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When will the next chapter come out?

Pretty cool. Hope to see more.

There is much potential, though we would have thought he'd kept his body within his 'new' one. As a way of protecting his old self, though that could also backfire in providing a morbid nutrient source.

Is this a Swamp Thing inspired kinda deal? Because that's certainly an interesting idea right there. I like this so far, I have to say. Needs maybe a bit more proofreading right now, though. It wasn't too bad in general, but you have a bit of a habit of messing up the capitalization of proper nouns. Beyond that, there's not really much to complain about.

I really like that twist on HiE, creates a lot of potential. I'm looking forward to the next chapter :twilightsmile:

One could say he got morning wood.

This strikes me with a huge hit of deja-vu. I had a Druid in DND who came back as a tree folk after being bludgeoned by a flaming maces and ripped apart my several sets of claws. I will follow this one with interest.:moustache:

Zecora could likely be the one to find him first, if she is there in the forest. Though she likely has been for awhile since she's been to ponyville before.

6811956 unfortunately this man, has no dick.

this has the opportunity to be among the greatest stories on this site it you do one thing the greats rarely have....a completed story.:pinkiehappy:

6814884 I hope i can live up to your expectations :unsuresweetie: :pinkiesmile:

So, uh..... how big is he exactly? If he can give her a proper hoof-bump he can't be as big as the cover photo implies.... or am I missing something?

Either way, awesome chapter =P

6815135 Well, in chapter 2 he said he's about 7 1/2 feet tall so I would say...think of him as a cross between Swamp Thing and The Hulk.

.... Imma call him Alfred Demonreach Everfree

why is it always timber wolfs with those three!? >=/

I think his size can change, like he can "bulk up" by absorbing random bits of wood or plants and then release it from his body to make himself shrink . . . so yeah like the Hulk, but with plants instead of anger.

Really good story so far looking forward to more :pinkiehappy:

6815212 you got the right idea. he can pretty much alter his size and shape at will.

6815175 you also have to keep in mind he can control his mass to an extent, so while he is 7.5ft tall he is able to change bulk. So at this point he is lanky when inside Zecoras hut.

The cover art resembles a wooden X-01 suit, is that a coincidence?

6815278 yeah thats purely a coincidence. i mean i could have used this as cover art instead s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/30/b3/12/30b3128a1d662e2bbd4b7e7abf4dedb4.jpg

is it wrong that i just want to call him groot?

Very interesting. I can't wait to see if the Mane 6 meet Aeron/ Mr. Ent (as I call him in my head because I am a hard core Tolkien NERD) at the same time as Zecora. I can just see him coming to visit Zecora only to find the 'cursed' ponies in her hut.

His core is interesting, but I do have some suggestions for how it can evolve over time: Taproot and Briar Heart from Skyrim make great visual aids.

6815381 heh, trust me i had to resist the urge a few times. :pinkiecrazy:

6815394 interesting visual suggestions, ill have to keep that in mind for the future :twilightsmile:

“I do not, but to be fair, I like how it gives me a mysterious air.” she said with a chuckle.


Hmm, perhaps he should search the forest for the toughest trees to use as a shield for the core, as some types of tree species have more durable characteristics than others.

You know, Areon could take the opportunity of finding the "hoof ball" the crusader had lost.

And what do you think about Areon exploring The forest.
Ever-free? I would like to see you considering the Ever-free a giant forest and making Areon exploring it for fun: seeing strange plant and animals with many greek mythological creatures (dragons, chimeras, etc), exploring the weird magic and quirks of the forest, old ruins and maybe for last The Tree of Harmony Itself.

An adventure inside The forest , certainly and interesting subject.

I like the potential of your story, hoping it will not be only the good old "a meeting of a weird creature and ponies", It will be very entertaining.

If you need some inspiration you can look this Fiction This is for the mythology http://www.fimfiction.net/story/144321/painted-mirror

Bye! :pinkiehappy:

Really liking this fic :pinkiehappy: cant wait to read the next chapter keep up the awesome work

6815205 - Because they are dumbasses that can't think for their lives and only bring trouble.

Please sir, can we have another chapter? :pinkiesad2:

Wouldn't really say it's a HiE with a twist as it feels kinda like a variant of the Displaced trope (HiE having comic book powers with this one feeling like DC's Swamp Thing), but it is still unique enough to say, "good on'ya!" for.
I'd say 5/10 for "With a twist"y-ness. WHich beats the average originality of HiE by three whole points.

Huh. Almost didn't even notice this pop up in the box. Well, congrats on the feature.

6812303 I was a rouge who acquired too many chaotic stupid points in the process of one interrogation. I lost my head. and than my next PC, a mute ranger, nailed the guy, with a nail... long story.

Is he like the tree guy (forget his name) the treeminders watch in fallout 3. is that what he would be reduced to if he "died"?

Hope you don't abandon this story. Would be a shame to see that happen. So many good stories left unfinished

Please continue this story. Is really interesting take. (First comment isn't showing for me) :twilightsheepish:

Aprion, I see that you too have written a story with plant-person protagonist. Well, I hereby challenge you to see who can write the better story! This, or my Lupine Tree.

If you accept my challenge, we shall let our readers decide who has the better story! I know for a fact that some, like 6816751, have read both of ours.

:rainbowlaugh: Well, I'll be glad to play the impartial treedude judge. Personally, I think it's gonna be like comparing apples and oranges, though. Just way different styles.

I love it! I hope moar is coming.

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