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Following directly after the events of Dragon Ball Fusion Reborn and pre season three finale in MLP:FiM.

After Vegeta's spirit faded into hell's oblivion, the sayian prince thought he was going to resume where he left off.

He was unprepared to what happened next.

Finally found the perfect pic. Thank you to the artist.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 190 )

Interesting... I am curious to see where this leads. You have piqued my curiosity :trixieshiftright:

We'll see...

Edit: Curious as the last guy, update soon.

Vegeta....the sarcastic, pissed off Prince of dead monkeys in the magical land of Equestria, where friendship and colorful talking horses rule the day? :rainbowlaugh: I can't wait to see how this develops from here. You get a fav and upvote for the comedic potential. :twilightsmile:

Be wary of this:
I chose the category of "Tragedy" for a reason...

But don't let that bother you because I have a couple of comedic hijinx for this story~!:pinkiehappy:

3069237 Tragedy? Huzzah, I love the taste of sadness this late at night!

Hmmm wonder how RD will react to Super Saiyan Vegeta

3069341 She would probably be jelly of him.

3070186 May I direct your attention to this?
Problem, Rainbow Dash?

Btw I know just about everything about vegeta if you want move listing, phrases, etc. I am a huge dbz fan. I know more about goku though. Ang oh god I wonder how this turns out

Your story has been added to the group, Equestrian Saiyans!

I wish you luck on your story! :rainbowdetermined2:

Awesome story so far keep it up I can't wait for chapter 2 :)

I thought of this: If they piss him off he could just blow up the whole planet....

Author's Note:

Before any comment starts complaining about Vegeta having a tail, I'll say this right now: sayians have the ability to regrow their tails.

Technically this only happens while they are still a child. Hence why Goku never grew his back until GT, and why Vegeta never got it back at all.

Kill her.... for the love of GOD kill her....

Catch Rainbow, make PegaSaiyans.

Rainbow Dash....you are dead. Is that how she always greets strangers? How the hell did she make any friends by being that obnoxious?

Kick the ever loving crap out of her just put her in her place!

3129186 3129239
Yeah... the title of the chapter is, well...

Wow... That's just, wow...

I'll take that into consideration, but for now, i must ask you a very pressing question... :trixieshiftright:
Can I interest you in a Jelly-baby?:pinkiehappy:

3129432 It was indeed rather aptly named. I thought, when I first looked at it, that Vegeta would be the one to make a bad impression, but Rainbow Dash....goddamn it, this is why some bronies hate her.

3129239 I think the rest of the mane six just put up with her since she won't leave them alone. Think Rainbow dash as Barney from how I met your mother.

Hey dude chapter 2 is pretty I'm guessing the reason why Vegeta didn't catch Dash right off the bat is because he still barely has any power cause Buu Saga Base Vegeta faster then Light? And Vegeta would be WAY faster then he is when he is in SSJ and SSJ2 while Dash's Full Speed aka Sonic Rainboom is only Faster then the Speed of Sound meaning a Fully Recovered Base Vegeta is still WAY faster then Dash without SSJ and SSJ2 anyway again I enjoyed this chapter so will Vegeta also encounter other characters like the CMC/Cutie Mark Crusaders, Trixie, Gilda, Lightning Dust, Queen Chrysalis, The Wonderbolts aka Spitfire, Soarin and Fleetfoot, and maybe others like Discord, King Sombra heck maybe even Sunset Shimmer? In what Season of MLP does this story even take place in?

Once Vegeta gets his power back and goes several times faster than light, he will humiliate her and then break every single bone in her body.

3129648 well vegeta is EXTREMELY fatigued at the moment so he barely has any energy left.

3129925 yep once Vegeta is all rested up he'll humiliate Rainbow Dash in like a race and put her in her place lol

Nevertheless Rainbow Dash is still my favorite Pony it's just her 1st time seeing a Saiyan but that's still no way to act/treat a new person/pony you know what I mean lol

That was awesome, I demand more! Also, watch out for spelling mistakes.

... Muffin button?:derpytongue2:

Um, Faster than light Vegeta? I'm not sure if that is a thing, but I'll check. Anyway, yes he IS very weak. Crossing over dimmensional gaps will do that to ya, and it didn't help that the leftover Janemba-umbra sapped most of his spiritual energy. Did he have a body in chapter one or didn't he? Well, imagine a purgatory-type space. You exist and you also do not exist. You are physical and ethereal

Super-saiyan one and two? Alright I'll explain his current overhead crisis so far...

Vegeta survived getting all his life force sucked out of him, was thrown into the void (virtually nothingness), going an incalcuable non-existant distance between his dimmension and the next, through a dimmensional wall, into that universes' vaccum (called space), came through all the atmospheres a little more singed than he's used to, did not liquify upon impact with the crust of the planet, and willed his literally boken body to a shambling pace to make it to a talking yellow hooved mammal's cottage where she cares for any living creature that plops itself at her doorstep.
:rainbowhuh:And you're seriously wondering why he isn't moving at the speed of light?

To answer who'll he'll encounter...
I ain't talkin'!:ajbemused:

And your last question, definately after one and two and pre-twilicorn.

did I do that right?:twilightsheepish:

3131231 ok thanks for info and yes I believe most of the DBZ characters by the time of the Buu Saga are faster then light I mean in the Original Dragon Ball Kid Goku I believe was dodging lightning bolts and Goku at time most likely had a power level under 200 while Base Vegeta (Buu Saga/Fusion Reborn both take place in the same era) to me ranges from 500,000,000-over 1,000,000,000 in Base and isn't Lightning Faster then Sound? So to me Base Vegeta at Max power is more then 2,000,000x stronger then Kid Goku (Dragon Ball) so Vegeta should be able to move faster then Light at this point without transforming into a SSJ

So RD is a jerk to Vegeta and gets away with it:facehoof:

They're extremely lucky the power of plot protects them.

This story is awesome but I feel Vegeta is underpowered in it. But hey, it's not my story, right? :moustache:

3161176 I can't wait for Vegeta to knock the crap outta rainbow because lets face it ponies can't do crap on their own they always have to be in groups to fight but even then they lose, And now they antagonize an unknown being they can't hope to beat because he will actually kill if it comes down to it. Their up against and angry Saiyan whose out for blood because one of them has an ego the size of a continent and chose to antagonize him thinking she's the fastest being in existence when I can name 10 that are faster on the spot. Team Vegeta all the way.

I bet this is what Vegeta wants to do to Rainbow Dash:

Yeah... Rainbow Dash dug herself into a massive hole and now she is dragging her friends in with her... Way to go RD...
Great chapter though, can't wait for more!!!

Why is Vegeta losing? At Super Saiyan level, he should have caught her and tore RD's face off.

You're right on all things except one...

Vegeta's ego dwarfs all others. Continents? HAH! His would take up the entire internet.

Vegeta is really underpowered here. Like REALLY its like his power level is 100 or something, instead of his usual 235,000,000,000 or some shit that they stopped counting after 1,000,000. Plus with the 50x power boost from Ssj, funny nonetheless.

3161663 You have a valid point Vegeta's ego is much bigger


I guess it's because Vegeta didn't recover properly, or the fact that the Mane 6 deals with any form of monster every single week that they are just too good to die.

3169427 Ok I can buy that, and either way I don't want any of them to die. I guess what I'm saying is vegeta just needs to smack some sense into dash and maybe applejack for buckin him so hard.


A being who can blow up a planet without breaking a sweat, has trouble beating a pony??? Both princess should be bowing to his greatness.

Loved the new chapter!!! I also agree Vegeta the saiyan living on earth is different from vegeta the prince of all saiyans but he'll still kick some serious ass and his weakness to and hatred of magic like you explained is 100% genius. He still has that unpleasant memory of babidi in his head, but concerning the power levels, power levels are bullshit krillin could cut a mountain in half with the destructo disc mane 6 not even close to that vegeta was only caught and didnt do anything due to extreme exhaustion and morals at the least he would have beat the crap out of them . And for applejack and big mac probably well trained humans at best probably hercule in his prime.

Actually a lot of people say that power levels don't matter, that is bullshit. Vegeta with a PW of 18,000 smacked goku around like nothing. Higher power level, higher speed, higher endurance, higher strenght. Frieza with a PW of 60,000,000 at half power tossed goku around who had a PW of 3,000,000. Then super saiyan. Power Levels do matter.

Woo! my comment got referenced in the story :yay: ...I can now cross that off my list of things to achieve.
Still a great story by the way, keep up the good work. :moustache:

You know what would be awesome Janemba coming back for revenge and have Vegeta vs Janemba round 2 but anyway just a suggestion anyway awesome chapter can't wait for chapter 5 :)

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