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  • TCrossing Swords
    At the whims of a strange, extradimensional being, Xathrid and Nan must defend the universal constant from attacks leveled by every villain in MLP:FIM. Can they succeed? Does this sound convoluted? Read and find out!
    Jest · 11k words  ·  88  6 · 1.1k views
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Yes, this story is inspired by light novels. It will also update daily for about 5 days or so.

Comment posted by Derpmeister deleted Dec 12th, 2021

Its rare for a light novel writing style/plot to be crossed with mlp, so i look forward to its future updates

*spooky tree noises*
"What was that?"
*More spooky tree noises*
"Somepony must be trapped, I'll get help!"
*Spoody tree noises sounding susppiciously like "of course i get reimcarnated as a f"""""" tree"*

Actually, in this context, it's technically correct. To 'one v one' someone is slang that can be used this way.

You're right, it does read a bit weirdly though.

That's the point. It's internet slang.

Shield Hero referance? He fights trough others...

Meh... I have make a Displaced Story for free :derpytongue2:
Grammar proofing over 15k words is a true pain in the ass :raritydespair:

Fluttershy absolutely seething rn with jealousy.

that list of spells reminded me of Ainz vs Shaltear

Good. Because it was ripped straight from that scene XD

Oh, lookIng forward to seeing where this goes!

I haven't read the story yet but I thank you author for posting this work of art simply cause it alowed me to find another story I've been looking for that I lost a year ago. So thank you and I look forward to watching this story grow.

Lol no worries. What did ya lose anyway?

Damn, every good story is by you, leave some for the other guys.

Xathrid, The Blackblooded.

:pinkiegasp: my name😂😂😂😂

It's actually one of yours I never got to finish witch was the first law of magic. I realy liked it when I first read it.

as he ended up as a tree. One with necromantic powers, but a tree nonetheless.

you should give him a familiar. A a sapient jar of prunes.

"I was butt naked......and buff........and had white hair on my no-no region......." -Delta-Boio

Well shit. You'll be glad to know it's nearly 600 thousand words long at this point.

That's great to hear I've got two story's to benge now heck yea

And hey, I've got a starcraft fic, a fallout fic, both with hefty word counts and frequent updates. Check out my back log if you ever get bored. Chances are I got something in there you might enjoy.

I mean it's no sexy time loop story... Unless...

You gonna have a chapter with Bees?

seems worth checking out, i have added to the list of stories being stalked by me

If this tree is Xathrid, The Blackblooded and can use necromancy, then due to where trees are usually found, this story will be quite interesting as well as entertaining.

I can't even fathom to imagine how many, many things die in both forests and bayous.

From simple insects that can be used as spies and scouts, making it nigh impossible for anything to pass through without being seen or spotted by them.

Whatever animal remains like that of a Manticore or a Hydra can be used as heavy hitting units that tear apart any obstacle apart, be it living or not.

Two chapters in and barky's got a meat puppet. Things are looking up!

Ah, your first thrall. Always a wondrous experience.

Quite a few plants are Omnicellular? Theyre like Wolverine, can regrow the full body frm a single cell, thats why all bananas are the one banana.. Clones. Well, the particular yellow veriaty on the shelves.

Needs to relocate to Ponivilles compost heaps, or Canterlots outfall?

All those fungus electrcal signaling and mineral transport mycelium networks between plant roots, or bindweed twisting its tendrils for capture and support, turgidity and other mechanisms for following the sun. Chemical signaling against damage, Toxins.

Plants are nasty.

Apples are the same family as Roses, Rosecaria?:unsuresweetie:

So will he be able to absorb the traits of other plants when he absorbs their life essence? Being able to zap ponies without killing them would be a useful power if he can get a hold of a zap apple. Poison joke would be useful too.

This was quite well written. You have my interest

Interesting concept. Going to put this in Read Later to see where you go with this.

The worst part about being a tree is that your bark is worse than your bite.

-Begin Comment-

If I had a nickel for every story with a Tree main character I've read, I would have two nickels, while not being a lot it's weird that it happened twice.

-End Comment-

I'm curious what the other story is.

Heres one. I can recall a few more but I cant remember the titles at the moment.

Yeah, that's a gooder as well.

Can't wait to see the story grow and become a rise to greatness, definitely going in my favorites

-Begin Comment-

It's on a different website, I'm still reading it at this moment, It's called Tree Of Aeons, not really fanfiction though.

-End Comment-

Why do I find such good stories in their infancy? Why can I not find a good story old enough to be complete or decently long? TAke my money you monster!:raritycry:

Joking aside this was incredibly enjoyable. I can't help but notice that this happens to have similarities to Overlord. A least the spells did.

yup that was a pretty direct homage, bordering on rip off. If you slow down the clip you'll actually find that their identical.

I've also written a few stories that are nearly a half million words long, so if ya want more, there is more.

Ooooh. Very interesting. Do keep in mind that just like undead, trees are vulnerable to fireballs.

Wait, what?! When did First Law of Magic reach 500k+! I've read all but the last six chapters. How could I have not noticed? Infestation has also been in my notice, but it's yet to entice me to read yet... Mayhaps I'll go binge that, along with finishing First Law and Born in light someday...

Well, every update is about 10k words so I'll let you do the math here. Alternatively, if you want some fallout crossover action then I've been enjoying writing Queen Of The Wasteland. I'd urge you to read Infestation though, its probably currently the story I enjoy writing most.

Trees doubly so.

If you are intrigued by the premise, Lupine Tree has a similar one about awakening as a tree that feasts on life essence and going from there. Has some pretty decent world building and a neat in universe explanation for what actually happened which I'm always fond of. Unfortunately the author left the site years ago and I don't think he's coming back.

Lupine Tree and Evergreen Heart were some of the first stories I've read on fimfiction. For Queen of the Wasteland, First Law of Magic, and Born in Light, I have between 8-14 unread chapters on them each. Still waiting for it to grow so I can binge in the future.

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