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I'm Trithtale on Xbox and would love to play with you all. I like to play video games, watch MLP, and my favorite characters are the Changelings. I am also known to edit stories for others.


When two RWBY cosplayers are sent to Equestria as Flynt Coal and Neon Katt, they must brave this new world and protect the inhabitants. And maybe along the way they can gain some friends and just have some fun.

RWBY displaced

Flynt Coal and Neon Katt displaced

Cover picture doesn't belong to me

I'm sorry everyone, but I just can't find the drive to continue writing chapters for this story and I have given control of the story over to BronyParasite, so if you want to continue to read this go check it out over on their page.

Chapters (2)
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And as for my semblance, I call it my Killer Quartet and it allows me to make three other copies of myself so that I can triple my efficiency

I think you mean Quadruple

By the way, is this related to Monkey Business?

Comment posted by Trithtale deleted Feb 17th, 2016

6944129 Hmmm, maybe if Frost accepts my application when he sets it up. But currently it is not. Also no, I meant triple because he is only making three clones so his current efficiency is tripled. It would be quadrupled if he made four clones.

6944155 Um, but there are a total of four, quadrupled.

6944576 No, the three clones are tripling his power. I am saying that they are adding triple the power to his power.

6944693 If 3x clones makes 3x power, then by that pattern, 1x clone would make 1x power, and anything multiplied by 1 doesn't change. Really, having 3 clones would quadruple his power (1 original + 3 clones = 4 total).

That, or your wording is a bit awkward. "Adding triple the power" is cumbersome to say and is not easy to figure out quickly. It's easier to just say "quadrupled". Or maybe there's actually a reason having a total of four trumpets only triples the power instead of quadrupling it.

If the math doesn't work out, I want to know why.

I see. Hey, if you want to discuss on how to prepare for future chapters, I'm up for helping

6979239 That would be nice mate.

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