Lets Deal

by Trithtale

How Long Has It Been?

“Now my student, I want you to be careful when talking to him. He hasn’t had the best opinion of me, since ever.” I heard being said as my cell was flooded with light from the door being opened and in walked the one who sentenced me here and a little filly who I am guessing is her student.

“Where is he Princess? All I can see is a hanging skeleton.” The filly asked.

“Why doesn’t he introduce himself? We're waiting Dealer, go on introduce yourself.” I was told to do, but she never told me how to do it.

“Little filly would you like to play a game?” I ask as I let my card deck slide free from my right sleeve into my hoof.

“What kind of game?” She asked

“Why a card game, what else would I have to play for the last 999 years?” I ask and after a few moments she agrees to play a game and without asking Celestia’s permission conjures a table and releases me from my chains.

“Alright little miss I want you to choose three cards. You to Celestia, choose three just like your sister did.” I said to both the filly and Celestia and I could feel the glare that she leveled at me without even looking at her as I watched the filly chose three and she picked three in her magic.

“Alright lay them on the table face up. Alright now you little filly have chose Magic, Friendship, and Destiny. These cards represent that you are fated to have great magical power, this power will be wielded with friends, for it is all a part of Destiny’s plan. And you Celestia have drawn the Moon, the Nightmare, and the Sistership cards. These cards show that your sister will return one day from the Moon, still corrupted, but will within days be purified and your sister will be returned to you. Now any questions, little filly?” I ask the filly.

“Yes, I was wondering how you got here? Could you tell us?” The filly asks.

“I am sorry little one, but it seems that even after all this time Celestia here still doesn’t want her little ponies to be around me for very long.” I said to her, still feeling that hateful gaze focused towards me, though slightly lessened at the news that her sister being returned. And after I said this the filly and Celestia left, but not before giving me one last glare and putting the chains back on me and putting my cards in my inside coat pocket to where I couldn’t reach them.