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“What would you say if I told you, that there was another race of ponies that lived upon the face of these lands? A kind that feeds itself on the blood of others and is said to live for a near eternity. One would declare me crazy of course, others would just walk away without a word said. But what was thought to be just myths and legends, have become a surprising reality. A reality I’m forced to live in. A curse of blood is rushing through my veins and a monster lurks beneath the lady I once was.” -Rarity

What can one simple and humble unicorn tailor do when her life suddenly gets turned upside down? That she finds herself as a being that was by many believed to be nothing but folklore of the dark ages and ghost stories to scare the foals? How would the world react to her when she tells that what she has become?

Only one simple answer could be found on the question and that is to live her life in secret for the rest of time. Never reveal that what she has become to anypony, not even to her own family. If things were only ever that simple. For Rarity, the mare of beauty and fashion, is suffering a curse of blood. A curse she had gained without her even wanting it. But two things are more than sure. Neither Rarity nor her boutique will never be the same again.

Can the graceful unicorn withstand the temptations of the night long enough to keep her sanity in one piece, or will she fall from her stand and crumble into the darkness that is her own madness and new nature? Is she strong enough to fight off her the mental demons that haunt her mind? Blood will be spilled and drunk, that is the third certainty that can be given.

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*featured on 09-16-2013* Thank you all so much!
Rated Teen for suggestive themes and spilling of blood as well as minor gore.
Others tag is for all the other characters that are used within the story, including OC's.
Cover image was created specifically for the story by the ever so wonderful and talented Pokefan271.
Listen to the song made for the trailer by nobody else then then the equally wonderful and talented RaRa Leaire.

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I am totally saving this for my October readings!

Nice prologue. And that description was a great hook. That cover art was great but that title totally caught my eye, then followed by the cover, and pleased with the description that was so well executed, and a prologue, an ACTUAL prologue! can you believe it!? This story has a legit prologue! (sorry, let me enjoy myself, I rarely see many stories bother with a prologue), and by golly it was a decent hook!

Downloading and adding to Nightmare Night folder xD

(it's been awhile since I've gotten excited over a grimdark. I regret nothing!)

Did you make the cover art yourself?
Nevermind, I see the watermark at the bottom. Good prologue so far.

whelp. congrats on the Feature. :pinkiegasp:

ok, 4 things:

1. I like this story. It's an interesting premise, and I'm eager to see where it goes from here. HOWEVER, you need to get an editor badly. I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi, and I almost gave up on reading this about halfway through chapter 1 because of all of the errors.

2. *sniff, sniff* I smell a dream sequence at the end of this chapter.

3. REALLY!? Whoever went through and disliked EVERY SINGLE COMMENT that's been made so far, you're not even being a troll, you're just being a DOUCHE.

4. And lastly;

“Vamponies, written by Dr. Acula... Nice name.”

This is all I could think about:

(couldn't find the joke by itself, but its from 1:28 - 1:35)

It seems rather dense and wordy. For example:

For on the sofa she normally would take place on to rest, was the body of a stallion to be found. Upon seeing the form, the unicorn placed her foreleg once again before her face and it muffled the scream that came out of her mouth as she simply watched over it. On the sofa itself, laid the lifeless body of nopony else then Fancy Pants.

It might be easier to read as:

For on the sofa where she would normally rest was the body of a stallion. Upon seeing the form, the unicorn again covered her face, her foreleg muffling the scream that came out of her mouth. On the sofa lay the lifeless body of nopony else then Fancy Pants.

I'd really like to read this story, but I'd rather not have to struggle at it.

3214326 Hmhmhmh, I'm glad to hear that darling, but trust me, it is going to take quite the bit of time before this story is going to see any form of completion. And I'm just stoked to hear that you love the prologue. Most of the time, it just gets overlooked and others start with the story as it is. (And I don't mind it, it just shows to me how much you love something, which on its turn, I get to love.)
(Regretting and grimdark, are two things that never go together. I owe me who authorship to grimdark to begin with!

3214352 Hehehe, it will surprise you what you find when you look a bit further then the nose is long. *winks* Nonetheless, I am glad that you enjoy it for what it is so far. Lot of things are bound to happen in the next chapters. I can only pray you all find them as good as these chapters. Or even more amazing, even better then these chapters.

3214366 Trust me, my dear little Agate, there is very little which could prepare you for something like this. Because not only is Rarity a vampony, she's going to be...*grins* would be a shame to spoil that.

3215201 I want to thank you kindly for that my dear.

3215537 1: ...I give up on that. No offence towards you whatsoever, but this is how I write and I have changed my styles time and time again, this is how it is going to be from this point on. It is not that I am afraid to change it up, but this is how I feel most comfortable working. AND take in mind that English, isn't my primary language.

2: I am neither confirming nor denying the matter. It is a thing I love to do really, let the reader think about what's going on in their own vision. But you'll get your answer.

3: I can't agree more on that matter. Quite odd to see it happen like that tough. *shrugs* Oh well.

4: Come on, you know that joke was going to be made eventually within the story. It is like, the oldest cliche in the book when it comes to vampiric jokes.

3215710 It is not the style this story is written in I'm afraid. For it packs a lot of detail into small sections of paragraphs, creating what it is.

ooooooh..... I just finished this chapter, and already I am hooked! Good work!

Can I favor a story twice? :pinkiehappy:

3219718 Not that I am aware of. Unless you make a secondary account.

3218069 I'm glad that you are enjoying it so far dear! :raritystarry:

3219741 Awww, this deserves TWICE the amount of favorites!

3219837 Through time young one, through time it shall double, and even triple itself maybe. It all depends on certain aspects and factors. (...I sound deep during the night, sorry.)

3219844 Yes master, I shall wait. And maybe soon, I can master The Force.

Dear maker, it's not wonder it got featured. It's so original. Where you get these ideas is a realm not meant to be traversed by the weak minded. :raritywink:

3236843 Hmhmhmh, I have to take your word for that for there are truly many manners on how one can look upon this story in particular. And how right you are. The weak minded, when they travel down the road where I get my ideas and inspiration from, would simply shatter upon entrance.

Not something I would like to see happening.

This story is ok the batwings thing is kind of weird though don't you think she would be able to make them appear or dissappear right

sorry I'm on my kjndle

3254547 2 things about the bat wings: 1: she's unable to fly with them because bone structure. 2: the don't tuck against her body like pegasi wings. Instead they do truly curl around her body to create, as explained, a 'nightgown' that is white and purple of color.

And given Rarity's rather weak knowledge of magic itself, I don't think she is actually able to do so without any additional training. While it is true that some ponies (probably on the levels as Trixie or Twilight) would be able to make them disappear, our friendly tailor...can't. Which only adds to the mental battle she happens to be in.

Wow, I just read it all in one go. That doesn't happen that often when I read.
I have to say, I'm pleased. The story is good, I like how you manage the whole vampire thing, for it isn't the chiché, but rather you picture her as a predator. Well, a predator that hasn't quite realized her new nature. I can't wait to read what comes next, I just hope that Twilight hasn't become suspicious yet. Well, she'd be a bit blind if not, for the connection between Rarity's appearance and the pictures in the books ought to be quite obvious. Then again, she'd need to actually open them and I don't think she will, considering how she thinks about the supernatural as we've seen in the Poison Joke episode. :rainbowwild:

From chapter two:

The purple maned unicorn returned the hug as she looked Twilight in her eyes with a smile that never revealed her teeth. The cloak also seemed to be acting as some sort of isolation, for the coldness of her body remained within the it and all Twilight felt was the warm temperature fabric.

I wonder what that "nightgown" is actually good for. I mean, she can't fly with 'em, they're simply there and we've seen nothing useful coming from them other than being a nice heat seal, but I doubt Evolution invented them for the purpose of obscuring the fact that the owner is, in fact, cold as a corpse.

From chapter three:

“Abilities... Able to sleep in a coffin or bed... Able to hypnotize almost any creature by either hypnosis or seduction...

I wonder how far she can go with hypnotizing ponies. I mean, could she march up to one, stare him in the eyes and command "Go back home and kill your son!", or "Forget that you ever saw me!" The latter might actually be quite useful for her if it works.

From chapter five:

Rainbow let out a small yelp in response to the sudden slam as her eyes widened themselves in the darkness.

Look who's afraid of the dark~ :rainbowderp:
Why do I believe that Rainbow's father once thought it'd be a good idea to tell his 5 years old daughter a vampony bedtime story?


but rather you picture her as a predator. Well, a predator that hasn't quite realized her new nature.

And you, you just saw what I pictured to do there! You start to see what I mean with the story! I love it! But take this from me, there are going to be a lot of surprises throughout the story to come. Whether she will discover it, has yet to be told. Perhaps she does, perhaps she doesn't. Time shall tell~

A small correction, next to the 'nightgown' hidden wings, she also wears a cloak given her rather unfortunate incident with the sun. Thus Twilight wouldn't have been able to spot them. However, you are correct on the 'not being able to fly part'. As for the original purple of the wings curling up, instead of tucking against the body. Just wanted some diversity and something that wouldn't create much hysteria when she came outside at night or, in case of Twilight and Rainbow, visit her.

Hmhmhmh, the hypnosis part is something to come sooner or later in the story my dear. Everything shall fall on it's place eventually. It just takes a lot of time before it reaches that point.

Who knows. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. The answer lays deeply hidden within her own mind.

Nonetheless, I am truly glad that you have been enjoying the story so far and keep an eye out on future updates. For there is a lot more to come and quite possibly, enjoy.

3275272 I'm glad that you are liking it so far. And...heheh, yeah, I have the little tendency to keep repeating certain things because, I'm too lazy to look up a synonym for it.
P.S. One might say that yes, but it will be something for later chapters to come. Trust me, there are loose ends now, but through time they will be connected. And in every interpretation of vampires they are different. I'm looking at you, Twilight novels!
More shall come, through time itself we shall complete this story.

Welp you Screwed yourself Twi time to join the family.:pinkiecrazy: YOU TO DASHIE!:pinkiecrazy:

3282963 And you join the family, and you join the family, EVERYPONY JOINS THE FAMILY!

3285393 But seriously is Twilight gonna have an extra pair of fangs?

3285650 To spoil or not to spoil, that's the question for me right now.

3285740 PM me and I promise no spoilers will get out.

3285743 Hmmm, as tempting as it does sound, isn't much more fun to have the speculation kept open until the answer is given?

Only a matter of time before one of the mane 6 or a actual background pony is the next victim :pinkiecrazy:

lovin this story btw :pinkiehappy:

3285855 A matter of time indeed my dear.


Huh, the dream was unexpected. Maybe Twi's subconscious made the connections before her reasonable mind did (Rainbow too?)? And what's it with Rainbow, seriously; why's she, of all ponies, literally cowering in fear under a table? Damn, I hope Rares can somehow talk herself out of that one, mayhap she's always worn lenses before and just didn't tell? Can't wait to find out :trixieshiftleft:

From chapter 01

For she gave the stallion a final kiss upon his lips that would serve as a last goodbye. Their, last goodbye. “Auf wiedersehen, my dear friend.” she spoke in a soft tone after their lips lost their contact.

Rarity speaks German? I thought she were the type who'd rather learn French actually, becuase German is cliché'd to be a 'rough' language. UNLADYLIKE, RARITY!! :duck:

From this Chapter:

“But I am done yet!” Rainbow interrupted and never gave a true answer to the words of Twilight. “How about that night gown she wore when we came? It didn't really look like fabric if you ask me! More like, some sort of skin... Or when I wanted to open the curtains, she resists remember! Twilight, the facts are shoved in our faces, Rarity is a vampony!

This pretty much confirms it; RD's father scared the living shit out of his infant daughter with not-age-appropriate bedtime stories.

“A what, Twilight?” Rarity dared to asked as she had grown more curious. The mare dared to keep her head out even further to fully catch the revelation that was about to be made.

With fear that filled her voice, Twilight spoke up the words as they literally stood in the paper. “A white coated unicorn mare who had a curled, purple mane and tail…”

Why did Rarity talk there suddenly? That typo confused me.

3285912 Hmhmhm, the meeting between Rainbow, Twilight and Rarity was everything but a dream my dear. If that is where you are referring to at least. And everything will be explained throughout time itself as the story continues, trust me.

Rarity speaks German? I thought she were the type who'd rather learn French actually, becuase German is cliché'd to be a 'rough' language. UNLADYLIKE, RARITY!! :duck:

She's in an unladylike situation to begin with, so that's my excuse on it. And I don't know, but I always preferred German over French for some reason.

This pretty much confirms it; RD's father scared the living shit out of his infant daughter with not-age-appropriate bedtime stories.

*chuckles* Okay, perhaps your are right on that matter.

*looks at the typo* 0-o Oh crap... *changes it on all the media the story is readable* Thanks for pointing it out!

I do know that the meeting of the three in the boutique was quite real. I just thought that the coincidence of RD and Twi having the same dream about Rarity sucking them dry was a bit strange. I mean, Twilight obviously knew of the vampony folklore, otherwise she couldn't've identified it as such before she looked into the book. Therefore, her subconscious might've made the connection in her sleep, whereas I don't think that RD could've done the same, thus I wonder why they dreamt the same. I already solved the mystery why RD is being such a pansy at the moment (not), so I made up my mind about that instead.

Nah, just a few rambled thoughts, mind you? :rainbowwild:

3286210 And a couple wonderful thoughts they are my dear.

3285759 True, true my apologies ma'am please continue to confound me.

3286896 I accept them for certain and shall continue to do that with the greatest of pleasures my dear.

Man.... I am really enjoying this....... best vampire story I have ever read...... well, I should say vampony, right dear?

Something tells me our favorite rainbow pony is gonna try and do something about this...... in that case, I say..... DEFEND YOURSELF RARITY!

3296041 Vampire or vampony, the concept of the creature stays the same in my eyes. They both seduce, and then suck your blood. But I'm truly glad that you are enjoying the story so far, and there is a whole lot more from where it came from.

Hmhmhm, allow the assuming, to begin~ I'm just going to sit back, and watch the theories flow around as time passes by. Perhaps you are right, perhaps you are not. Only time will tell~

But unknown to her was that an even bigger danger was waiting for her in the future. Something that wasn't her secret being leaked out, nor the possible fury of the princesses. It wasn't even her friends breaking their friendships with her because of her conditions. But something that could be considered equally as terrible.

It's fluttershy the marewolf/ pony wolf/werewolf/

Also I predict applejack has a secret too

Well, Twi was certainly easier to convince than I thought, or was she?

Is it possible that one can truly keep denying its nature? was the only thought that ran across her mind in the far end. The only question to which she truly needed an answer on.

Now you're beginning to ask the right questions. :pinkiecrazy:

But even though she was an easy target, Rarity couldn't find it in her to end the life of the showpony.

Okay, THAT was true idiocy. At this point, I can see, that means assume, two possible outcomes of this. First: Trixie will spread the word and Rares will find an angry lynching mob before her doorswell soon due to her own idiocy. Second: Trixie will be transformed as well which could still cause a lynching mob, OR, like the predators they are, will cause a dispute about the feedinggrounds of the two. In both cases, her own idiocy caused her trouble.

Yet she only got a second heart attack, if her heart would still beat that was.


“I see, but I’m afraid I have to go now. The time is getting a bit too late for my comfort and Spike isn't home either, so I am all on my own... And my bed is at best at this time. We probably see each other tomorrow.”

Was that a last desperate attempt to make Rarity reveal her condition, or to temp her to go 'visit' Twilight? I mean, she sounds like a bad seductress, "Yea, my boyfriend ain't home tonight, so, I'm all on my own, and my bed is best at this time..." :unsuresweetie:

But unknown to her was that an even bigger danger was waiting for her in the future. Something that wasn't her secret being leaked out, nor the possible fury of the princesses. It wasn't even her friends breaking their friendships with her because of her conditions. But something that could be considered equally as terrible.

Which could support my second assumption.

Nice chapter, I loved it. Either way, Rarity soon must protect herself by any means necessary.

Poor Rarity. Why does everyone have to be up during the day? So uncouth.
A bit sad that she sent Sweetie to stay with her parents more often, I had hoped that she'd be the first to discover Rarity's secret. Well, mayhap it still happens.

Her beloved bed on which she had had spent so many amazing nights and comforting moments with her sister.

I'll pretend that I didn't read something filthy here. :scootangel:

With the innocent thought of her sister being awake, the filly changed her pace from standstill to a gallop almost instantly.

That would've been much worse for Rares if she had opened the curtains instead.

But what caught the unicorn the most, was the fact that there wasn't any remark about her cold hoof or anything the like.

Sweetie turned her attention to her sister and tilted her head upon seeing the hood up, covering the head of Rarity. “Why are you wearing that?”

“This? Oh this is to block out the sunlight. Now, shall we go?” the mare replied as her red irises went over the little filly before her.

I really wonder if Sweetie is just naive or simply doesn't care. I mean, she's pretty naive in the show, but that here is something else entirely. :unsuresweetie:

3377624 Ho, ho, ho, you have no idea with how much joy I'm reading through your comments dear. All the reactions and assuming to matters happened and to come. I just love it!

The positive or the negative kind of joy (Schadenfreude!)? Y'know, is it the kind of joy one has when they see something really stupid, and you just want to laugh out loud, or...? :yay:

3377838 (Schadenfreude is the best kind of entertainment, I'll tell you that right now.) Both actually. Just seeing the theories others can come up. How they interpretate the words I've written down in their own eyes. But also seeing how wrong they can be, because I know how the story actually walks. (After 5 or 6 read through it, I better know it really.)

Rarity is like a vampire in this chapter:derpytongue2:
I love reading this Fimfictions
just love'em :yay:
Masher is out :derpyderp1:

So will Sweetie become a vampony as well?

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