... Pony or Doctor Who.

Both have thrown out long-developed characterization (though Doctor is much more guilty since it's 50 years of continuity vs 6) for episodic plots, and given us annoying secondary characters more important than the main ones... because they're liked by someone running the show, not because they deserve it... and the obsessed fans still pretend both series are perfection despite steadily decreasing audiences and critical dismissal.

It's to the point with both that I don't even feel like bothering talking about why the episodes don't work because it's clear the remaining fanbase and the show runners don't care about the quality of the production.  

Oh well, at least the final season of "Samurai Jack" has been wonderful.  But then again, the core writers and creators are involved with it, so they know everything about it.  The vision of completion was there from the beginning, so the path is clear.

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>>2444664 Yeah, they didn't even bother being subtle... because with these PC idiots you have to smack them upside the head or they don't get it (because they're really really REALLY stupid).  :trollestia:

#368 · 3d, 1h ago · · ·

You know, I think one knows one has arrived to a place of abject failure as a social political and economical what have you when one achieves south park episode status

Its like knowing ones truly a musician when Weird Al does a parody

#367 · 4d, 18h ago · · ·

>>2443716 What happens when scientists become political:  poison gas gets invented in WWI, nuclear bombs are made... it's better if scientists don't try to use science for propaganda.  Things tend to end badly when they do.  Not to mention, there's the temptation to skew the work to get the results you want to find.  That's just bad science.

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I bet mr wizard would have never done this to us

#365 · 6d, 1h ago · · ·

>>2430352 :derpyderp2:Really? I preferve the using of shampoo and conditioner, :pinkiehappy: especially in the shower.

Man, i do like turtles:yay:, it's my fantasy to be Fluttershy, that way I could lick the turtle. I don't why, but I like to relax those necks with a nice message :twilightsmile:

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