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Welcome to main page readers! my name is Floral Essence (aka NinjaMare), and here you will find mostly HiE fics, among other kinds of fics. hopefully you all enjoy what I have to offer.

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Yet another case of bad male writing. "I'm stuck in a new world in a body i don't recognize, first things first, gotta check if my cock still works". Hardly the first, second, or even fifth thing that should be going through anybodys head. Maybe a few days in once you've realized you'll be here for a while, but not five minutes after panicking.

Ok I'm interested in seeing where this goes

I would say it would be in a moment of calm depending on the person but putting a time on it would be weird and I can remember times when I did knock my self out in the forrest and had to make sure everything was ok when I came to


Please though: It would make me a happy camper because of it. X3

that was my initial thinking. but after reading the comment, and going over the chapter....i'm not really sure why i put the cock thing in at the initial freak out moment. i guess i thought it was supposed to be comical, but after a quick re-read, i decided to just change it.

OOOOHHHHHHH!!! trust me, Zack Twilight (which is what i'm going to call the 2nd Twilight) is going to have a lot of questions on how this worlds ruling system worked, and point out things that he thinks is just ridiculous.

Knocking yourself out in a forest is one thing. Waking up in a completely unfamiliar body, in a completely unfamiliar location, with powers beyond your understanding, you first instinct shouldn't be "Oh god can I still reproduce the way I'm used to reproducing?!". Like I said, at LEAST a day or two for it to sink in that what you're seeing is real before you go experimenting with your new body. Mainly because pleasure isn't the most important thing in a survival situation. Do my arms work? Do my legs work? How do I get out of here?

Plenty of more important things to be thinking about. A person who immediately asks "Where's my dick" before at least semi sorting out those other questions is an absolute illogical idiot.

His first thought after calming down wasn't "Which way is north" or "How do I walk", it's "Okay, lewd thoughts so my cock comes out"

For sure, and besides.... Twilight is already happy with her life as it is now. She doesn't need to rule over an entire nation. :/

After all though: I still continue to be one of the major players in not liking Season 9's arc. X3

fair enough it could fit after a rest or if attention is brought to it maby but its up to you

The title of the story reminds me of

EThe Donutier
My name is Twilight Sprinkle, and I'm not who you think I am. I don’t have friends, I don’t have books, and I sure as the sun don’t have any wings.
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i'm glad you're finding this fic interesting, i hope all my future chapters continue to please you.

I really, reeeeaaaalllly, hope this guy doesn't try to pretend to be Twilight.

Zack won't pretend to be Twilight, but he will act like her IF only to get something he needs or want,.....and i might spoil this, but the ponies will be pretty ease to, dupe. as in the show they have terrible at spotting lies and telling lies, so Zack uses his quick quit to use that to his advantage for some tasks.

The mare said before quickly thinking of something sexual, mostly some generic stuff from websites she'd visit on occasion. As she thought of some rather sexual images and videos, the mare felt something down below, and when she looked down between her legs she saw her erect cock. But it was, odd. It looked like the normal piece of equipment she had, but it was a dark shade of purple, and it was pretty much half the length of her body, or barrel actually. Making it a full foot and a few inches, she bet that if she would bent her body, and outstretched her now longer neck, she could give herself a pretty good blowjob.

Why? Just why?

now that i think about, after going over it a few more times......i honestly don't know why its in as well.

One thing that stood out for me was he knew the term "alicorn" but does not seem familiar with the TV show... though as his method of crossing in to this world seems to have something to do with a TV set exploding, FIM may have been a show available in his old world, but he wasn't a fan of.
Still Alicorn is not a classic word than non FIM fans world normally know, it was invented whole cloth only ten years ago(piers Anthony used a similure term for one of his xanth creatures in 1985, which maybe the original source), the show writers at first used internally words like "pegicorn" it "flying unicorn" It wasn't until Trixie's return with the "Alicorn amulet" was it used in the show and even then they waited until Rarity used the term when Twilight got her wings to confirm it was the race name of winged unicorns.

I would be interested if Oxford English Dictionary now lists Alicorn as an official word.
Still wonder how he knew it.

good on you zack lying to moon butt is a bad idea also more likely to get help

So is Equestria Girls a thing in this universe or not?

So he went ahead and dispensed with any ideas of hising what happened? Good for him then. Although given he himself never had magic before and Twilight has a great deal, the initial assumption is that Twilight did this somehow.

So is it because of what he is that magic is so easy or is it due to human knowledge of the world that makes it easy? Good story so far

I'm wondering why Sun/Moonbutt didn't think he was a changling.

no. i don't count the Equestria Girls spin of series canon to the main TV show timeline because Sunset, the mirror or the human world NEVER gets mentioned.

yes....in a way. i don't want to spoil it. but Zack is one of those people that learns to pick things up pretty quickly, and once he has a grasp on the concept, he can figure out how to use it rather easily.

PS: Zack is based off one of my friends (of course the name in the story is not his real name), and it kind of annoying how fast my friend can learn something and be just as good as the other person without even trying.

think about it. why would a changeling just act like nothing is out of the ordinary, when he/she gets caught in his/her disguise? alos, Zack is still somewhat in the back of his mind this WHOLE situation is not real, so he's treating it as if its a dream. like the Alice in Wonderland kind of situation.

nope. OG Twilight has nothing to do with Zack's situation.

I don't know yet. It's just a okay then.

fair enough. hopefully if stick around and read follow up chapters, i do better to entertain.

Nope just the sirens and Sunset gets shown in the final song in the epilogue episode behind Twilight lol. But I understand some accept it some don’t it just the difference between her asking a lot of questions to her being “oh humans? Like the ones on the other side of the mirror?”

Comment posted by Loganic deleted Jul 22nd, 2020

*Reads title of the fanfic*
Yes you are, Twi.

I really don't get people who still use their names after getting to Equestria, especially after transforming into a goddam female.

would you like to throw away your name i know if i woke up in a new world in a new body and i lost everything i definitely want to keep it for the time especially if you think you are going back

If I was in another world the first thing I would do would be to try to get information, blend in, try to find a map, and learn of their culture, they don't need to know my real name.

I would surely not abandon my name, I would just create a disguise and use another one, the more ordinary I seem to them the more forgettable I would become.

Your name is a core part of your identity. After loosing your race, gender, family, position, and everything else about your old life on Earth, it is perfectly understandable that one would cling to what little they have left.

Well in the story Zack is not trying to blend in, he's just trying to get home (plus the ponies of the show are not exactly rocket scientest, so their ease to fool or just out right trick with no effort). so he's being perfectly direct with that. as for why i sticked with his actual name, no real reason, i just decided to stick with it. plus, at the beginning he doesn't know how ponies name themselves, and through the stories he will question why ponies are named after objects, themes, and other stuff instead of an actual name.

Well, some people really like Earth I guess, because if I was in a land filled with magic I would not try to go back, but hey not everyone is like me, they probably want to go back to their families (Because I refuse to think there's any other reason for they to try to go back besides their loved ones).

that's why i don't like HiE fics where the human character just tosses their old life away.....like DUDE! that's x-amount of years of your life you just tossed. also another pet-peeve of mine for HiE fics, is that everything that the human learned, studied and trained to do, can't be used in Equestria cause the ponies don't have the culture, technology, or anything else that the human spent their life trying to work to....and yet they just seem to brush it off like its no big deal.

if im reading what your writing correctly zack while rude did so because he isnt exactly stable at the moment and with them going to him with the purpose of telling him off i dont see how that wont at least set him into yelling and at worse lashing out

one of the main points i'll try to get across on more chapters is that, while Zack likes the ability to fly and use magic........this isn't the world he was BORN in, a place that he's not to be in.

he feels, out of place, out of his comfort zone. and as he gets dragged into the Mane 6's crazy adventures, he just continues to feel like he can't fully deal with this world. so that's why he want's to go back to earth. not just because to ensure his friends and family that he is alive, and won't have to live thinking his family and friends are mourning his 'death', but because he has an established life that he's been working towards on Earth. and that he knows what to expect from Earth, instead of a world where crazy magical bullshit can just, spring up at the drop of a hat.

Human names would mean nothing to the ponies. I don't see where the physical shift in gender would matter in that respect, if you accept that you're still you underneath it all.

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