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Prepare for the power of Dark Arts

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displaced story? you mean an isekai

Here's hoping Celestia gets imprisoned when she has to urinate.

... A typical Displaced Story only has the person become one specially Overpowered being.

That doesn't really sound that different from most displaced, actually... Please respond to this comment.

Displaced is like an Isekai, except there's lore behind it. There's also the fact the Displaced may visit other worlds and meet other displaced.

She faked her death to know the truth to no who was taking her sandwiches

In the background you hear mare say lucky b****

Comment posted by WhatYouReading deleted Apr 22nd, 2022

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: that's funny

I think he just had the best time in his life. Please let Tzeentch use his sorcery to create the ents from Middle Earth to live in the everfree forest

I love this story, this is gonna be one of the few good Displaced stories aint it? Please don't ruin it with crossovers pleaseee.

So let’s just move on before we get stuck into a meta-level escalation of ‘stop hitting yourself’, okay?”


Comment posted by JamesGilligan deleted Apr 21st, 2022

This is good ! This is hilarious and stupid and i Love it ! all the humor , the godly banter, All of it keep going this is a great chill and giggle like a school girl fic.

“I’d like to introduce you to my religion.”

“What’s your religion?” he asks, deadpan.

I say nothing, instead simply sliding him a picture I had crafted with my new Psyker Powers.

It was a Pinup of Slaanesh framed in an eight-pointed star, in one of the most scandalous pieces of clothing in Equestria… thigh-high socks.

“I’m interested.”

That got me laughing much harder than I thought I would.

Could someone provide links to the pictures used in the cover? They look awesome.

Isekai can be good. Yeah, the formula for them is generally the same. But they do try and mix it up in some way between different shows. When it comes to writing some weird stuff, nobody will ever beat Japan.

“Say, Stranger—”

“Eh, call me Ark, not my real name but...”

Hehehehe… it’s like this was meant for me!

Love it so far! Just don't go the Grimdark or Moronic Sitcom path, please? I see potential for both, but hope they won't be.

True. But much like most Displaced, too many Isekais make the main character overpowered, give them a harem, make them gain powers too quickly with zero effort. There is some good isekais though, but they're hard to come. Like Overlord and that one isekai i'm having trouble remembering that involves the main character who ends up waking up at the start of the after every time he dies.

This has to be the best Displaced beginning I have read on this site. Can't wait to see more

Shaker Stone did not originally believe that a stallion was capable of screaming like a little filly, but she couldn’t help but feel an impish glee at Silk proving her wrong, let alone stop her grin at the sight of the entire procession metaphorically shitting themselves at the sudden reveal.

Yeah, this might cause some issues :applejackunsure:

:pinkiehappy:Welp... I'm sold. I better go grab a poncho and an umbrella cuz I know I'm in the splash zone for this one. Should probably grab an oxygen tank too considering I'm going to be dying of laughter.:pinkiehappy:

Quite interested to see where this goes.

It was good I can't wait for the next chapter keep up the good work

yes, that's a typical displaced, being they become ONE overpowered being, like one of the displaced here can turn into ALL the gods from 'SMITE'.

what you need to understand is that in those other displaced stories, no matter what, the overpowered person is still just one guy.

not FOUR.

one. are you getting confused? since it was Celestia who imprisoned Luna.
two. your video link isn't working, I'm pretty sure none of us can see what you wanted to show us.

Ignoring the spike of envy that’d be expected from any mare who has experienced Estrus first-hand, and who have heard horror stories about pregnancy and the subsequent birth, her attention was drawn to the fact that not only were they so divergent, they didn’t seem to have a king among them to keep them in line.

Well if it makes you feel any better they were all a single person once... that might make it worse actually :trixieshiftleft:

“Oh… buck , they’re linked to Pony Minds?!” she yelled in panic.

No :moustache:...........they're linked to every mind :pinkiecrazy:

This was wrong, Discord is free yet he is silent , there’s four new gods that go against the power of Harmony,

Do they Celestia, do they really? :trixieshiftright:

got a question:
why is just about every interesting Displaced story also anthro?

{Oh? The Perception Indicator isn’t responding, guess we’re dramatically obscuring this Being’s POV}

now who is this entering the ring?

Super fanfic d'habitude les fanfic avec des dieux ils sont pas super mais franchement tu as aimé captiver dès le premier chapitre je recommande à tout le monde de faire ce truc c'est un vrai c'est vrai bon j'abuse un peu mais j'aime vraiment le truc quoi

Et si tu pouvais me dire quand est-ce que tu publies des nouveaux chapitres ça serait sympa tu sais une fois par semaine une fois par jour

Говори на всем понятном языке, это будет вежливо.

да, для этого мне понадобится переводчик.

désolé de dire que je n'ai pas de calendrier de téléchargement défini, comme beaucoup de mes lecteurs sur d'autres fanfictions peuvent en témoigner.

Note: NO I do not speak EITHER of these languages!!

This is entertaining. Please, continue.

I havent laughed this hard to a 40K story since Lord Telis. :rainbowwild:

As for overpowered?

Nurgle as Farming gets All The Apples.
Slanesh get All The Changelings.
Khorne gets Griffons, Minotaurs, Dragons?
Tzeentch gets Twilight, Starlight, Sunset, Moondancer, and Grandmaster Lyra?

So, who gets Spike and Pinkie? :moustache::pinkiecrazy:

Unless this is the lead up to Luna getting kicked out a thousand years ago, in which case,

Who gets Pinkie?:pinkiecrazy:

sorry I'm not very good in English I forgot that not everyone speaks French

Comment posted by JamesGilligan deleted Apr 21st, 2022

do you have any allergies?”

“Um… yes?”

“No you don’t.” I say with a grin.

Needing a second worshiper? I have bad allergies with asthma symptoms and I am the one in the family that can breath good. They have it reversed, bad asthma with allergy symptoms

Changelings, dude. Change. So it's Slaanesh and Tzeench.

Presumably because with anthro's you can have sexy boobies and such.


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