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Ah, this finally comes to FIMfiction. Very good, I'm quite looking forward to where this one goes, most unusual it is.

I've only noticed this today and I have read the description and this chapter. I'm impressed, and it's one hell of a start! This is going to be like the necromancing tree fanfic and I already see great things to come.

This story was actually borne out of Zero attack power. I had two competing ideas for a HIE fic, and instead of forcing them into one, I split them and created these two.

Another lovely chapter about the lovely Gaea, also I think this would be said at some point: *insert quote of If the Emperor Had a Text of Speech Device here* about saying 'how totally not god I am'
idk forgot the quote but you get the idea if you've seen it.

For some reason I feel like this boss fight is gonna feel like this: Room Before Boss (Beta Mix) - Yoshi's Island - YouTube
(Sorry I still don't know how to put links in properly)

What "this" are you talking about?
this sort of phrasings that talk about some mysterious thing but never actually tell what the mysterious thing is makes me annoyingly curious.

This story. Its been available on my patreon/etc for a bit while I figure out what I want to do it with/polish it up.

Liking the story so far. Also, the next part isn't a critique or anything towards the author or the story. It was just the first thing that popped in my mind.

Pushing aside my urge to start quoting Tolkien,

I can't remember my name, the name of my children, or even if my partner was a man or a woman. But I can still quote Tolkien from memory. SHE'S NEVER LEAVING MY HEAD. That shit is etched into my soul.

Very interesting! Looking forward to more!

This is surprisingly very good.

Cheers mate.

The title made me think of Tunare, but this is clearly not an EverQuest crossover. I guess All has multiple Mothers now. :trollestia:

Some things leave us. Some things remain. Some things, like Tom Bombadil, are eternal.

aye YOOOOO this is good. I cant wait till next chapter

Your stories continue to entertain me!

Her influence has limits, it would seem.

Better construct additional pylons.

If your god is real then may they stri-*splat*


Interesting story premise. I'm looking forward to seeing what "Gaia" will do with her new worshipers/nation-state. Then there are the other settlements around them. Allies, or possible enemies? Something tells me that they at least won't be lining up to join the Celestial and Lunar churches.

Also, I'm kinda curious to find out if "The Sisters" know about these Inquisitors going around butchering ponies in their name, or if they are clueless about the purge happening? However you have the two of them characterized is going to really influence the direction this story will take.

I feel that it would make the most sense that Celestia and Luna are unaware. Most likely they are too busy rebuilding what Discord has destroyed and the Inquisitors are doing whatever they want to gain some form of control of the country behind their back. It's happened before in our history, religion is a very powerful tool to control the masses. Christianity was one of the reasons why many kings throughout Northen Europe back in the year 1200 lost so much control, because they banned all other religions and pretty much gave the church all the power and made it into the lead goverment. It's one of the main reason why many scandinavian royals today have no political power.
Such control with religion would be even more powerful in Equestria since they know that the Goddesses they worship are real.

This is already so exiting! :heart:

"Alow me to show you what true conviction looks like!"

"I'm waiting....":trollestia:

Interesting beginning i will at least write

This is good stuff you have written. I look forward to seeing what happens next

Comment posted by 3rror404 deleted Feb 27th, 2022

nah, She needs Supply Depots

We shall sing the Song of Durin. Sing for the mother protector of this eternal earth as she takes us within her earthy embrace and holds us close forever.

Family is lovely, friendship and life is brilliant but temporary but the legend of Tolken and that of the Rings, Elfs, men, Hobbits and of Course most of all Durin's Folk are forever.

I am enjoying this story thus far. I cannot see where else this goes, I enjoy the mention of tolken, must admit its been on my mind for the last few weeks. This is fun to read.

Alright, looks awesome

I was at first very confused, I was thinking 'didn't you post another story with almost exactly the same plot a while ago on patreon?' until I realized they were one and the same... Having the cover art threw me off :p

I’ve devoted my entire life to your worship. Even when turning my back on you would have saved our village! Please, if you ever existed or ever cared, then please save them

There was an honesty in that voice, one that told me all I needed to know, assuging my worries and filling me with righteous indignation. Whatever I was about to delve into, this creature was innocent and kind, that I knew for certain.

Phew, lot of assumptions coming from that little spirit.
Well, then here's hoping they don't take part in ritualistic sacrifice. Other neighboring cities might not have taken too kindly to another city stealing others to appease whatever god they decided to worship. And good thing that people who commit great evil can't believe they are doing something good all the while too. XD

I like it and look forward to more

That time I got reincarnated as a mountain

Well I'm sold. liked followed and looking forward to more

You must construct additional pylons.

Oooo this is a good one
Love overlord type fics like this
Though this seems to be a more benevolent chill mama lady vibe
Write on, wordsmith

I love this story already

Does this take place right after the dicordian era? If so is it before Luna's banishment?

yeah it's before her tour to the moon.

Chili mama. Hot and with a side of murder.

Here's hope this won't stay just a power fantasy. It has potential to be more.

Liking what I'm seeing so far.

Drug on a bit with the sightseeing, which was starting to feel like "look! I watched the show, too", but otherwise pretty good so far.

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