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I think I just found something amazing.

Oh, a Minotaur MC, this has my attention.

The prose here is excellent.

A lot of this type of story — especially recently — haven't had the best prose, and while that may be kind of a petty thing to not read a story over, that's the way it is for me, even if I otherwise found the idea interesting.

pretty damn good introduction and i hope you keeps it up, after reading prey and lamb i hope their is more non human and pony mc stories that blow me outta the water with their quality and this look like one

I just hope to get to see ponies kicked to the curve.

So it begins.

I like the inclusion of art, it gives a good reference.

Keep it up my friend.


I just hope to get to see ponies kicked to the curve.

Did you want to say "Curb" instead of "curve"?

And I'm sure there are going to be plenty of people deserving to be put in their place; minotaur or pony.

Don't have very many of those. Depending on how this story goes I would be happy to put this on the list.

Definitely not a regular thing, I'm used to so many other things dropping into Equestria, seeing a human turn Minotaur is pretty good

Very cool start, cant wait to see more

If you'd like to borrow an OC for this story, just let me know via PM.

The Village picture was really nice so the pictures of the minotaurs

The solar empire am I smelling daybreak on the horizon

That was my first thought, but I don't know. As an answer, that seems too easy right now.

i swear though if you picked a name like daymare sun you are getting smoked like basic

And I fully stand by this man's statement

Not to mention that there's the Celestia tag and not a Daybreaker tag.

I'm starting to see a bit of a pattern with all these minotaur cows. They all seem very... well endowed. While I do see the tags, I hope this isn't going to become something fetishy.

Think the cows will have all big milk tanks. Its normaly a race thing in anime. As long Celestia don't show up with football teats...

I'd be fine if that was just a quirk of biology, but I don't want the MC to be like "ehrmergerd giant boobies!" every time a woman appears on screen, which is a common element in anthro stories. I'm here for the interesting lore and nation building, not absurdly big tits xD

I wonder how Parted Blade would deal with Celestia at first encounter, I also wonder why the minotaurs are fighting her?

Yeee minotaur shortstack :y

First, I like the Highcliff picture, it reminds me of Spyro’s homeworld. And second, so we’re with the Solar Empire as our enemy? I’m cool with that.

I'm liking the story and the pictures are well appreciated. I'm very interested to see where you take this. I will say, though, with names like lulu, jersey, and charalioas; the MC human name doesn't feel all that out of place. I don't get that but okay, just a little nitpick. Keep up the good work nonetheless.

This seems like a fun concept, I'm on board. I can't wait to see what this 'Solar Empire' is about.

I know what you're talking about there. This AU isn't tagged Anthro, so hopefully that won't be an issue.

Minor note: In the description, the phrase Imperialist Empire is kind of redundant. Given how they were mentioned in-story I think you were going for Expansionist.

I would contend that imperialist as an adjective implies certain aggressive expansionary moves. While, especially in the context of MLP, an empire alone might not have those. The Crystal Empire is a perfect example of this, being literally just a piddling city-state. That said, I do like expansionist there though. It's getting swapped out.

And, just because I see a few people curious, this is not an anthro-fic. You're in a minotaur community right now but, outside of it, there's still hooves/talons for days. So you're not going to see a seven-breasted E-cup hydra-girl hissing over the plains. I don't hate you that much.


So you're not going to see a seven-breasted E-cup hydra-girl hissing over the plains.


j/k :trollestia:

I could be wrong and I you might already put it, but just in case. I though the proper term for a female minotaur is a Holstaur.

I don't really know where Holstaur came from, but Minotaur comes from the legend; it literally translates as Minos' Bull (Minostávros), after King Minos (the guy who imprisoned the poor demi-god bull man in the maze). The original Greek Távros was Latinised into Taurus, which then became Taur.

Technically speaking, a female Minotaur, given the above, would probably be called either Minosageláda (Greek) or Minovacca (Latin). Ageláda is a bit of a mouthful, so lets go with the Latin. Vacca (female cow) becomes Vacci (as in vaccine*) in English in the same way Taurus becomes Taur.

So yeah, Minotaur and Minovacci.

Yay random knowledge of languages and mythology!

*No joke, this where vaccine gets its name; after the first vaccine cow pox which was used to inoculate people from small pox. Vaccine roughly means 'from cow' or 'of cow'.

Hey intriguing and yeah interesting that, from that the term come from. One would think they will name it after a snake because the symbol of heath in Hermes baton right?


I prefer to call males bulls and females cows, just plain and simple.

Well the name of course doesn't come from what it does, but from how the first (modern) vaccine was developed.

The first vaccine was for smallpox, except it was really bloody hard to inject human smallpox into another human with the human, well, contracting smallpox and dying. Luckily for us, though, a very similar bovine disease exists called "cowpox". They take that cowpox, and use it instead as the basis of the vaccine - and it works!

So, in thanks to the poor cows we found cowpox in, the vaccine is named for them.

I recently discovered that during the revolutionary war, George Washington tasked his surgeons to give his men smallpox while surviving out in Valley Forge. Like in modern day present, doctors and surgeons still use diseases mix with medicine to cure/block out diseases. Making them immune to others in future events. The only upside to this other then living is a longer life span, or so I’ve learned from Fuzzy and Nuts Youtube series.

The story doesn't need the anthro tag because the minotaurs are already anthro.
With or without the tag that doesn't stop the horny or otherwise from infecting the authors or stories on Fimfiction.

That's some beautiful battle writing.

hard first battle now you must rest and prepare for another

All I got to say is bow down to the king

This a great read even though I usually prefer anthro stories but this is still a great read regardless.

:moustache:An excellent fight there. Really brought up in my mind the old saying of ”Mess with a bull, you get the horns”...:pinkiecrazy:

Keep it up.:twilightsmile:

Out of all the chapters so far, this is the best, mostly cause of the battling

Excellent battle writing, but I have to say I really loved the illustrations in this one! They add alot to your prose.

And now it begins, the true adventure, the true story

This is good battle writing, it's rare to see somethin' this good, I knew I found a gem the first time I laid eyes on it.

On a side note, you broke almost 1500 views in less than 5 days. That's an achievement right there.

I cannot wait for more!

Mind of a man in the body of a bull, this is gonna be good

Surrounded? The poor sons of bitches. I can't think of a worse position for them to hold!

Me like very much is good good

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