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Curious on the path this will go. Keep up the good writing!


This… this is actually pretty good! Though there is one thing, not as a giant gripe but, how in the world did, whoever this is, get used to his body so damn quickly, because it’s frankly ridiculous how fast it was how you reacted so little to stabbing somebody through the stomach, or wherever the claws went?!

these image inserts are awsome

If he's a classic pop culture deerskull wendigo-with-an-E, why is the picture of a ghost horse windigo-with-an-i?

I have not begun reading your story yet, but I have to say it is an exciting concept. Stories like these bring some much-needed life into the Fimfiction sphere and our writing community so good job on that.

He changes between forms. Whenever his physical [wendigo] form is destroyed or incinerated, as is the case here and as was the case with Luna's magic beam in the Everfree Forest, his [windigo] soul takes shape into the icy ghost horse we know them for. That form is grounded in chaos, fighting and disharmony and once those aspects in the area end, the spectral form dissipates into the ground and reshapes into the physical monster.

Some people just get use to things very quickly, I got use to walking and even running on all fours a while ago when l decided it would be fun.

OK, I'm hooked and can't wait for the next chapter.

Well this story has my interest.

Nice beginning, and also poor guy. He's a nice guy but its pretty terrifying looking.

So Luna kills his corporeal vessel and turns him into a ghost, then gets befriended. Celestia attacks him whilst sparring and nearly kills him...

I swear if Brian is gonna a keep on forgiving these bloodthirsty princesses, he best get some life insurance.

I like this story. The premise is interesting, and the writing is to my liking.

Can't wait to see where this goes.

Luna just wants a friend. The perfect match in the current circumstances.

This is a really great start to the story.

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So, does his physical form look like the Leshen from the Witcher/Monster Hunter World?

To me it seems to look like a Leshen, but with boney limbs that have a tad bit of meat/miscle on them instead of wood.

This felt Rushed. The story is decent but I had to do a double take to make sure I didn't miss anything

I’m intrigued.
You have good writing, but you might wanna cool it with the pictures.
Personally, I love a beautiful picture at the beginning of a chapter. To really set the mood.
But in any case, this is just my humble advice. I don’t know diddly squat about writing

Why is the plot so slow, and yet it feels rushed?


:yay: plus I can see this going herd if you do my pics are shy,Luna,Twilight,pinky and Gilda but that's me:twilightsmile:

"Big moment, first words you say to a different species, whatever you say now could change how we see each other forever, measure your words, what do you say?"
"Hello there"

Indeed, they add amazing depth to the story

The ghostly horse inside me, the windigo wanted to rampage. It wanted to dance and bring frost to these tumultuous, unharmonious beings before me.

So wendigoes are harmony beings? Like some kind of antibody that goes and eliminates the threat to harmony, and like a true antibody they don't have the capacity of distinguish a "common cold" from true threats?

ok i am intrigued with this story , i will be keeping a eye on this.

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I am obligated under duress to shout out the SSB-Discord server, for whom this story is being dedicated and is which this is nominally a crossover for. Feel free to join it and ask for a user by the name of BP, who loves the existence of this, I swear.

love the story and look forward to keeping up with its updates

At least now they know he wasn't always like that


At least he's not a pushover to the princesses. His abilities are able to keep him on par or exceed the princesses as well, it's just a breath of fresh air within itself.

Well at least he managed to get across to Luna his original true form. Nice story title pun as well.

General Kenobi! You are a bold one.

love the pics keep'em

Pretty good story so far! I look forward to more :)

I can't fathom what this is crossing over with, but it's a good story nonetheless. :twilightsmile:

Thanks L-P for another great chapter. I just started reading this story yesterday and really love it. The premis is interesting and origonal, although I'm not a fan of the aliens in this story, and the dialog and plot thus far are well written. I also like and appreciate the pictures you've taken the time to put in the story to give us readers a better visual for our minds eye to make when visualizing the story. Thanks again for the hard work and time you've put into this story thus far and I wish you the best of luck writing your next chapter. Cheers!

Feels very rushed but overaul good. Will see where you go with this.

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