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    Everfree Northwest

    Well this is gonna be my first blog post... this is just as awkward as I thought it'd be.

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Everfree Northwest · 11:08pm Jun 5th, 2015

Well this is gonna be my first blog post... this is just as awkward as I thought it'd be.

Got to go to Everfree Northwest in Seattle this past weekend, and let me tell you it was fantastic! Got to talk to a bunch of fellow bronies, and saw some pretty amazing panels. Can't forget to mention the panels, loved "The Zen of Maude" and all the ones with De Lancie where fun. Though I think Mr. De Lancie got a bit irritated with some of the people asking variations of the question: Who's your fav/least fav character. Though listening to him mock them with that accent of his sure alleviated the irritation the audience was feeling.

Hmm, got to meet Nicole Oliver on several occasions as well, both in the autograph line and latter in the live auction. She's either quite the playful individual, or she had a shot of vodka before the auction because she gave a kiss on the cheek to any winners... one of which was me! :rainbowwild: It was surprising, but hey I'm not gonna complain.

And the auction itself went rather well, I believe in the end we ended up raising around $28,000 for the Seattle Children's Hospital. "It's for the Children" was basically the catchphrase for the night. :facehoof: But hey, it was for a good cause and I'm sure there will be some parents out there thankful for the aid.

Ooh, and below (if I can get them to link correctly) are some pics of the Swag I got. Minus one Shadowbox, which sold out and I had to place on order.

Big Mac Coin, Enope/Eyup - I'm gonna have fun with this one. :eeyup:

Princess Celestia Ice Bucket Challenge... for some reason. - Signed by Nicole Oliver. :trollestia:

My Little Drunks - Loved the Octy/Scratch :rainbowkiss:

Everfree Northwest Promotional Poster

Applejack Humanized - Basic but still good. :ajsmug:

Nightmare Moon - Wow, this thing looks great in person... doesn't seem to look as good in a picture though, maybe the depth isn't showing?

Equestrian Travel Agency - Just loved the colors on this one.

Vinyl and Octavia Posters - So glad I could get them in a set, they look awesome.

Journal of the Two Sisters - Signed by Tabitha St. Germaine, I actually won this at the charity auction. :pinkiehappy:

Nightmare Night, Pinkie Pie Style

Fausticorn - Praise be to the Over Mother!

Zecora Plushie - Now if I could just get a book of poetry signed by her voice actor...

Laser etched tile with Maude Pie - Another item I won at the auction, came in a set of three in different types of stone.

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Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, you got all the good stuff! You bastard, I'm at maximum jelly.

3131456 Ah, the best part of Swag is getting to show it off. :pinkiehappy: I think the favorite piece for me is the set of Vinyl & Octavia posters, I am so gonna frame them.

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