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Stories to write, check. Ideas to make them work: well we'll get there

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Yes! The cybeast never get enough love. Do them proud.

6514226 Well I hope I am able to make them like so, PS Gregar best cybeast

6514227 no arguments here. After all I didn't see a super beast out version of Falzar!

6514233 Well if you had a look at the manga, the closest thing to is when Bass, absorbed some of Falzar's powers and is able to beast out as well

Oh my God. Battle Network 6 was my favorite in the series. It was painful to fight some of the bosses, but it was so satisfying once I beat them. Beasted out Megaman was by far the hardest fight of my childhood. I can't wait to see where you take this.

6514239 oh no I read the manga. But it was nowhere near as good as super beast out (as shown when 5 seconds into his fight Bass gets beat like a drum)

An editor, you say? I can take you up on that offer.

6514258 I am le derp then, my bad. Been a while since i read the manga that I had to re read it to get your meaning

I like it. Wanna crossover sometime once his token is out?

6515978 Alright. Let me know when. I'm now working on something new so it might take some time

6516250 Thats fine,ill PM you when I am ready for a crossover

then break the out of the prison

forgot a word

but I must warn you know the tale of how I met him is a rather dark one.

change "know" to "now" or change "warn" to "let"

coming back to fast I fear it might

too fast

so I am going to have you put to sleep for a month so you adjust and blindly attack anything you see in a rage.

seems like you forgot some words, "so you can adjust and don't blindly attack everything"

Over all enjoyed it so I'll continue to let you know when I find something that seems odd or when a word seems to be missing.

as a great man once said, :flutterrage:MOOOOOOAAR!

6523598 thank you for noticing, I easily type slower than how my brains works.

6523770 CALM DOWN MATE, there will be time for more. All I can give is next chapter is going to be big.

This seems interesting, but you need to slow things down a bit. Goes from wake up, to timberwolves, to Canterlot invasion to killing changelings in what feels like maybe an hour. Speed is all well and good, but letting character traits develop normally is what makes a story good. This isn't a race to the finish, it's a story. Describe stuff, like what form of Gregar is he? Is he the purely virtual one, the projected one, or some hybrid version? List off the different features of each battle chip as they become relevant, because otherwise he is just running around with Megaman gear for both arms, and their is already a dedicated Megaman X series Displaced.

6550964 Well that is why the next chapter will better explain things, though yes i can see that it is rushed which is why I am going to slow it down starting next chapter

So powers or ability to kill or at least cripple a immortal netnavi with beast on. mmmmmm dark chips screws with all except Forte(Bass) and denizens of the dark(well those that have fully been corrupted. Though I might be wrong). Duo is still consider a jerk to god level (He can split darkness out of people and force you to fight it as a trial). Though Falzer is suppose to be Gregar's opposing force. There is also the classic poison field strategy unless he has airshoes or float shoes. So the navicustomize counts as his abilities? What limits of battlechips unless he can use every megaman battle network 6 ones? He still have the cross changes abilities such as the flame thrower, electric attack, cross slash(favorite one), roar strike, and poison tail missile. Last question, is this Gregar a mix of the manga, game, and anime. Well I would accept spoilers as an answer for most except for the battle chip limitations.

I will admit it improved, so I hope you keep up the good job buddy.

6702262 you are correct on the spoiler part, and the battlechip limitation is well also spoilerish because that will get explained later in the story

Celestia shur has a fiery temper.
I done dared.

Will Falzar be appearing in this story?

7015779 Yes Falzar will, but not for a while

So Celestia wants in on the relationship? I'm fine with that. Why not Luna as well?

Nice to see the story updated. I hope your motivation stays and you keep writing! If not, that's alright, it should come back eventually.

7216632 Well it was more personal reason that Luna isn't getting into the relationship. Don't get me wrong I like Luna and all, but how I have this story planned out Luna won't be in this relationship.

Yay I love this chapter and if nightmare have child what I it be will it be a pony of a human or hybrid

Not sure why but I'm expecting an appearance by Bass or Zero. Also will Falzar ever come into this?

7280470 in a previous comment I answered yes Falzar will make an appearance, but not for a while. While for the others can't say anything.

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1. I don't remember metal soul giving megaman all of metal man's attack in the game.
2. Does this mean tomahawk soul Luna can summon the totem pole and eagle?

7360589 To answer the first one, I am mixing it up for the double soul abilities so some of them will have the navi's abilities others will not. And for two, Luna will eventually be able to.

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Well at least Meddy didn't line the walls in Geddon 3. And damn Spike, overkill much?

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