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Inspired By Tatsurou. · 4:12pm Dec 27th, 2018

okay, I hope this gets more attention than my other blogs because I got a really good idea that I don't trust myself to pull off since I can't be arsed dealing with all the lore but get this:

Dishonored... with Corvo watching over Fluttershy.

I just imagine the butter yellow pegasus adorably befriending all the rats and bloodflies and whatnot and I laugh.

so what do you think? leaving this idea out there for whoever wants to use it.

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D&D DWARF!!!!!! · 11:35pm Dec 3rd, 2018

dear readers.

I am sorry to say I still find trouble to create more of the story you love, though I do bring news. I want to create a Module based on Mylinia, and the creatures inhabiting it, from the lore to the very laws of the world. the problem is I don't have many resources to create detailed artistic designs, maps, environments or even RPG stats that would fit.

so I need help.

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Calling All Displaced! · 4:17pm Nov 12th, 2018

okay, I need some filler chapters and I can't think of anything, anyone up for doing some crossover?


Raycord. · 10:42am Mar 6th, 2018

attention Discord Enthusiasts and lovers of Chaos! I bring to you news of a fantabulous game of unpredictable proportions.


they've gone through some ups and downs recently but do have a stable demo of their first gameplay demonstration, but now something has arisen.

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New Displaced Concepts. · 12:14am Jan 13th, 2018

Hello beloved readers!

as you may have noticed, I've come to be noticed as more of the risk-taking kind of displaced writers.

I work on weaving tales that many writers would be too nervous of doing, and the ones that are brave enough to are few and far between.

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upsetting turn of events (and the urge to stand again.) · 11:51am Dec 6th, 2017

hey followers and other potential readers, I have an announcement that's personal.

I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, I F:yay:ING LOVE GIANT ROBOTS!

so much that it makes me so happy to know this:

the companies known as Megabots and Sudobashi Heavy Industries, engaged in real life Giant Robot Combat.
afterwards Megabots suggested an entire sports league of such an amazing activity.
there were so many people who challenged them and their robot after the fight.

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hey guys I need some help. · 10:23pm Oct 28th, 2017

my friend is trying to make a story but he's scared because the last time he did it he got rejected, how do I help him get over this fear so he can actually publish it?

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Cover it! · 1:23pm May 13th, 2017

alright, I know I should actually just commission somebody for it but I want some cover art for my first fic and I'm a shitty artist, if anyone can make me any cover art I will use it and owe you one favour on this site, including letting you make a suggestion for my next story, throwing in ideas for your own story arc, bringing in an OC, etc.

suggestions for cover art:
Orgran working on some device.
Orgran fighting an everfree monster.
Dwarven weaponry.

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