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I'm here to have a cup of tea while reading about ponies. Sometimes, I may even write something.


A suit of armour wakes up in the woods from a very long nap and has some issues. These involve some less than stable quadrupeds called ponies and one very specific one which we shall refer to as Luna.

Cover art from: https://www.artstation.com/andrewdoma

Featured basically whenever there's an update. Not sure as to why.

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Promising, I'll follow for a while.

The Monk
"Thirty minutes, Celestia. I was gone for thirty minutes," he said to her in an annoyed tone. "And in that time, Canterlot has been overrun with insect-like creatures, the groom is hypnotized and unable to perform his job, and you are being flung across your own throne room by...whatever that is. In thirty minutes." -Onomonopia

Didn’t even stumble once, “ah dammit” or twice “stupid invisi legs” or even 3 times “hello again floor” no siry.
This made a chuckle and think about random gravity checks.

Glad you liked it so far :)

I wasn't sure if that part made sense or not.

nice. just need some grammar.

It did
Their balance is perfect not once did they trip or fall, stumble or bash a shin. Nope, perfect grace.

Hopefully I can improve that for the next chapter.

Ye I see what you mean.

Better than too much Bob. Bob walked to Bobs car. Bob sat down and used Bobs keys.

One writer that I commented on used his main characters name something like, just under 3,000 times in one chapter.

I joked that he must really want us to remember the characters name.

“Not telling you too much about humanity's special power, but I can give you a big hint! It is pure, concentrated spite.” -Knight Breeze

Not a bad first contact, although I wouldn't have stood still for a charging buck.

Now I wonder if he will press charges for the unprovoked assault. Usually during first contact in these stories, the poor bugger gets violently attacked for no god reason, and he never files assault charges. Personally, that would be the first thing I would do. 😋

“What else to do? How did people survive boredom in olden times? ... Oh yeah, lots of stabbing." -RushyFiction

I'm just hoping this won't be one of those stories were the oc is Mercilessly hunted other then that it's been good so far

This is pretty good so far

“erm its fine I’m just a horse like you guys” I tried to say but that seemed to fall upon deaf ears. “I’m sorry I’m not dangerous, can I try again?”

He says, convincing everyone.
Seriously though, poor dude was just trying to make some friends. Why do ponies have to be so rude?

He doesn't really know what's going on most of the time

He's gonna have some fun.

I always think most average ponies are scared of anything unknown.

Did they just vore luna?

It's just a suit of armour :)

Anything to be equal to her sister.

Was funny
She did a dumb :3

I do hope Luna wakes up but props to the Armor for being good at diplomacy.

Everyone likes a nap now and then.

The number of hijinks...

I active this idea for a story... I would love to see what you do... do you have a set update schedule?

I was aiming for a chapter a week. We'll see how long i can keep up. :)

Well, im hoping for many a chapters!

Now this is getting good.

Cant see where this is going next.

“I mean, you just seem to walk in random directions most of the time. How do you ever get to where you're going?" "Oh, that's easy," said Candy with a smile, ”I just make the place I end up, the place I wanted to be all along." There was an extended moment of silence. ”That... that's absolutely brilliant," -Trick Question

That sounded like a lovely meal.

Candy knows whats up.

Bacons just the best.

Hmmmm not sure how I feel about his ability to take over people and hope this is more of a one time thing. Other then that it seems like this’ll be an interesting read.

We'll see where the road takes us.

Well done. Its hard to make a character do silly things without making the character look dumb. I found myself focusing on the humor of the situation.and never got pulled out of the story until the end.

Very, very well done.

“She was very good at assuming the worst, he always did that but she made him look like an amateur at it." -Arelak

Making bad decisions and dealing with the consequences is the pony way.

Draining Discord's magic? Well that's certainly going to end well.

“Ok have it your way Dave the conqueror,” I said with a flourish of my wings.

You really did that didn't you... my childhood hurts...

Well then, discord breaks free because of our armour friend getting some sip


Nothing wrong with a light snack now an then eh?

XD until the snack bites back

"i know nothing about dresses" well, you know more than I, evidently haha. A good chapter!

Maybe google does :)

The first three didn't even know he was not a pony before cussing him?

It's not AU enough, but everyone except for Sunbutt and RD is out of character and throwing themselves into conflict for the sake of conflict.

And no, premises like 'pons be scared of everything unfamiliar' or 'what it would be like on the other end of a bad guy / MC encounter' will never explain a lack of common sense.

In the next chapter, OC should nail a sign to his forehead that reads "I'm sorry!", but I'll never know if he does.
fimfiction.net - where interesting concepts come to die.

I'll leave this link here tho. Who knows it might help someone.

You're not wrong, I wasn't too sure how to start off to be honest.

Eesh. That was quite acidic, wasn't it? I guess what I meant to say was: A little preparation goes a long way.

Yeah, I just wanted to get the story going. At some point I'm probably going to do a rewrite of the first 3 chapters. They're probably the weakest so far.

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