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I am Spyder27 and I write MLP stories! I'm known as the Emperor of Sundagio by friends~ I don't write free stories, so DM me for comm details. Follow me if you want regular updates on my stories~


Adagio Dazzle fully intended to take over Sunset's high school, but fate had a different plan. Instead, Adagio ended up enjoying Sunset's company so much that she almost completely forgot about her plan to use her magic on Canterlot High. Now, a year later, Sunset and Adagio have been casually dating, the siren content with her new life. Sunset spins her on her head by suggesting for the two of them to go steady, admitting that she loves the siren. Adagio can't understand her own feelings. Does she love Sunset as well? How difficult can it be to say three words?

Hello, everyone! This story is a contest entry for The EQG Anniversary Spring Fling Contest on FiMFiction! I thoroughly enjoyed coming up with this idea and I highly suggest reading some of the other contest entries! Anyway, enjoy the show!

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Three other words? I'm not quite sure I follow. XD But I'm glad you liked the story~

Well done. Was nice to see a different take on their relationship.

It was definitely interesting to write something new like this. I'm used to writing stories about the two of them discovering their love for each other or they're already in a steady relationship, but casual dating? That isn't a topic I cover a lot. XD Thanks for the compliment! I'm glad you enjoyed it~

Beautiful, simply beautiful :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you like it that much~ :twilightsmile:

Bringing my fingers to the red gem hanging from my neck, I can’t help but chuckle slightly. The image of Sonata and Aria comes to my mind, making me wonder how they’re doing at this moment. Despite the fact that the three of us share an apartment, the two of them went on a trip to study abroad for this semester. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t grateful for the quiet, but at the same time, I do miss them. For now. As soon as they get back, they will probably get on my nerves yet again.

At least you show signs you still care for them Adagio. :ajsmug:

“Ugh, saying that out loud almost makes me want to vomit,” I tell her with a chuckle, surprised that she would say something like that. Though… she’s not wrong… “Do you actually want that, Sunset? To be with… me?” I still don’t know what to say exactly? Everything feels… fuzzy. I don’t know what to do or what is appropriate. A part of me says that this is a bad idea, but… an even bigger part of me wants to do this as well.

Ok what she said just now was actually quite rude! :twilightangry2:

The door to the restaurant opens beside me just as a woman walks inside, a shining red dress clinging to her figure. Without even looking at her face, I can tell who it is by the sweet smell of cinnamon. That is the kind of shampoo that Sunset uses pretty much every time she can. Looking up, I see Sunset put just as much effort into her own appearance as I did. Her lips are a shade of crimson red, but honestly? Her eyes capture my attention more than anything else. It doesn’t seem like she did anything to them, but those striking cyan eyes just make me feel lost. It is the lighting of the restaurant, right…? Probably… Regardless, I just… can’t help but admire her gaze.

I feel like they went a little overboard on their appearances for a dinner date at a Japanese restaurant of all places. :unsuresweetie:

“Oh, Adagio,” Sunset states through her tears, crying a bit harder. Quickly, Sunset slides out of bed and embraces me in the tightest hug I’ve ever received. Despite the tears, Sunset’s smile lets me know just how happy she is to hear me say those words. “I love you too, Adagio~”

I must say, this story sure made me feel confident regarding finding love myself as I was in a bit of a situation around it the last month that ended on a sour note. I don't feel like talking about it here, maybe a private message for all I care but still, stuff like this really makes me determined to hopefully find true love someday. Whether it takes longer than I think, it's something I'll always try to find.

XD Yeah, what Adagio said was quite rude, but I was going for the perspective of an Adagio who still has her magic and isn't fully appreciative of friendship and all. A cocky and smug Adagio, yet caring enough to love Sunset.

Well, I think the reason why I made them dress up so much is because this was their first date as an exclusive couple. Beforehand, they were casually dating, so this new step called for something bigger than usual. :twilightsmile:

I'm sorry about your soured love experience. I can definitely say that my inspiration for all my stories is my own dream to find love one day, so I can understand what you mean by that. In a way, I'm happy that my story made you feel confident in finding love in the future~ :twilightsmile: True love is a hard thing to find and it takes a lot of work, but the journey to get there is something we all have to face. And if a siren who was after world domination can find love, then you can too~

Adagio Dazzle fully intended to take over Sunset's high school, but fate had a different plan. Instead, Adagio ended up enjoying Sunset's company so much that she almost completely forgot about her plan to use her magic on Canterlot High.

What did her sisters feel about that?

I didn't really explain it in the story, but they didn't really mind. In this story, the other sirens didn't really care that much about the plan.

Sunset closes her eyes for a second before blinking a couple times, looking at me with surprise. “I… don’t feel that tired anymore,” she tells me with a confused tone. “Wait! You could do that this whole time?” Every time I use magic, Sunset has one of two different reactions. She either acts unapproving of my methods or she is surprised by the spells I can cast. Thankfully, her reaction followed the latter this time.

This kind of magic is definitely a thing, but using it too often can lead to serious problems.

Problems Adagio would be well aware of by now. It's no wonder she would hold back that kind information.

You’ve got an interesting setup here with Adagio and Sunset having been a couple for quite some time, and some interesting details with the way Adagio casually uses some of her magic. It does feel a little weird for the two of them to not be going steady already after a full year of dating, but the bigger issue, imo, was that I had trouble reading much of the characters’ voices in the dialogue here. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t feel fully specific to Sunset and Adagio. Still, it was a pleasant read, and thank you for the submission.

Those criticisms are more than fair. Honestly, the reason why I chose to make it a year after they first started dating and before they have gone steady is because that is sort of how my last relationship went. In a way, I used this story to translate some of what happened in my last relationship and my desire to confess to my current crush. And I can completely understand when you say it is difficult to read the words in the respective character's voice. I admit that this is a problem I've face for a couple of my stories. I think the reason why is because I primarily write about stories where it is an AU or a redemption story for Adagio where she becomes more sympathetic, so I think that style crossed over to here. As for Sunset, I don't have as much experience writing her as I do for writing a redeemed Adagio. Lastly, I also started on this story kind of late due to midterms and big group projects from the last semester, so I admit that this story wasn't my best work. Regardless, I'm glad you liked the story and situation! I appreciate the compliments and criticisms and hopefully I can do better the next time I decide to join a contest! :twilightsmile:

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