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A group made simply for people interested in this wonderful game!


Did I mention it's completely free to play?

If you want so see more about what makes this game great, visit the official site and the official youtube channel.

This game isn't nearly as much fun played alone, so let's see if we can't have some fun together, K?

(Un)officially endorsing The Pony Brigade [VS] on the Waterson server and The Black Widow Company [TR] on the Mattherson server. Go check them out, we don't bite!

...hard >:)

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Well this group is a surprise...

[Had a hard time thinking of a one shot story to test my writing skills, then I decided to write about my favorite fps computer game. Hope you will like it.]

Hurrah I knew something like this existed!
What no stories? This is a horrible shame to the mighty TR!- Er I mean lack of stories is boring :3

So anyone else here loath the lattice system?

308856 I now it's a bit late but I do. I'm The Husky Lord, same as this account.

Once my 180 Kbps internet manages to download the newest patch (estimated time left: 14 hours!!!!!!:rainbowderp:), I'll be on Connery and/or a server on the East Coast (can't remember the name)

Yes, I realize this is a necro. However, I'm hoping we can get some more popularity in this group.



I do on occasion.

WOW this is a necro-post, sorry to get back to you so late, I didn't know that anyone even joined the group! :rainbowlaugh:

Anyone play on Connery?

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