actually mean that. I shouldn’t have said that. Aria means the world to me too, I just… feel so frustrated with her. Why can’t I do things right for them just once…?

So sorry Adagio. :fluttershysad:

“I don’t like cereal, sweetheart,” I lie to her as casually as I can, walking over to the side of the cart. “I prefer eating breakfast at work and all.” In my attempt to satisfy Sonata’s curiosity, my statement only seems to make her seem more confused.

Sonata is so gonna be heartbroken in the future when learning about the lies you've been giving her when she was younger. :fluttershysad:

“Oh? Um… It would probably be orange,” Sunset says nervously, almost like she hasn’t been asked that question in a long time. Looking at the selection of toys, I can’t help but notice one that stands out among the rest.

Huh, I was kinda expecting red over orange. :unsuresweetie:

Putting the paper down, I lean forward and place my face in my hands. No matter how much I try to avoid it, my heart stings. Every corner I turn, there’s another thing I need to sacrifice just so they can get the things they need. I’ve already given up a lot of my meals, worked overtime and even denied myself anything that might give me a little joy. Now I have to cancel my dentist appointment… Life is so… unfair. Taking a deep breath, I try to keep my wall up, feeling a couple tears fall into the palms of my hands. I wouldn’t take a thing back, but… I just wish I could have something. It’s been so long since I’ve smiled for myself. Not for the sake of Aria or Sonata. Not putting on a mask to keep everyone else happy. I would love to have a cherry cheesecake again. I would love to go to a theme park or go ice skating, but… that’s simply not an option. I can’t afford it.

Poor Adagio. :fluttercry:

Well, this is a sundagio story, so orange being Sunset's favorite color is almost a given in this context~ :raritywink:
And yep~ This story is sort of filled with pain for Adagio~ I will get back to writing it someday soon

“You’re awfully strange, you know that, Sunset?” I tell her with a raised eyebrow, slightly rolling my eyes sarcastically.

She's definitely in for it once she learns why. :fluttershysad:

My back hurts so much now… After cleaning everything, I can’t help but ache all over. Whenever Sonata is near, I try to keep a brave face, making sure she doesn’t feel bad for asking for a playdate. I even called in one of my favors with my coworker, getting a few balloons the two of them can play with. Aria’s pretty much told me she will be staying in her room the whole time Sonata has her friend over, but that’s pretty much expected of her at this point. If Sonata can make a friend, maybe she won’t be so sad anymore. Maybe she won’t be bullied all the time and I won’t have to see her on the verge of tears almost every night. I didn’t give myself the luxury to make many friends after I got them out of that place, but a friend would really help Sonata’s self-esteem.

As long as it makes her happy, is a good sign she's improving with making friends. :pinkiehappy:

“But adults don’t get scared?” she tells me, trying to justify her previous understanding. Yet she’s still curious about what I said.

Everyone gets scared, no matter their age. :applejackunsure:

“Mom!” Sonata interjects, hugging me from the side. Did she just say… mom? Why? Looking at Sonata, a nervous expression is painted across her face, smiling at Pumpkin Cake. “This is my mom~ Do you want to meet my big sister too?” Sonata still holds onto her teddy bear as Pumpkin Cake nods, grabbing her hand. “Great! Her name is Aria~ She’s a bit of a grump though, so yeah,” Sonata tells her friend, bringing her down the hall towards Aria’s room. Within a moment, I’m left alone, pondering what just happened. Why did Sonata just call me her mom…? Standing up, I can’t help but sigh, feeling puzzled by the whole situation. I know she was bullied before since she didn’t have parents, but… I didn’t think she would tell someone I’m her mom. Is she embarrassed of me? Of the fact that I’m her older sister? Practically everyone knows we’re sisters, so is it really worth it to lie to her new friend…?


I’ll play along with her lie. Just as long as she gets to make a friend…

I hope you don't regret this one Adagio. :unsuresweetie:

“Save face from what? Afraid she might be ridiculed for not having parents?” Aria laughs a little, sitting on top of the counter. “I already embraced that. I don’t have parents and it makes me different from everyone else. So what?”

'I'm already' not 'i already.' That makes no sense. :duck:

“Were you about to say ‘world?’” I ask her with a chuckle, once again seeing Sunset struggle with her words. Is she always this strange? “Pretty big mess up there, don’t you think?” I tease her with a jab of my elbow, both of us walking further into the park together.

Still, it was too close. :fluttershysad:

“No, she sees me as a big sister. She’s trying to save face in front of her friend since she’s been bullied since she’s being raised by her sister and not her actual parents.” It’s not the only reason she’s bullied… Sonata is bullied for being too kind, noisy, and unique. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to stop that fact. Why do children have to be so mean to each other…?

Bullying someone for being noisy I can understand, but kindness and unique, no... :ajbemused:

“So, your friends used to live here?” I ask Sunset as we walk down the sidewalk, making our way through the city. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how our conversation has gone this far. We’ve been talking for hours, just aimlessly walking to pretend we’re doing something more meaningful than talking. Perhaps it seems a little… pointless. To everyone else, if you say you spent hours talking to someone, they instantly ask if you had anything more productive to do. Sunset told me about how she attended Canterlot High and how she had quite a bit friend group back then. But now, it seems they don’t live here anymore.


Thank you for the update.

“Hi, this is Sharon with the Police Department.


“Hi, this is Sharon with the Police Department. We wanted to tell you that Aria Blaze is being held in one of our holding cells and we hope you can come down to get her.” The woman’s voice tells me a few more things, but every other word goes right through me. I can’t help but feel dizzy, the news repeating itself in my head over and over again. What happened this time…?

Ho shit

Actually now I’m curious of what happen to there father

“Hi, this is Sharon with the Police Department. We wanted to tell you that Aria Blaze is being held in one of our holding cells and we hope you can come down to get her.” The woman’s voice tells me a few more things, but every other word goes right through me. I can’t help but feel dizzy, the news repeating itself in my head over and over again. What happened this time…?

Baymax:”oh no”
You said it baymax, you said it.

And shit, what in the name of luna did aria get herself into now.

“You stupid piece of shit!” a horrendous shriek fills the air before a bottle hits the wall next to my head, almost instantly shattering. It’s one of those nights again… One of those nights where mom had too much to drink. The dark and desolate place I call her room is filled with trash and needles, a few broken light bulbs lying around the mounds of junk. Even though it’s dark, I can still see the dark silhouette of her sitting on her dirty bed. If I get closer, I’m sure that I would be able to see the look of absolute hatred that is surely on her face.

Why does she have needles in her messy room? :applejackconfused:

Sliding the knife across the bread, I can’t help but chuckle out of the irony. If the girls have me when it gets tough for them, then who do I have? Not really anyone I guess… I’ve had to sacrifice friendships, a social life, and pretty much everything related to making relationships just so I could keep them safe. The worst thing that could happen is making friends with someone or getting in a relationship and they turn out to be terrible, hurting them even further. That’s why it’s better for me to just focus on raising them for now… I can focus on getting a social life when Sonata and Aria are grown up.

And it'll be just another few years til Adagio will get her wish. :fluttershysad:

Taking a deep breath, I finish the sandwiches and try to avoid those thoughts about the future. They tend to drag me down a rabbit hole at times… Instead, my thoughts drift to the present. Sonata hit another kid a bit ago, but she also had a playdate. Honestly, that last one is a huge improvement over her previous years since she is finally making friends. Nothing has really changed with Aria or me. Except for Sunset Shimmer…

At least it's not all bad. :applejackunsure:

“When you said you were meeting someone, I thought you meant for work. Since when do YOU of all people have a friend?” Okay, ouch. Even my sister sees me as unlikeable enough that I wouldn’t have friends. Regardless, I’ve mainly kept my distance from people for her sake to begin with. “Is this a special friend? Did you finally get laid?” Aria asks me in a teasing laugh, making me jab her shoulder.

Damn it Aria why!?!? :twilightangry2:

“Will you shut up? Sonata is still asleep. Besides, it wasn’t like that. You think way too much about sex.” Rolling my eyes slightly, I can’t help but find Aria’s crude statement annoying. All she does is think about partying and sex. I wouldn’t go out and do something like that when I have to focus on them for now.

Who would event want to think that almost every day. :ajbemused:

“Calm down, dictator. Damn. I need it for a school project that’s due in a week. I need to buy the supplies. I thought you’d want to help me pursue my education.” Once again, Aria’s tone comes off as sarcastic and manipulative, but she seems like she’s telling the truth… Why would a school project cost fifty dollars to complete? God… I should really talk to Principal Celestia about this absurd cost. Shaking my head, I can’t help but sigh. Fifty dollars. If I don’t work overtime, there’s no way I can make it back before I need to pick up the prescriptions.

I hope it's an actual project and not a lie of hers. :unsuresweetie:

“Hi, this is Sharon with the Police Department. We wanted to tell you that Aria Blaze is being held in one of our holding cells and we hope you can come down to get her.” The woman’s voice tells me a few more things, but every other word goes right through me. I can’t help but feel dizzy, the news repeating itself in my head over and over again. What happened this time…?

I knew it was gonna end badly. :facehoof:

Well, I never really thought about their mother much more than the fact that he isn't involved either. So, think about it as much as you want~

Exactly~ :raritywink: What did she get herself into?

You're so angry at Aria XD I can't help but chuckle a bit at that~

Comment posted by Dazzle Razzle deleted Jan 16th, 2023

oh so the sunset in the story is pony sunset, I thought it was going to be human sunset, now this is really interesting, also Im a little confused, this story is an AU right? no in the same universe as your other sundagio fics

Yeah, this story is an alternate universe as compared to the Sundagioverse I am writing~ This story is completely separate from that, but I did think it would be interesting to see how Sunset would interact with the human Adagio. Especially since I'm taking such a different approach to Adagio's counterpart. :twilightsmile: I'm glad you think it's interesting and I hope it continues to intrigue you~

Also, what did your deleted comment say? I didn't get a chance to read it.

At first you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. :rainbowdetermined2:

And I hope to keep it~ :twilightsmile:

“I’m glad you had fun, Sonata~” I say with an understanding tone, picking up the paper plates off the coffee table. The two girls ate their lunch in the living room so that they could watch TV. Primarily, a cartoon full of powerful princesses and an evil alien army called the Horde. I’ve never really been a fan of it, but it’s hard to not know some details about the show when Sonata is a big fan of it.

For the Horde! :flutterrage:

Wait, wrong franchise... :yay:

I think the prequel mentions him basically bailing on them after Sonata was born. Assuming their harridan of a mother didn't murder him and sell his organs for drug money.

This is a lovely cliff, I shall hang from it until the next episode! Spectacular view.

I'm glad you think the view is nice~ It is a very high cliff~ :twilightsmile:

Still so hard to experience, but so well done its compelling. Adagio isn't going to be able to keep her sisters away from Sunset now. She needs a friend Sunset probably won't take no for an answer. I just hope she learned from before and doesn't assume the worst. Aria is going to need support right now I'm guessing.

Most likely the second thing happen

because I use twitter so much that I always forgot that you can edit your comments in fim.... so it was the same comment lol I deleted it because of a grammar mistake, and for the story mhmm it's have been quite interesting looking for more of this story :twilightsmile:

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