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I am Spyder27 and I write MLP stories! I'm known as the Emperor of Sundagio by friends~ I don't write free stories, so DM me for comm details. Follow me if you want regular updates on my stories~


At the age of 29 years old, Adagio Dazzle is far from content with her life, but she's required to go to a work convention that is placed back in Canterlot City. The only problem is that she's been trying to avoid Canterlot City for some time now. Anxious and nervous, Adagio convinces herself that nothing bad will happen and that she will try to enjoy her trip, until she runs into a familiar face. Their combined past is enough to ruin Adagio's trip, but the question is will she let it?


This story is a birthday present to my dear friend, Mon668! I worked pretty hard to make this story as emotional as possible and I worked on it while I was sick, so I hope everyone enjoys this story! This story does contain mentions of depression and alcohol, so you've been warned. This is not connected to any of my other Sundagio stories, so treat it as its own thing~ Please wish Mon668 a happy birthday if you have the time and enjoy the show! :twilightsmile:

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I'm glad you liked it~ :twilightsmile:

I love it but it feel incomplete like something more needs to happen.

Hmm? I'm glad you love it~ I don't know what else could be added other than elaborating more on the dinner Sunset and Adagio have, but other than that, I'm not sure. I apologize that it feels incomplete~ I don't really intend on doing a sequel unless some great idea hits me, but thank you for your comment~! :twilightsmile:

You are single-handedly keeping this ship alive and are brilliant for doing so

Neat, but the overuse of tilde (~) was killing me. It made Sunset Shimmer sound way too seductive in my head

Thank you so much for your kind comment~ :twilightsmile: I assure you I'm not that important. I just like making Sundagio content for the internet to read~ I do have a lot more stories planned for the future, so I hope you can read those too!

I'm very glad you love it~ :twilightsmile:

Ah, that's understandable~ I can see how you feel and how that may be annoying. I primarily use tilde to end off a statement in a happier way to show a person's more happy tone than before. It's usually playful, happy, or loving in my usage~ I do apologize that it was hard to read for that, but I'm glad you liked it~

Thanks for this. It was an enjoyable bit of nostalgia pulling back to years ago when I used to live & breathe this ship. I plan to read through your others at some point now as well.

Thank you so much for the comment~ I'm glad to see someone else who loves this ship as much as I do~ Or at least used to. I love Sundagio a lot and I have so many story ideas for them, so I'm glad you found my work~ Just a warning. Two of my stories are well over 50k words and they're connected to each of each other, so good luck reading~ :twilightsmile:

I loved the first chapter, I like a lot how you write adagio's character!, also love that the cherry cheesecake is a recurring thing for dagi in yours fics <3

Thanks! I put a lot of effort into making these chapters as good as possible since this is a birthday gift for my friend~ :twilightsmile: And I'm glad you like the way I write Adagio! There's a lot more to come in the future~ I wasn't aware that you read my other stories, but yes~ Cherry cheesecake and whiskey is a reoccurring trend in my Sundagio stories~ :twilightsmile:

Came for the Sundagio - stayed for the cherry cheesecake. :trollestia:

A good reason to stay, to be honest~ :twilightsmile:

That was a cute ending. I was kind of worried that it was going to end sad for a bit.

Exactly the tone I was going for~ :twilightsmile: Thanks for reading my story! I loved writing the end and if you liked this, maybe you'd like my other works~

Oh, I actually read A Dazzling World before this and really liked that one. It's been a while since I read any MLP fanfics, and that reminded me of the days when I was crazy about Sundagio.

Oh? I'm glad you liked A Dazzling World~! It is my favorite of my library so far. It has a sequel that I just completed called A Shimmering Heartbreak~ And I understand that feeling~ I've had quite a few readers come read my stories due to their nostalgia for Sundagio~ :twilightsmile:

Now that I think about it, most of her anger is probably due to her constant lack of sleep… She’s been suffering from insomnia ever since we came to this world and we’ve tried a couple different medications to help her, but this newest one seems to make her even angrier even though she’s getting sleep. Sonata has helped her get some sleep, but that’s probably because of the fact that they’re dating each other… Now that is a weird concept. It used to be something that would make me want to barf as well, but now, it’s just a normal part of our lives. Sonata and Aria. And Adagio… Honestly, I’m probably just an add on at this point. I’m permanently the third wheel and maybe the two of them would be happier without me.

Question answered about the girlfriend mention earlier. :twilightoops:
Though, aren't they technically sisters? :unsuresweetie:
And the insomnia part sure could be a good reason for Aria's behavior. :applejackunsure:

“I’m sure you’re all anticipating the reason why we called for this convention at the last minute, especially after that excellent meal~” the old man states with a toothy grin. Anticipation is an understatement, but I must admit that they did offer a good meal. “Without wasting any more of your valued time, we are happy to announce the merger of Stars Music Foundation and Mane Pictures~ This deal will mean lots of new outcomes for all of us and we know this is going to be a stressful process, so we will now be holding a Q&A for this venture.” Immediately, I can hear lots of whispers, the sudden news hitting everyone differently. For me, I couldn’t care less about this merger as long as I get to keep my job. Hell, a merger may mean I will finally get that fucking raise I deserve.

Ngl, the hints were a clever sign a merger was gonna be mentioned. :ajsmug:

Instantly, every sense of doubt in my mind is thrown completely out the window as this woman turns her gaze towards me, our eyes meeting… She can’t be here… Not now… Why would she be here…? Why would… Sunset Shimmer be here of all places…?

Earlier I was wondering where Sunset was, and seeing how she appears at the end really takes the cake by shock. :pinkiegasp:

“Adagio? Hold on, please?” Sunset’s voice calls out behind me, still on my trail. Just leave me alone… Why can’t I just move on? No matter what I do, the universe itself always tries to remind me… To push me towards those memories… Wiping my eyes as quickly as I can to keep my composure, I feel someone grab onto my hand, instinctively looking back and seeing her eyes once more. “Adagio, it really is you~” she states with that same smile I once knew so well…

You mean tail? :unsuresweetie:

“Oh, I don’t know. It may have to do with the fact that you and I used to be lovers… That doesn’t exactly mix well, now does it?” I harshly remark, scoffing at Sunset’s attempts to talk to me. Before I can make it to the door of the auditorium, Sunset grabs my hand again, walking around me to force our eyes to connect again.

I'm confused about what Adagio meant by used to be lovers. :applejackconfused:

Sunset and I used to date… We used to be involved in each other’s lives and she made mine mean so much more. I would have said that my life was priceless back then, but that was then. Now, it’s all different. What makes her think we can just try to talk again after so much time between the two of us? After our split… Is it really that impractical that I wanted to forget her? My therapist told me that it’s not good to forget those memories, but to try and improve from them. Take them in stride and be happy that I’ve been able to love and live. It’s fucking easy for him to say considering he’s never felt this… I’m not sure anyone ever loved her as much as I did…

Question answered about the love mention. It got me a bit confused. :twilightblush:

The song… Something Stupid. I suppose you could say both of us relate to it. This week in of itself is something stupid, bringing Sunset here of all places. I could have just remained home if they sent this as a stupid email, but now, I’m stuck here with the same girl who occupied so much of my life before. The one whom it hurts to be around due to something that happened years ago… Worst part is that she’s trying so hard to talk just once with me and making me feel sorry for her when she feels bad. What is her fucking motive? We can’t be friends… Why would she try so hard to speak to me just once? What could be said over one conversation? Just one? She must know that I don’t want to talk by now, but something pushes her to talk to me one time before we go our separate ways. Why are you so damn confusing, Shimmer? “God damn it,” I slowly whisper, taking a few steps away from Sunset as I rub my eyes, trying to think.

Odd name for a song. :duck:

“And you always put me before yourself, sacrificing the things you wanted to do for what I wanted,” Sunset quickly interjects after my statement, taking her hand away from me. “You were afraid of commitment because you thought you would hurt me… In reality, it’s our break up that hurt more than anything you did.” For a moment, I hear Sunset take a breath as if she is going to say something, only for a long silence to follow, both of us not daring to look at each other.

I wonder why/how they broke up? :unsuresweetie:

“The one you bought because I was ‘too grumpy’ after my surgery?” I ask quietly, a little curious as to what she was meaning. Honestly, I forgot about the stuffed animal and when she bought it, but her bringing it up makes brief flashes come to my mind.

I wonder what the surgery was for. :rainbowderp::rainbowhuh:

“I look forward to it~” Sunset says with a happy expression, wiping away her tears slowly before she walks through my door, closing it in the process. Fate has a funny way of making lives worse…

I hope you don't regret your decision Adagio or else you'll upset Sunset even more than the first time. :duck:

“If you’re bored, you could always dunk your head in some water,” I whisper in a teasing tone, shaking my head at the funny ways Sunset would leave herself open for ridicule. It’s been a long time since I’ve joked like that… Hell, a part of me stings to do that, knowing that this won’t last, but I guess it will be okay for a night. Just to pretend for one night that everything is fine.

Good thinking Adagio. :facehoof::ajbemused:

I always loved her…

It's not too late to give your relationship with Sunset another shot. :applejackunsure:

“Just because you don’t like hot tubs doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me,” I state in a confident tone, trying to sound serious despite my joke. A laugh is shared between the two of us, the warmth of the company briefly distracting me from the cold that comes with a soaking wet body. At least the carpet of the hotel can briefly warm my feet, but I’m not sure if you’re technically allowed to be barefoot in this hotel. I suppose it will be a secret between the both of us in that case.

Many hotels I've been to don't seem to mind so I guess your both in the clear. :ajsmug:

Wiping a couple tears from my face, I sigh heavily, trying to avoid crying again. “Damn it…” I thought it would be easy to leave here, but it turns out to be so much harder than I had expected. None of it is because of the luxury beds, drinks, or food, but because of her… I just have to keep reminding myself that too much time has passed for us. We can’t fix what we had… It would be better if we just go our separate ways and then she can move on fully. This is the right thing to do. Why does it hurt to do the right things…?

That's just how life is sometimes. :fluttershysad:

A bright smile finally comes back to my summer breeze, her tears coming to her even harder than before as she hugs me back, crying into my shoulder. “I-I love you too, Adagio~” she’s barely able to say, kissing my cheek quickly, her smile getting bigger by the second. “I want you back too~ You’re my everything, Adagio~” Sunset whispers, pushing our lips together in an instant, surprising me. Returning her embrace, my own tears flow harder as well, both of us holding onto each other as much as we can… Fate be damned. I’m done letting her go. I’ll do anything I can to make sure this works and… I’ll never let her go again~ She’s my world, for now and forever~

Huh, this ending sure was different then I thought it would be, but love the plot twist! :yay:

I'm glad you liked the story so much~ I haven't responded to the others since I've been kind of busy with university, but I'm glad to see you liked it~ This story was one of my favorites to write in general and I always think about it every now and then. It's been so long since I wrote it, but yeah. It was nice~ Also, it wasn't my intention to make it seem like a plot twist at the end, but I'm glad it made you happy things didn't go the route you thought I was originally going to take them~ :twilightsmile:

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