Lets Deal

by Trithtale

What Just Happened?

“Ugg, it seems after one thousand and fifteen years, boredom has finally caught up to me and there is nothing to relieve it. *Sigh* And the hunger is not helping either. I already wish that something interesting would happen. Hell I would even take Celestia coming down here to release some pent up anger, than this boredom.” I say and while it wasn’t Celestia coming down here, it was someone familiar. A pink alicorn in particular, but she was looking decidedly more evil than when I previously saw her.

“Hmm what have we here? Well, it seems that Celestia does have some dark secrets. I mean, even I wouldn’t starve someone to death and leave their body to rot till even their flesh is gone. But, I better continue on.” Was all she said before continuing on her way down the hall, and I let out a sigh of relief. And an hour later, I saw what I think is an imposter walk by my cell again towards the exit, but this time I noticed two glowing lights coming from the cell across from me. Lights that look almost the same as what passes for my eyes. And it was then that I realized what I was looking at.

“Hey! You there, in the cell. When did you get here and what’s your name?” I call out to the being in the cell across from me. The light blue eyes then blinked as the sound of a steps echoed across the otherwise empty cells. I then saw a bipedal figure wearing boots, jeans, and a heavy coat and hood set up. It was wearing a mask which lenses glowed sky blue, It then spoke and asked “Shall you return peacefully?”

“Return peacefully? Return what? Also, you are giving me the rumblies mate. So, maybe back up a bit. Unless of course you don’t need that hand?” I asked, starting to get very hungry from the smell of fresh meat.

“Robotics are hard to digest.” Said the figure from within the cell it had appeared. “And shall you return home peacefully?”

“Sorry mate, but even if I wanted to. I couldn’t, because I kinda died there. Sooo I’m gonna have to go with no.” I told the guy.

“The barrier of death is not an issue.” He speaks then walking through the cell bars stepping closer to mine. “But if you refuse my offer one more time. Then I shall release you so that you may fight with the others.”

“If I fight, can I get some, how should I say, “fresh meat?” I ask, with the hunger starting to reach painful levels.

“You’re feeding habits are not relevant to me. Do as you wish, just know that a War is coming for the likes of you Displaced that have refused this offer.” He then snaps and my chains are released as well as the cell door opening.

“Yeah, I think I’m going to go with a no on that home thing. So, the question for now is, how long it takes for me to-” Was all I got out before I bolted for the door.

The bipedal watched Dealer leave before raising a hand to its ear. “Displaced returnment failed. They have another. He then stays silent as he listens to a new command “Understood, Pursuit will commence.” He then started walking for the door and slowly faded from sight with cloaking spells and technology. And during all of this, there was someone hiding in one of the cells down the hall. This person was dressed in a GRU dress Uniform with a red beret and two revolvers holstered on his hip and back with a buzz cut. This man was known as Adam, A.K.A Ocelot.