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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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I... uhh…
Well, there's a lot of ways to interpret this, and I'm used to it now.
I have one question- how did Starswirl figure out this worked?
Because I wanna know.

Y'know, your self description is starting to make a lot of sense.

Nobody said you wouldn't be effected by saying your own name! :raritywink:

Call Me By Your Name is a lot kinkier than I remembered.

🎵If no one is around you, say baby I love you🎵


Zippy Senpai

This is one wild ride.

The name climax

I like it.

I think that the translation is a little off and it’s actually “The name plot”. I don’t speak Latin, just a thought.

Ain't this a good cover

The 'Butt Sneezes' alone... HA! You never fail to make me cackle!

Comment posted by Astorius deleted Dec 13th, 2018

Imagine if something like this existed for real, though. Every time someone says your name... or maybe it's adaptable to every time you say somebody else's name THAT person experiences things ~~

Now I want to see what happens between Twilight and Celestia. Though it obvious what is getting ready to happen. Still I’m sure Celestia would make it where Twilight never ‘borrows’ a book without permission again.

Having studied Latin for two years, the most accurate translation would be as follows:
nomen = name/the name
novissime = the newest
acutam = sharpened
The newest, sharpened name...
Yeah, don't trust Google Translate.
Sadly, there's not really a direct Latin word for climax, in the sexual sense or not.

Story description:
"Impulsive flipping of furniture"

Alright you've got me interested now

Twilight. That's all I have to say. Great fic again

Hot damn, this was an interesting concept. And I love it!

Any chance you could find more ways to implement this? Maybe at least an epilogue where Twilight has a chat with Starlight and her admitting clopping on the job. :derpytongue2:

Or bonus points if she got Starlight to "study" the spell, and give her a taste of...someone's own medicine :derpyderp2::trollestia:

Using all of my many years of perusing the internet and intentionally confusing people, I came to the conclusion that using google translate would result in a translation that most folks would google.

Also, I don't know Latin and I kinda liked the ring of that name...

ANYHOW! Thanks for the input m8, I'll poke ya next time I need somethin to sound fancy! :trollestia:

So her name trigger a shameless climax?

Or very close to it, yes! :trollestia:

Перечисленно множество всякой извращённой всячины, а на деле - одина пустая болтовня с самыми скучными и никчёмными персонажами типа Спайка и Психованной Лошади.

Ну и ещё этот Дурдом Дружбы фигурирует... Вот уж более дебильного "развития" сериала даже трудно было себе представить.

It's a good prank!

OMG, if Trixie ever cast this..... 😱


This gives me
an idea...

So, how was your idea? I still hope for sequel...

Rude. Go kiss yourself, stupid paladin, and don't come to clopfics.

what didn't you put the SEX Tag ?

Still hoping for sequel...

I want to see a sequel where the spell was cast on everyone

That won't be as fun. When it's everywhere, it's not something interesting, just another happening in Equestria, like Discord's rampage or timberwolves from Everfree Forest. Blast it with the Orbital Friendship Laser and be done with it.

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