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I'm just a simple guy who got into ponies. Nothing more, and nothing less.


We all know how this goes, don't we? Some unlucky schmuck goes to a Halloween party or convention dressed up as someone evil, gets sent to Equestria, and then ends up antagonizing the locals.

Well my story goes a bit differently. My name is Isaac Donohue, and after a night of drunken partying that I STILL can't remember, I wake up in Equestria fifteen hundred years before the events of canon with five seemingly random superpowers:

Angelic Physiology, so I'm frickin gorgeous now. Oxygen Independence, so I don't need to breath. Asexual Reproduction, just call me Mister Mommy why don't you...Bubble Breath, something useless that I rarely use. Power Replication, otherwise known as a game breaker.

So anyways I befriended everyone's favorite draconequus Discord, and we made such beautiful chaos together. Well, it was more of me trying to reform him before he got stoned by the Princesses in an effort to change history for the better. What a waste of time that was, and as a result of this I got petrified as well for being his accomplice. Can you believe that?

Since I'm free, I've decided to settle down and rule a kingdom of my own. I'm sure there are enough tyrants in the world that need to be overthrown despite Sunbutt's best efforts. But if there aren't any, I'm pretty sure I can steal the Crystal Empire from Sombra before Shining Armor and Cadence do.

The only problem is, THE LAW WON'T STOP CHASING ME!

A LoHAV story that I'm writing as I go on.

ANNOUNCEMENT 6/4/2017: I'm sorry, but this story is cancelled. This has been a long time coming. As I've progressed as a writer I look back on this story with increasing amounts of disgust. Still, I know people enjoy it for some reason which is why I'm leaving it up for posterity's sake. Maybe I'll completely rewrite it from the ground up in the future, but that time is not now.

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good plan.:moustache::trollestia::coolphoto::rainbowdetermined2:

let's see where this goes:pinkiecrazy:

Me gusta. Let the action commence. :moustache:

This isn't gonna turn into a subgroup is it?


Oh, look! Another "League of Humans Acting Villainous" story! :pinkiesick:

It should be. It rivals futa in sheer volume.

I enjoyed the read, to short though...

Also writing one of my own superpower lottery stories.

To bad you when your wing started to hurt like hell:fluttercry:
And thank god I don't have any:moustache:

Oh come ON!!! Seriously??! A cliffhanger ri... oh for Pete's sake!!:flutterrage: well at leat it was good, for how short it was.:twilightangry2:


Sorry, this is my first fic so I'm not good at this yet. :fluttershbad:

4267885 for a cliffhanger you can't get a better stopping point! As for your first story:unsuresweetie: since I don't know otherwise I'll have to believe you but be ready for some to simply say 'BULLSHIT!'


I personally think this is crap. I have written stories before for school assignments but that's about it.

I'm enjoying this story a fair bit apart from a couple of things that could have been done better:
You tend too tell a bit too much. Instead of showing us through description.
Same thing showing up in that flashback. Discord being the trickster that he is, I'd have expected for him to be a little bit more ominous with his words.

But other than that? I likey :pinkiehappy:.

So he's overpowered...and drop dead gorgeous and intelligent and makes all the right friends-

I'm sorry, but that's too Gary Stu. Too unbelievable and too much. We've got Vulcan, Malideus, three dozen others, we don't need another insanely superpowered villain on the site. It's overdone.

4267927 it's to early and to little to the story to believe one way or the other that it is crap. Now, are there stories that you can tell with this little? YES but not this one, more chapters are needed. So, more please:pinkiehappy:


True, but this isn't meant to be all that serious.

Say, have you ever heard of Caesar Zeppeli? He's a character that attacks through bubbles, which are also imbued with the power of the sun simply by the nature of his powers.


Oh really? :derpyderp2: Elaborate please!

Good story. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.


In the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's 'verse', there is something called 'The Ripple', accessed through your breathing rhythm if you were born with the predisposition to it. It is essentially the condensed power of the sun in living beings. It allows many things right off the bat before any proper training whatsoever, like increased stamina, enhanced healing and overall health, greater strength, longevity, and making your very fists vampire-killing weapons.

The interesting part comes with the Ripple's affinity for water and organic materials, like oil, spit, wine, soap, some types of cloth, and blood. By directing it in a 'Chi'-like manner, the user can stick to wet surfaces (even if they are smooth and covered in oil, though it requires much concentration, strength and care), or even manipulate them; the first character we're introduced to that uses The Ripple can make something like wine he spat hold a disc-like shape and cut through objects - again, making its sole touch deadly to vampires.

(And assorted things to living beings, like puppeteer-ing pigeons and weak-willed non-ripple users with their consent.)

Caesar Zeppeli carried a pair of gauntlets that held soapy water and some holes and mesh cloth. With The Ripple and the movement of his arms and hands, he could make bubbles of many sizes, imbued with the Ripple so that they followed his will - like following a path and striking like punches (and his skill, training, and plain strength made those particularly hard punches). Most often, though? That will was to make them spin like buzzsaws, with The Ripple reinforcing the surface to make them cut through things (vampires have as much resistance as wet paper, though the 'pillar men' super-vampires were much more dangerous), or even use their disc shape to lens sunlight in such a way that many, many beams of it are concentrated into a single spot, trying to hit a vampire that hid in the shadows.

He last used it after being mortally wounded to make a bubble of his blood, containing his life-force and remaining Ripple-power so that our protagonist would have better chances against his enemy.

A W E S O M E. cautiously excited. Waiting for more!

at this moment I'm 50/50 :pinkiesmile: but I'll fave it to keep an eye on it

This story is awesome!I've read mulitple of those stories mentioned in the description but this is a nice slight change :pinkiehappy:

4268114 I like your story so far. Hey want to check out my story Ace Combat: Divided Feelings?

Lookin' forward to future chapters, my friend! :pinkiehappy:

4268862 Way to self-promote.

Okay, this is actually some good stuff. :pinkiehappy:

They're gonna be searching for days before they finally give up on looking in Ponyville. XD

4267981 In this case it was a character created by a prompt. Other crap the super power lottery spat out include a mummy who can transfer heat to and from things, possibly in beam form, can control reflections and do crap like Mirror Master, CREATE VOLCANOES, and absorb any chemicals with no negative effects. Yup. I believe the phrase "no, I'm a greenlantern who uses ACID instead of light" also came up at some point.

Some of them are duds, like the Angry Angelic Demonic Imp of Chastity, and others get being a dragon with double immortality, being covered in animals or bugs of some sort, can talk to spirits and can induce treachery in his enemies.

Angel King is kind of low on the "oh god this is horribly broken" scale as skewed by that thread. I'd say treat anything that comes out of it as a parody.

PLEASE NO! No flashbacks please! To many of these kinds of fics end up dedicating entire chapters to flashbacks when we ultimately know the end result. I mean, if you want to do flashbacks, go ahead, I just find them a bane to my existence.

Your very first story and you got featured!
Congrats! :twilightsmile:
Ahhh...the LOHAV never gets old...



So are half of the other main characters in the LoHAV. Your point is?


I can't excuse my writing, but look at the Superpower Lottery Challenge thread, and just see all of the combinations that are more OP than mine. Heck, roll your own. I dare you.:trixieshiftright:

4269874 How about I don't do that, and instead ask you why you thought this was a good idea.


I thought it would something fun to do.

He'll go chapters and chapters thinking bubbles are a lame power, then it'll turn out to be his greatest single ability.

You have my attention. Now let's see what happens next.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

Have you considered Isaac using an angel name?

"Agreed, that was just dreadful." replied Rarity.
Pinkie Pie couldn't be happier "And, now that it's over, we can have a VICTORY PARTY!" she was already bouncing off the walls with excitement.

Don't use the bolding and capitalizations for emphasis that's what italics are for.

Hahahaha i like this.... ME GUSTAAAAA :pinkiecrazy:

another story to add to the list of, how long do I have to wait for teh updates.

Nightmare Rave :pinkiehappy: says, "THE PARTIES SHALL LAST, FOREVER!" :pinkiecrazy:

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