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Vinyl Scratch walks into a bar. There is no punchline.

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Hey, everyone. OtterMatt here. Just for the record, I’m not coming back to FimFic. Not ever. I’m sorry to say it, but my life has moved on, as it were, and writing just isn’t a part of it anymore. That being said, I love these stories of mine very much. There’s a lot of myself that I put into them, and at least a couple people have told me that these stories meant a lot to them as well. So, for those people, and for anyone else who enjoys my work in the future, I’m charging my friend Spabble here with curating my completed stories. Thank you all for the love, the faves, and the support as I grew and learned. Keep doing what you love, and the best of luck to you all.

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That was great really quite heart warming. Oh and first.

I haven't smiled like this in quite awhile. You've done a good thing, my friend.

Solid plot and well handled dialogue accompanied by a really likable, empathetic bartender. Very well done indeed.

mustaches for you :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

i have nothing to say but "yes"

Very nice work author.

I'm rather honored you think so. First visit from a mod, so yay me! :twilightsmile:

You guys are awesome, too. I don't know how you found this story, since I was dumb enough to submit it just before I went to bed and it had fallen off the front page before 6am, but thank you all so much for your kind words. :pinkiehappy:

Between you an I, best thing I've read all night.

Apologies to anypony who got spammed by notifications for this story. I made some small edits, and for whatever reason, the "save changes" button doesn't work for me unless I unpublish and re-publish the story. Hence, the notifications. Again, sorry 'bout that. :twilightoops:

Actually, Stally introduced me to this story....I think...I'm pretty sure anyway...In any case...I still really enjoyed it. TY.

No problem, this kind of spam I can live with.

About how I found your story. I'm probable 9 time zones ahead of you so I think I saw it on my phone during my morning commute.

Dutch Brony

That was absolutely amazing! Very well written and so compelling!

I approve.

This right here is why I like fanfic. Most of the stuff you read is mediocre at best, but occasionally you'll encounter da magicks -- a gem of a story that's brilliantly crafted and thoroughly satisfying. :coolphoto:

This is brilliant, like a very brilliant thing. Short, to-the-point, feel-inducing, and not covered in unnecessary crap. Well done, sir.

Great story, extremely well written, flowed smoothly, and enjoyable to read.
My biggest question: Did you do the Artwork for the story? or was it based off it?
The only thing i did not like about the story (this is just me nit-picking):
Is the lack of a page break for the "She made good on her promise, but not for about a year", once again this is me nitpicking, and putting in a page break just might make it look cheesy because its a one shot and more like your trying to overdo it.

This was awesome! Very creative, I liked how it wasn't from Vinyl's point of view, or even Octavia's. It made it feel more realistic. Speaking of realistic, I loved the dialogue. This whole thing was very well done. :moustache: Although, it's listed as "incomplete". Sequel, perhaps? :pinkiehappy:

Okay, that was an absolutely fantastic read. Five stars and five mustaches!


It says "Incomplete." Is that accidental, or can we expect more? Excellent story.

"In a nutshell, the idea patron."
"Ideal", I believe you meant.

:twilightoops: Thaaaat was not right. /fixed
Sorry, no sequel to this idea. Bartender stories are a bit played out, frankly, but if you liked this, you might like my single-scene ideas in Six Hundred Words. :twilightsmile:

Bugger. Just when you think you've caught them all...

To everyone else, thank you so much! It was a lot of fun watching this story be crafted from a 2am sleep-deprived sketch into a fully-fledged one-shot. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Colgate_beam.png

That was just plain wonderful. I hope that you will do more like this.

Wonderful! Just wonderful!:twilightsmile:

I believe I should add a comment to this too.
I'm serious when I say, this was brilliant. It is such a novel idea I think, the way it was done.
When you asked me to pre-read this, I had no clue what to expect. To be honest, I thought it would be some weird adventure fic at first.
The way you tied the title was very subtle, and intensely powerful in its delivery.
Definitely on my top 5 all time favourites, and you should know that is a very, very high class list.
All in all, I wish you'd take this writing style and adopt it for another story, with a different idea. I think you wrote like this extremely intelligently.

The artwork was actually commissioned for the story by one of my local friends here in Austin. His DA link is below the picture, and if you want him to draw something for you, tell him I sent you! I'm seriously considering framing the original, because I LOVE pencil drawings.
And yeah, normally, I would break that part in a story, but it's just so short it would look really odd.

It has been awhile since I read a heartwarming story like this that is brand new to me. Of all the fandom, i think that the Scratch and Octy are the best match, beautiful story, friend:pinkiehappy:

The beginning was a bit too... noir, I guess? for my tastes. I half expected him to be like "The minute the dame walked into my bar, I knew she was trouble". But the story was adooooorable, and the last line was very well-done.

I've never known a bartender to give away free top-shelf booze, but I'll forgive you this time :rainbowwild:

He does live paycheck-to-paycheck for a reason, after all! dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Vinyl_Scratch_lolface.png

Excellent slice-of-life story.
I love how you captured the whole "ships that pass in the night" dynamic between an unknown bartender and Vinyl.

Funny thing here is I had the same style experience once. I was working at a bar as sort of a bouncer/ server/janitor/ect. and this guy told a similar story about his girlfriend. I gave advice and they got back together. The events made some newspapers here and there since he turned out to be a kinda famous architect. I have been sworn to secrecy on the names being connected to me and my name was left out of the articles. Even the location is still a mystery to the world. (BUT NOT ME! HAHA!! YOU'LL NEVER FIND OUT!!!)

I like how this story captured that for me. Reminds me of what true love is from an eccentric weirdo's point of view.

Yeah, this architect dude was/ is (not sure which since this was years ago) one of those types...

Random quote:
"When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade."
When life gives you a lemon, wing it right back and add some lemons of your OWN!"

MOAR.... J-Just MOAR dam it!!:pinkiesad2: I don't know why J'adore la Vynil et Octavia so much, but holy hell, fill the blanks 4 me!! This could seriously be 1 awesome octiXscratch. That is all... But first-

So long as the sun shines, u will always have a friend by your side. As lovers stay together, time fades all things; friendship is forever. Who says lovers can't have frienship? It's complicated; an answer so often spoken. As the sun rises again, your drunken stupor, your shadow lay with you, lonseome; friendless stupor...

That was a very well-written, touching story. While it wasn't very hard to guess what was going to happen it didn't diminish the story at all. I particularly liked the dialogue at the start, which seemed to flow quite naturally between Nick and Vinyl.

All in all, it was a really great read, and I think I just might hang around to see what you do next :rainbowwild:.

I've said that once, and I'll say it again: it is a very good one-shot: very bittersweet, and emotional. I'm glad you made it to EqD, because, unfortunately, great stories like yours do not get enough attention. Cheers to you and keep on writing!

Lovely. Short but concise :)

With skill and without hyperbole, the kind of tale I like.

Very good. I really liked the bartender's tone. The last line of the story is algo cool. I would say something as "you should continue the story with other background ponies and their stories", but then the... charisma? of this chapter would be gone.

As I said, very good. Very good indeed.

It's very reminiscent of A Pony Walks Into A Bar. I happen to think that's a great story, so the comparison's a compliment. I'm also a sucker for well-done OctySctatch (VinylTavia?), especially when it's a fresh take on the ship. Well done!

I admit that I've seen it, but I haven't read it. Heard good things, though. My goal here was really just to write a story where the main character has no bearing on the tale at all, because I see that as being quite analogous to real life; where so often, it's just not about us.

A quite excellent telling from an interesting perspective. Well done.

That's hilariously odd. I'm sure this sort of thing happens all across the world from time to time, but it's so cool to know that something I sketched out at 2 in the morning could possibly have an emotional connection to someone else's life. Thanks for sharing that. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Sweetie_happy.png

This story was phenomenal. It was touching, funny, and remarkably s well crafted. Bravo.

Now this is the type of story that gives me hope for OCs, great job :rainbowkiss:

First person perspective done right. Kudos to you, Otter.

This was very well done, would love to see more from you

That was a fine read; thank you.

Wow that was well done. Short, sweet and simple. I really liked how you wrote the story the in the perspective of a bartender.:twilightsmile:
It's funny cuz i read somewhere for writing background characters you should never make them stand out. You made your "oc" a regular pony but that was sort of endearing. Great job on the story!

Great dialog.

you moved me to tears with your words. well done.


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