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It's so hard to write when one is trying not to starve.

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Hiya, thanks for the fave :twilightsmile:

Great to be on the same page as Pony Courtship Rituals, that's one of my absolute favourites :pinkiehappy:

Just found your darkest dungeon fic and I'm rather liking it so far.
Question though, weren't the first two characters you get the ones called by the letter to claim their birthright? If so, wouldn't AppleBloom have made a better highwayman?

...I suppose it matters not.

Know that i eagerly await your return.

till then...

Thank you for adding "The Reality I Choose" to your list of favorites! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiesmile:

Good day to you, Mr. Gasmask. Glad you liked my story enough to favorite it! Well, at least I hope you liked it. You may well be a masochist that just reads bad stories for pure sadistic glee. o.O

Don't mind me I've just gotten into the whiskey early tonight.

1610444 A deliciously good story about Discord that utilizes him in a manner very much in line with his representations thus far and also makes good mostly believable use of the Equestria girls canon? How could I not like it?

  • Viewing 14 - 18 of 18
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