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Hello, thank you for adding Outta My Mind to your favorites! :rainbowkiss:

Much obliged for the follow, good sir. :moustache:

Thanks for commenting. English is not my familiar language and it's the main problem. I will remember about your advices. Thank you once more:pinkiehappy:. Stay occult!:pinkiecrazy:

No problem. After all, it did make me feel bad for Diamond Tiara. Even though she made Silver Spoon go along with her, subconsciously. You did a wonderful job, and I can't find anything to criticize. Yet. (Assuming anything seems odd or out of place in your story.)

Thanks for the fav

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Update Log

So, first off, let's start with the message. I recently revoked the submission for Helping Hoof, and have created Beautiful Despair, a Bleach/MLP crossover with seven main main characters,and hopefully, two main characters. There's currently one, named Hishinraiyuka. For all the fans of Helping Hoof, I'm sorry. But I really didn't feel much from that story. It had potential, but I never got around to writing it. It was also boring to me, so I switched to two topics I like: Bleach, and My Little Pony.

Bleach is something I haven't seen all of, but am getting close to, on episode 226. I really think you guys will enjoy my story if you enjoy MLP and Bleach. I want everyone to give this story a chance, and some feedback. It'd be nice to have an editor for this, since I tend to get carried away in the storyline and, frankly, when I'm in that mode, I don't give two shits about grammar. And, this time, for chapter one, I actually hit 981 words instead of any less.

So, yeah. I'm incredibly sorry to all the Helping Hoof fans out there, but it's not a story I have time for, nor will I find any way to make it better. I might bring it back and restart a good bit of it. Please forgive me for making you guys mad/sad if I did.

So, onto the stuff. Here's a little song for you guys.

And another.

Here's a little Bleach game. Basically just a clicking game, but it's addicting and pretty fun. I think you'll like this game, Bleach fans.

Now, here's another message, but not too important. I really just made this little "module" to act as a main blog, for now. It may confuse alot of you guys, but this is gonna stay this way for a while. I hope you guys don't get too confused. So, that's about it. 'Till next time.
~Gin Ichimaru~

UPDATE #1, 5/1/2013: I am following a person in which I am helping with his continuation of a story called Vasto Lorde, a Bleach/MLP crossover. Ulqiorra is his username. I'm sure he'll submit it soon. I'm currently another pair of eyes for grammar, and some unneeded things that enhance reading enjoyment. Oh, yes, chapter three for Beautiful Despair will be out very soon. It will be out before 5/10/2013 11:59 PM. Stay safe, my droplets.

~Gin Ichimaru~
UPDATE #2, 5/9/2013: So, I've decided to start another story while I think up more parts for chapter four of my unsubmitted story, and it'll be for my favourite OC of mine, Hollow Ambition. Stay tuned, guys!
~Gin Ichimaru~

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