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I am intrigued, so I'll be having a look. Also it's spelled Arisen. You kind of goofed up in the title a bit.

But I spelled Arisen right. Right?

Actually in the title you spelled it Arisin, but spelled it Arisen, the correct way in the description.

Oh I thought you ment the chapter title XD Thanks for pointing that out

You're welcome, though it would have been more helpful if I'd been a little more specific. It's was just a silly little gaffe anyway.

Okay I've noticed a few thing in the chapter that need fixing too.



, that would be which. Second


, Apple Bloom is two words, and you forgot the ' in Twilight's. Also I saw a missing space somewhere, but I forgot where exactly.

There are very few errors here. Nice job.

Dude... This is f***ing awesome. I love dragon's dogma. I'm playing it right now for the Xbox one. I'm about to start the griffon hunt. On the 360 I beat the main story line 6-7 times to get to lv100 and beat bitterblack isle once. Took me almost an hour and a half to beat the first Damian with the assassin class. Don't know if that's his name but whatever. Love this story so far. Keep it up. thumbs.gfycat.com/ParchedAbandonedGodwit-size_restricted.gif i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/590/222/76a.gif

Same here. Glad you love the story

This will be epic!!

Dragon's Dogma is an incredible game!!!

OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD! I literally just bought Dark Arisen today! Holy Crap!

Interesting but in the story description isn't it called Seneschal not Sovereign or is that just your preference?


Accidental z there.

A Mystic Knight then? That's a powerful class choice, difficult to manage but powerful.

Personally I prefer the Magik archer

That's another good one. It's still complicated mind you, but the assassin is the most so. Me I run with either a ranger (man do I love the longbow), or a sorcerer. But it's literally hard to beat a well played magick archer.

Is the dragon still Arisen or not? If it’s the former bring in the pawn Legion. If not then bring in her pawn as a true existence .

The Dragon is still the Arisen, but her ability to summon pawns is no longer available to her.

It would be op to have “army on demand!” Wouldn’t it?

Pretty much yeah. Not a huge fan of stories with OP characters unless they're doing it as a means of a joke XD

In other words: if it’s discord ok if not no.

More like if it decent then it's okay. If it's Mary sue or Gary sue, then nope.

I love it!!!!!:pinkiehappy: cant wait for the next one.

Holy Grigori, never thought I'd see a crossover with this game. One of my favorite RPG's.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll be reasonable.”

why am feeling she not going to be reasonable:ajbemused:

“Twilight! I am deeply offended. Do you honestly think I would spy on somepony like that? I mean really? Have you no faith in your friend Rainbow Dash?”

“I do and I also know that you have a bad habit of automatically presuming that somepony is the bad pony without knowing the full story.” The princess reminded her as she folded her arms. “Need I remind you about the incident with Zecora?”

Hmmm... That sounds familiar.

I know right? As soon as I laid my eyes on the title I was like, "Yes finally Dragon's Dogma crossover!"

Is Macareina really Big Mac's rule 63 name? Man that is just a really goofy name in my opinion.

I will never understand gender bending, but it’s not my book. Still a good chapter, please author may I have some more?

I don't mind gender bending, most of the names are good but why not name Mac something less goofy like Mackenzie? Maybe the early fandom just wasn't as creative as it is today.

Man, their reaction if she pops a Grand Bolide or Seism.


I just about spit my tea all over my monitor when I read this. It's thaw by the way. :rainbowlaugh:

Okay this is bothering me as someone who adores Dragon's Dogma, Arisen wouldn't speak like the Equestrians around her, she would speak like season one Luna, that's how the people of Gransys talk. They talk like people in a Shakespere play because Capcom wanted the setting and dialogue to match. Why did you not make that consistent in this fic?

Cause I'm not a fan of it. Don't get me wrong I still love the game. But I just don't like to write like that. Now if you want to make a dragon's dogma fic like that be my guess, but for me this is how I write it and I'm comfortable with it.

I apologize for coming off as hostile. I just have a disconnect between my knowledge of the game and Arisen of your fic that constantly crashes the immersion. If Arisen had a Gransys style speaking tic (call me Arisen, if it please you) or a single line of thought about why she's speaking the way she is now would help me connect that disconnect (hehe), then I can say with confidence that Discord did it and any Spiders and Magic style memory peek would also be able to get away with it. I would go with the latter option though because we're in too deep to start adding a character quirk now.

I understand that writing in Gransys style is arduous, I just wish that there was an acknowledgement of it in the fic.

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