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Rarity Belle

A Dutch gentleman of leisure, living for pleasure, since mirth is my measure. Writing stories that are (mostly) unique and psychological of nature and visiting conventions whenever I can.


"Sometimes, it's more about the journey than the destination."

Turmoil struck Equestria! Tremors from deep within the earth cause the whole nation to be shook wide awake. Nopony knows where they come from, nopony is able to predict where the next one hits. Though in Canterlot Castle, there is only one soothsayer who has an eye for them. Only one soothsayer tries to make sense out of the mess. That soothsayer is nopony else then Twilight Sparkle.

The unicorn anthrony can't believe the quest that the goddesses of the sun and moon have given to her. That she has to travel to a place where nopony has ever been before in order to stop the terror of the ground. If she doesn't, the land can turn into nothing more but a barren wasteland, extinct from all life. Tasked with a impossible task, the desperate search begins.

A search that is not just about finding the origin of it all, as well as five other beings that should accompany her. Along the way is nothing certain and the anthronies will get to know one another. Perhaps even more than they would have liked. Different breeds and races mixed together for one quest only have to set their differences aside and work together. If not, the land's darkest forces just might get their hands on them. Dark Witches and those living on the other side of the ocean are always lurking for their next victim. Chances are that they all get more than they bargained for.

- Coverart equals anatomy
- Coverart created by Somnias (Simp)

Chapters (100)
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Comments ( 174 )

I'm beginning the story and this troubles me, Celly and Lulu aren't there? The ponies were a transitional form and if so, then in what point of history would they be located?

Many had to see her in actual action before they would have been able that such a fragile looking body could call upon so much power.

Able what?
I think you should correct it like this: "able to believe that"
That tells what one is able to do since at its current form doesn't tell it.

The three orbs or arcane energy continued

This should "of" instead of "or" right?

A, a good night of sleep, that is what I need,” 

Is that right or is there a word missing there since im not sure:rainbowhuh:

Great chapter thought so this will be a favorite to me since you are great in writing cliffhangers as we can see here yet again:pinkiesmile:

So i bow to you, Sir.
*bows in awe*
Till next time...:twilightsmile:

One thing never changes: cider.
It always is a drink in equestria it seems even when a thousand years has passed:trixieshiftright::ajbemused:

Hmm, intriguing. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this :twilightsmile:

not with a stock up family like theirs.

, was it supposed to be not with a stuck up family like theirs.

5648292 The ride has only just begun.

5648470 This mistakes need to be fixed. Finally something I can work it, instead of constantly getting messages my grammar needs to be improved. Thanks for pointing them out! Cliffhangers have become a little bit of my thing yes, keeping the reader interested in what's gonna happen. We'll see you, on the next chapter indeed.

5648418 What point of history? Read carefully through the first four chapters and keep an eye out. The location in time is actually a vital plotpoint to the story. Maybe I'll spill it to you via a PM, if it really troubles you.

5650091 May I make the suggestion that you do? There's a lot to be planned for this one.

5651090 Not entirely certain of that one actually.

5657429 I'm glad you have enjoyed it so far.

Whether or not it was going to be simple remained to be see. Her brother had said she needed to look near the prides of the name, the heavy armed frigates. 

1. That should be 'seen' right?
2. That should be 'navy' if im right?

Hopefully that helps if i'm right:twilightsheepish:

5707643 ... There's a reason why I turned the little thing that finishes words in both Word and GDocs... Because mistakes like that, should have been figured out during the editing run. But outside of those little errors, do you enjoy the tale so far?

5707786 More than words can describe:pinkiesmile:
A song can tell that....
Name of that song is: The road of the eight stones by wind wolf & night breeze :rainbowdetermined2:

Listen if you want to:twilightsmile:

5707798 That is a very, very good song actually. One that can describe the story so far, but there's still a lot to come. :raritywink:

5707907 that there is and i will wait the next chapter with a lot of anticipation and patience:eeyup:

Very interesting chapter once again!:raritywink::trollestia:

But i noticed this:

Which was actually the she preferred it.

I think the word 'way' is missing here.

Also this seems a bit confusing to me

A small watery line appeared below on of the mare her eyes as her legs began to tremble slightly.

Words seem to be out of place and/or some may be missing:applejackunsure:
But i'm not too sure of this and i was hoping you could shed some light to this:raritywink::duck::rainbowhuh:

No cliffhanger this time though, so i am waiting for the anvil to hit my head in the next chapter since it doesn't do it here:duck: Right???

5729217 I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

And you're correct on both matter. As helpful as the pointing out is, that annoying also kinda becomes. >-> Because I have to edit it in 2 different sources. Still, a big thanks for pointing them out though! The word 'way' was indeed missing and from the later sentence should the words 'on of' be removed. I'm having no clue how those managed to stay in though. :derpytongue2: Guess editing 3 chapters a day isn't the right way to do it. That, or my English is by far not as great as I thought it was.

The story has only just begun, only one traveling companion has been retrieved. There are five others still roaming the land, imagine what they will look like, if Applejack already looks like this.

Goog chapter yet again:eeyup:
Small intermission to build the story line and taking time to tell things at a more slower pace.:pinkiesmile:

But this i found to be in need of repair:

“Captain, Shining, Armor, Ah presume.”

Maybe it would be better without those two (,) marks from there and only leave the mark between Armor and Ah.

Not sure though, so i leave you to decide:raritywink::pinkiesmile:

5757141 Every tale needs its slow parts, right? Having the pace always quick makes people tend to forget things. A thing that is not really helpful with this one.

As for the little grammatical issue, I intended for her to say it slow and paused. >-> Kinda a throwback to my ancient style..? I dunno.

5757191 thanks for the clarification:pinkiesmile:
English grammar isn't my strong suit since it aint my native language but i got partial knowledge, which does help a little:raritywink:

Brilliant chapter once again, my friend:ajsmug:

Now they are in cloudsdale to find their next compatriot for to join them on their journey and it seems that pegasi are a proud race but it is also one of their problems.
My guess is that they don't take it lightly when their honor is mocked or when they are humiliated, which is when they may start fighting against the one who insulted them, for that is when their pride blinds them and it may not always end well:applejackunsure:

But i don't know for sure so i just try to guess what would happen.

Noticed this though:

Though his land actually laid upon the ground.

Suppose that there is a mistake with the word 'land' since the letter l should be the letter h instead.

Cant wait to see the next chapter:raritywink:

Major Rainbow Dash...
Fits her perfectly:rainbowdetermined2:

Again a great chapter as always:raritywink:
When we get to hear more about RD, i can already guess that it will be mighty interesting:moustache:

:trollestia:Congratulations! Your fan has evolved to level 20 and is now 20% more effective at combat against uncool enemies!:trollestia:

5814910 That it certainly does. Struggled actually for a bit in order what to make of her, but I think a major is actually the best possible thing. Higher in ranks makes her too formal, lower doesn't make her seem important enough.

And I'm glad that you enjoyed this chapter as well. Hehehe, just remember who is writing this story. Perhaps things turn interesting around the character, perhaps she's as shallow as a kiddy's pool. Who, knows.

*looks at stats* YES! Now I can finally fan all of them out those bloody barracks!

So now we have a new companion joining:duck:
She wont come with them to find the others it seems....
But who will be next?
That we will find in the next chapters:coolphoto:

I think i never thought what would happen if they would have been with Spitfire when talking to RD:rainbowderp:
Maybe no pistols pointed to their face? Who knows?

Chapter was good and ending leaves something to think while you know that there is nothing too complicated things that will happen:raritywink:

Saw this still

the gears of time itself it.

Should remove that excess 'it' from there i think:twilightsmile:

Have a nice day/night:pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

5843541 Here's the thing, Applejack made a promise remember? Dashie here, didn't. Both joined Twilight for different reasons and go about their day in that very way. But the question rests indeed, who is the next to be found? Three members of the company are here, just a couple more hidden in the dark. Place your bets, and see for yourself.

Who knows what could have happened if Spitfire was indeed with them? One thing would have been a certainty though, no flintlocks to the face. But another heap of trouble as unwanting ears caught air of the delicate situation. But, this is only the tip of the iceberg. As in, really, it's the very tip of it.

Errors... No matter what I do, no matter how well I try my best, they always manage to sneak their way in, don't they? Oh I know! Can I use the excuse I'm half dyslectic? No? What do you... Oh, right, never proven. But in all seriousness, I shall remove it.

I'm glad that you liked this chapter as well and i wish you the same. :raritywink:

Why are there sets of three or four paragraphs followed by a space which is then followed by another set? Shouldn't they be together or at least have a line? Besides that, good job so far!

5873546 It's a mistake I made for pretty much all my stories. After the space, there should be a line yes. Might fix it in the future, but no plans yet for it. Though I'm glad you enjoy the story so far.

Looks very good buddy:scootangel:

But this just for some reason bugs me

She didn’t had any idea of what she could be done in the matter outside of telling the truth.

My head jus keeps telling me that 'have' would make more sense instead of 'had' and instead of 'be' the word 'have' would again sonud better:applejackunsure:

My head is just killing me about that and i just don't understand why:fluttershbad::fluttercry:

5873630 Hmmm, the matter indeed rings truth for me. 'Had' indeed should have been 'have' and the 'be' could be changed to 'have'. Though in my head it does sound good on the last part. I'll change it up anyway.

Seriously, when this story is done, there will be some really minor edits. The tale is over 530.000 words, so go figure.

5873640 That it indeed is going to be. But worth every, single, second.

5873674 I second that! Greatly enjoyed the new chapter! ^^ I'm enjoying every bit of this tale!

So someone tried to kill them.... who could that be, i wonder:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:
That one has knowledge of very potent poisons and yet that one didn't succeed. We may see that one later in the story or maybe it was the forest that is to blame:trixieshiftright: but now we don't know it so we will wait and see what will happen with flutters:duck:

“Beauty is also deadly.”

Something tells me that this may be a glimpse of what is coming:moustache:
Rarity is beautiful but also very dangerous if provoked...
Who knows?:rainbowderp:

Sivaas los stiildus nuz dilos

Word of warning in the language of dragons

5904283 You're well familiar with my style of writing. Everything that happened, is going to happen and is happening, is explained at one point or the other. So the question is not if you may see it. The question should be when you'll see it. I'm pretty sure you can guess the outcome with Flutters, but can you guess the path they are going to walk?

To foreshadow or not to foreshadow, that's always the question that rests upon my mind. Who knows? Maybe it indeed tells something about Rarity, perhaps about somepony else? Nothing is what it seems, until the answers are given.

Ah, the language of the dragons of Tamriel, such a majestic manner of bringing it. Love it!

5904841 my my:moustache: how about you think of something in the language of the dragons? Hmmm:duck:

Yein lot ahrk bonaar nahlii

5905139 Los tol jur? Hi los moorus mal jor.

5905159 just me being my self:raritywink:
Hi los dii inzah
You write so well
I think i might try also doing a fic at somepoint:scootangel:
Hi los lot giwahdaal wah kiibok:pinkiehappy::raritystarry:
You make an army and i will gladly follow and help if i can:raritywink:

5905205 Aren't we all from time to time?
Nu tolro atruk, nox hi, fahdon
It is the fruit of years of labor and a hard road which I constantly had to tackle. The great imagination was a thing that developed over time, the more I played with Lego and made stories with the sets I got. And I recommend that you just make a story, give it your all and see where it goes from there. After all, you have nothing to lose except a bit of time, don't you? Clearly you have understanding of the English language, far better then I do most likely. All you need is a crazy idea and boom, there you go. My first story was a sequel to Cupcakes, look where I'm now. Anything and everything can happen in life.
Daar los hin rot, ahrk Zu'u fir niin ulaan :twilightsmile:
Though making an army is not my style. I rather discuss the situation with my enemy, see if we can come to an agreement that's mutually beneficial, before my twisted mind comes up with ways to poison him during supper. What..?

Shy is afraid for their safety and my guess is that by staying they wont go but it isn't working as she hoped:fluttershysad:
What will happen will be seen in the next chapter.

Fluttershy irreplaceable

the word 'was' got lost from between those two words and you got the magic map to guide it back there(atleast i hope so):eeyup:

5928306 Sometimes, the plan one makes up doesn't work out in their favor. Fluttershy, unfortunately, is having first hand experience with that indeed. And yes, the next chapter is going to give some answers, but which, I won't tell.

No, you're right. It was supposed to be there and I edited it in. Thanks!

Pirate town...

Well my guess is that will be pinkie for rarity is something else but i don't know yet to be too sure..

Naval persuasion

For some odd reason naval reminds me of tickling someone:moustache:

5950267 You might become surprised just who is next on the list.

5950295 maybe:pinkiecrazy:
And no i will TICKLE YOU:flutterrage:


5950322 Ohshit, ohshit, ohshit!

5950330 run ya landlubber run:pinkiecrazy:

we are a bit crazy, right friend?:derpytongue2:

5950352 What's life without a bit of crazyness?

Interesting events happen and a name arises that brings dread to a sailors heart...

I somehow knew that one with the name Belle would be here:duck:

But who will it be?
Find out next time...

I found this

Twilight didn’t actually minded it

You meant mind, not minded, right?

5980003 Wherever there is water, there is always a fear for something or someone that sails them. Tides are turning and the winds are changing. I always manage to sneak in those little tiny things for my own amusement, looking for those who can figure them out. Some obvious, others not so obvious. But yes, who is it going to be? Just two left, so you have a 50/50 gamble. Place your bets!

In my mind it sounds like it can both be used, actually. >-> <-< Am I excused? Pwease?

5980069 you are excuced, my dear friend:raritywink:

My opinion on these last two chapters: intriguing and good.
Now i just have to wait for the next one...

6292606 Hehehe, glad you liked them. But as unfortunate as it is, I dare to say around the middle of October, is the time that I can continue updating this story.

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