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Y'all know it's gonna be gud when some leech posts a story :raritywink:

Man, I hope so. This is my first swing at a CYOA story.

had flipped on a time

what does that mean?

Do you mean flipped on a dime?

It's a typo. Supposed to be "Flipped on a dime." I fixed it

You know I just realize out of this entire series he never got with the last of the young six I guess no cult action

Comment posted by Think Real deleted May 6th

you need to do cutesy romance more often
i think i got a cavity from how sweet this is

Between his technological know-how, experience as a leader, and diplomatic skills involving nearly every sapient species on the planet, he saw the legends to fruition. Yaks eventually came to be one of the dominant powers in all of Equestria, standing shoulder to shoulder with their distant equine kin. Songs were sung in his name, chronicling his adventures and herculean struggles against eldritch monsters, scheming villains, and vile seductresses; but those are stories for another time…

and now i want to hear those stories

Admittedly, in and of itself, the Yak outcome could be a greek epic.

“I was thinking about Fractured Spine Peak ,” Gallus mused, shrewdly rubbing his chin.


Damn, now I want a fic about anon and Flurry...you monster, what have you done?

and i desire to hear every word

GG, Good on ya mate.


what have you done

My job...

sounds like something to me but i can't remember:ajsmug:

This was a sweet chapter I hope he makes a harem.

This was a sweet and sweet end .

Since I only came for Silverstream, and I really dont want to waste time on chapters for the others, which one would be hers?

It's hard to tell.

This one was heart warmingly cute.

He sounds like a boss king. This was a sad beginning but awesome end.

This was a sweet and cool end I'm happy for them.

But we missed Gallus' date.

Now this is my head Conan I love it.

This was quite enjoyable, and I loved everything about this.

My only sad thing is that there wasn't a second Gallus story to go along with all this.

But great job and look forward to more.

Flurry heart fic when? :trollestia::pinkiecrazy:

Every time I imagine those two this pops into my head XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iwec0GgUwU

If you think so - boy howdy - are you going to like what I've been chipping away on
~29k words in and I'm only about 1/2 through with her

...I don't get it. Explain please?

Ah, here's the ending I was looking for.
This was gud. Not hawt, but gud.

Best pone. I still consider her a runt, so it’s not illegal.

Just kinky.

Exactly. I feel you friend. Those comics are funny.

slung leg

Thankk you so much for introducing this phrase to me :rainbowlaugh:

Now I want to see him dealing with his wives pregnancy and all the hardship the go with it. Also so want to see a story for Flurry Heart, and Shinning Armors face when he see his daughter and soon ruler of the crystal empire with, and possibly impregnated by, a man as old as him and still able to perform lol.

Immediately checks chapters it to see if there’s a harem ending... *sees all or none at bottom* nice :heart:

Though he suffered through many, many misadventures through the years, those are stories for another time...

Dammit Leech, no they're not!

Such a good series. Need more.

So once there was a 'make your choice' set of stories before this chose your own adventure, i had assumed it was hoing to be something like this all or nothin chapter, but if there was going to be only one i was rooting for birdfish or the bug.

That's the glory of this conclusion.
Folks can choose whatever ending they see fit.


I think this is a perfect ending! :heart:

"Fractured Spine Peak" absolutely incredible.

Even though it's a short chapter, it's really nice to see this kind of relationship. The "we're best bros and lovers" kind of relationship is pretty uncommon to see and fun to see when it is written.

I could see them just being "friends"
Doesn't require either of them to actually say they love one another - it's just one of those things you just know

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