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Once upon a time, in a forsaken land covered in ruin, there lived a curious digital archaeologist... who kept his eyes peeled for treasures of various kinds.

Box of Variosity. Eh, I mean, Variousness:


"Free literature is a wonderful, wonderful thing!"
"Not so fast!" yelled the status quo. "Have at you, heathen!"
But as we all know, there isn't a single force on this planet that can halt the work of sheer Creativity...


Fated l33t Moment - 25/05/2013

Χαίρε - Welcome! Here lie a few words...

English is not my mother tongue. I suppose I am more suited to be a mere reader than a writer for now. Thanks to this very site I have rediscovered the beauty of literature in the English language, as well as the joy of reading. Along this site are actually scattered some real gems of literary fiction, waiting to be explored.

I have a folder saved in my hard drive, named "Masterpieces-Personal Favourites". Inside that folder I keep any of these aforementioned "gems" I find, stories that have, for any reason, touched me and/or stimulated my mind the most.

I just thought I should create something similar on this site, so I put these same stories in my Favourites here, with the best of them sorted in "Treasure Chests" below. The more good stories I find the more likely it is for the list to change order.

Patience is a virtue, dear! In any case, here's the source for you.

First Treasure Chest

  • Eternal Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle's bond is tested by miscommunication and guilt. by device heretic 159,827 words · 33,294 views · 2,828 likes · 66 dislikes
  • The Glass Blower A young artist in love will do whatever it takes to satisfy his heart. by Cold in Gardez 10,489 words · 15,382 views · 1,074 likes · 23 dislikes
  • Erase and Rewind Two ponies, equally but uniquely flawed, must decide if they have enough wits between them to cobble together a stable family. A story about trust, loss, severe neurological disorder, and ice cream. by DuncanR 11,118 words · 1,694 views · 221 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Twilight Discovers Literary Analysis Twilight reads a book about literature. It doesn't go well. by Amit 5,944 words · 10,031 views · 1,053 likes · 21 dislikes

Second Treasure Chest

Third Treasure Chest

  • Solace Pinkie Pie stands vigil. by Amit 4,116 words · 1,797 views · 138 likes · 14 dislikes
  • Old Friends She noticed the pony for the first time when she was young, not long after she'd received her cutie mark. He became her oldest friend. by RBDash47 2,323 words · 4,874 views · 649 likes · 11 dislikes
  • The Keepers of Discord Being a statue can drive you mad, yes? by Hoopy McGee 11,445 words · 43,136 views · 5,576 likes · 79 dislikes
  • Forever Young Fluttershy and Discord have far different life expectancies, but Discord will do anything to keep his one and only friend. by Hyperexponential 4,078 words · 30,922 views · 2,405 likes · 40 dislikes
  • The Things We Leave Behind A year after a tragic incident, Twilight Sparkle returns to Ponyville to visit her friends. by theswimminbrony 23,097 words · 36,740 views · 1,365 likes · 32 dislikes

Stuffed? Naw, I know you have some room for dessert. Try these!

Lost Cities
Αλεκτρονα, On Immortality & FFILWL - Taste with caution. 
Flashes On The Horizon - Quite a quirky perspective!
When The Leeve Breaks
Fugue State
Shorts & Brevity
Que Sera Sera
Twilight Sparkle Makes a Cup of Tea
The Circle of Friends

Make sure to check out as much as you can from what all these wonderful authors have written!

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Thanks a great deal for the fave on "Flashes on the Horizon"! :twilightsmile:


Heh! :twilightsmile:

Your skill is ludicrously high. I only wish you continue to write plenty literary marvels (including poetry) aside from mature stories. With your serious works you expose the reader's mind to brilliant ideas and the emotions these stories evoke leave marks that will last.

It would be a shame if you were to let the mass desire hinder your potential... Nobody else on this site can quite accomplish what you can in terms of writing.

This is just another humble opinion. :pinkiesmile:

well, it's happened
you're my 2,000th follower
congrats and stuff
inb4 someone unfollows me and makes this comment meaningless

Thanks a bunch for faving Somepony Else's Story! :twilightsmile:


Yes, I was in fact planning on reading Fugue State first, it does seem like a good starting point!

And wow, thank you for informing me first about your forthcoming poem, I feel honoured! :twilightblush: I would very much like to check it out!

Keep up the good work!:pinkiehappy:

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