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Half the time I don't even know how I do what I seem to do so well. I try not to think too hard on it, for fear of breaking myself in the process.


It's late in the city of Canterlot, late enough that Celestia should've been asleep hours ago, and yet she isn't. Rather than laying in bed and doing nothing, she decides to occupy herself with taking a stroll around the palace. As she does, her mind wanders about the stagnation of her daily routine, and the overall lack of interesting developments to make existence seem worthwhile.

It's during this late night stroll that Celestia happens upon Luna, and the two share a conversation that leads her to discovering a new concept that piques her interests. In fact it piques her interests a great deal actually. The only question is whether or not this discovery can supply her with what she's truly looking for.

Rated for nudity and suggestive humor.

This was written primarily in response to writer's block on larger projects.

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This story is a sequel to It's Just A Bit of Baldness

Featured on 10/24/15, holy ****!

Twilight has been continuing her exploration and experimentation of being a nudist, and found it to be a lot easier when both Rarity and Spike are in the know. She's happy with how things are.

Rarity, however, isn't. She doesn't believe that Twilight can truly be happy with keeping such a big secret from the rest of her friends, and trying to avoid being caught by them whenever they pop over for a visit. And it's because of this, that she believes Twilight needs to let the others know about what's going on.

Twilight can't deny that there's a certain logic to her position. But that still doesn't make the idea any easier to consider.

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A Naked Fall writing prompt fic.

Nightmare Night is a great deal of fun to be had, whether you're young or old. For Ponyville that fun manages to be doubled when Princess Luna can grace them with her presence, and attend the festivities as well.

Unfortunately a lack of social understandings leads to a fair bit of embarrassment, when Luna's choice of evening attire proves to be quite lacking, and threatens to derail the festivities entirely. Will she and the rest of Ponyville be able to recover from her blunder? Or will Nightmare Night be threatened by actions for a second time?

Rated T for nudity and social embarrassment themes.

More chapters may follow if support warrants them.

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Having some free time to herself, all Twilight wanted to do was read, and relax in the comfort of her own home. Unfortunately her concept of comfort isn't what most of Equestria would consider to be socially acceptable. Within the confines of her palace, this isn't really a problem. But when Rarity comes by unexpectedly, that all changes.

Rated T for nudity and the discussion of such.

Partly inspired by eLLen's story, It's Just Anatomy, and Jay-The-Brony's We Don't Normally Wear Clothes.

Cover art provided by CasterFaster.

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Featured on May 14, 2013. And again on November 29, 2014 more times than I can count thanks to you guys.

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Holy crap we've got a trailer too!

MLP:FIM is the property of Lauren Faust
Bleach is the property of Tite Kubo

Plot aspects for chapter thirty six onward contributed and improved by Ketvirtas and Alondro
Chapters 0-88 proofread by xbox432
Chapters 89-onward proofread by LyonAzakura
Partially inspired by Dirty Bit's story Cuatro
Further inspired by Christopher28's story A Different Viewpoint of Equestria
Further inspired by Trinary story Friendship is Empathy
Random plot elements inspired by SwimmingDalek98 and Phoenix Archangel
Story structure and pacing inspired by Tite Kubo

Ulquiorra Cifer was defeated at the hands of a mere human and died in Las Noches. Or at least that's what he thought. In the boundary that separates life and death for all Hollows, he's found by one that finds him interesting enough to give a second chance at life free from Aizen's control, and free to do as he pleases; he was just never told that his second chance of life would take him to an alternate world he never could've imagined even if he tried.

The land of Equestria is a magical place full of hope, and second chances. In this land where friendship is considered the most powerful magic in existence, can the Cuatro Espada find something that's been missing and learn how to live? Or will his presence be the downfall of the peaceful world and all of its inhabitants?

Chapters (119)

A sequel to Friendship...or something like that. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are continuing to try and make their business arrangement with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon work out. Sometimes it's easier said than done. However complications are quickly arising as they find themselves plunged into the middle of a mystery and have little choice but to stick together to try and work things out.

How long can their partnership last? Will it advance to a new level or will it dissolve under the stress? Can Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara stop being at each others throats? Will Scootaloo learn to trust the uppity fillies? Will Twilight have a new friendship report to send into Princess Celestia after everything is said and done?

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This story is a sequel to Friends and Family

A sequel to "Friends and Family". Rainbow Dash loves her family and wouldn't trade them for anything. But despite that love she still suffers from doubts that plague her without mercy. During the light of day she can turn her mind off and stop thinking about everything so hard. But when night settles in and its time to rest the doubts come back. Her doubts and fears are beginning to creep into her dreams. Now she's afraid to go to sleep at night, afraid to take her afternoon naps, and she can't talk to anypony about it.

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(Re-uploaded due to a technical glitch)

Everypony knows that after being possessed and turned into Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna was banished to the moon for a thousand year long imprisonment in order to protect Equestria. What they don't know is what she had to endure and suffer at the hooves of the dominant entity of Nightmare Moon.

A millennium trapped on the moon, unable to do anything but think and be tortured by the monster responsible for her predicament in the first place. How long would you be able to hold out before finally breaking? How long before stockholm syndrome finally sets in?

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Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle have grown tired of being the target of bullying by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Their sisters can't help them and Cherilee can do very little for matters beyond the school grounds. They come to the conclusion that if there's to be any hope of this pattern coming to an end they've got to take matters into their own hooves and explore previously unconsidered options even if the results might be messy.

Rated for some instances of violence.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Friends and Family

A sequel to "Friends and Family" set a couple of months after the end of the first chapter.

Rainbow Dash loves being a member of the Apple Family. She loves having sisters and a brother and a grandmother who are there for her when she needs them. She loves everything about it...except for talking about it in front of others. When it comes to her family she doesn't want to brag. But at the same time she's the Element of Loyalty and can't exactly keep it a secret from her best friends as it isn't fair to them. She makes the decision to tell everypony at Twilight's latest slumber party seems to be the perfect opportunity for such; that is if she can work up the nerve to do so.

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