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Rarity Belle

A Dutch gentleman of leisure, living for pleasure, since mirth is my measure. Writing stories that are (mostly) unique and psychological of nature and visiting conventions whenever I can.


Authors are a strange kind of beings, that isn't much of a surprise to anypony. They just see the world a little different than most others and find enjoyment in that. Some just fade away when they decide to leave, never to be heard from again. Yet one of them tends to go out on his own terms when the time is there. For one author is the end of a chapter right in front of him, and a new one waits just beyond the horizon.

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Quite possibly my last fanfic ever, wanted to finish it in style.

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Cast out of her hive because of a rare birth-defect, Chara is doomed to wander Equestria. Looking in all corners of the wind for the mysterious red-flow of emotions. All the hatred, trouble and turmoil the land is rich, will sustain her. Problem is of course that those emotions are a bit difficult to find in all of Equestria. Maybe she can help some poor souls give it to her?

But a feast is what she desires most. Something that will give her the biggest thrill of her life. A devastating blow to the most powerful magic in Equestria, should do the trick just fine. Chara's plan, isn't really a bright one. But what can one, starving changeling accomplish?

About the same as any wild, sentient animal.

A bright but devious plan will hatch, molded by a changeling's desires to consume emotions. Hiveless, red-eyed and hungry, Chara is a near perfect hunter. But every hunter has a weakness, and every prey a strength.

The long awaited story-commission that was auctioned off at Hearth's Warming Con this year!
Cover art found on internet, credit goes to the original creator.

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This story is a sequel to Blood Curse Boutique

"And so we start again, tormenting ourselves with the pain of a year ago. Living through the pain of having lost my sister. Some might know, others won't have a concept about it. Do I care? No. Because I know my sister, I know what she would and wouldn't do. Somepony murdered her that night, and I'll find out who, or my name won't be Sweetie Belle any longer."

A year came to pass since the fires raged through the Carousel Boutique. A year went by during which everypony thought Rarity was gone. But in reality, she's never left the woods of Everfree. Living her life in the ancient castle, Rarity's time seems endless. Yet thoughts of the past continued to haunt her, together with her more beastly side.

In the meantime, the infamous Night Guard has been reestablished by princess Luna. Vamponies and wereponies are on the rise, causing trouble on the roads. The abominations of the night need to be stopped before they spread too much havoc. A job the thestrals can't do the job on their own, and Luna knows that. Meaning that volunteers can enlist.

Torn by grief, maddened by sadness, Sweetie Belle doesn't know what is right and wrong anymore. That cursed night consumed by fire continued to haunt her. Not even all the distractions she had given herself could empty her mind of it. Unsure of what to do next, it won't take too long before a rash decision comes forth. A decision that won't just drag Sweetie in the abyss, but the other Crusaders as well.

All three of them, having different ideals and ways of living, are about to face the unbelievable. Revelations to come, disasters to be avoided, changes to be made and words that must never be spoken. Yet a slight ripple in the pond, can change everything. Some, have been much closer to the truth than they might have thought originally. Nopony is safe as not only the night is at stake, but so are their lives...

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With the start of a well deserved vacation ahead of them, six friends find themselves stuck with one last disaster. There's something, scurrying around in the bathroom... and it's no pony.

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When Rarity is being asked to give a fashion show in Canterlot, she can't resist. She has to go no matter what. The only problem happens to be that her friends find it rather fishy and don't want her to go. They know something that has happened to Rarity not too long ago. A thing that the seamstress can't remember herself. A fact they also want to keep that very way. Rarity knowing the answers about the events would be devastating.

Yet old enemies do tend to return at the most unexpected times. Some are blunt, quick to strike and defeated easily. Others, sit out their time. Manipulate those around them in believing they are good. Patience is a virtue, is often said. How long before the final blow can be given when that patience has already ran for a millennium? History tends to repeat itself and nightmares are the most powerful warnings that can be given. Nightmares of the past, preludes to the horrible future to come.

Sorta sequel to the MLP comics issue 5 through 8 (otherwise known as the Nightmare Rarity arc)
Cover picture is cropped picture made by godzilla3092

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"Sometimes, it's more about the journey than the destination."

Turmoil struck Equestria! Tremors from deep within the earth cause the whole nation to be shook wide awake. Nopony knows where they come from, nopony is able to predict where the next one hits. Though in Canterlot Castle, there is only one soothsayer who has an eye for them. Only one soothsayer tries to make sense out of the mess. That soothsayer is nopony else then Twilight Sparkle.

The unicorn anthrony can't believe the quest that the goddesses of the sun and moon have given to her. That she has to travel to a place where nopony has ever been before in order to stop the terror of the ground. If she doesn't, the land can turn into nothing more but a barren wasteland, extinct from all life. Tasked with a impossible task, the desperate search begins.

A search that is not just about finding the origin of it all, as well as five other beings that should accompany her. Along the way is nothing certain and the anthronies will get to know one another. Perhaps even more than they would have liked. Different breeds and races mixed together for one quest only have to set their differences aside and work together. If not, the land's darkest forces just might get their hands on them. Dark Witches and those living on the other side of the ocean are always lurking for their next victim. Chances are that they all get more than they bargained for.

- Coverart equals anatomy
- Coverart created by Somnias (Simp)

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This story is a sequel to Diamonds are a girl's worst enemy

Locked away inside the boundaries of an asylum for the insane, Rarity the gem-huntress has only become a former shell of the mare she was. madness has its full grasp of her and it is not letting go. Months she had been talking to the doctors who try to 'help' her with her condition. They aren't prepared for the mental power the unicorn carries with her. How big are the walls that they have to destroy in order to get to her delicate spirit?

But that very same spirit hungers for freedom. To live the life she wanted to live ever since the accident happened. To live her life the way it was after things got out of control. The crystalline arms forced into a crystalline dress serve as a grim reminder for the doctors. But to Rarity they mean the world. The plans are forged to make an escape out of the place.

An escape that may end up with just more then giving Rarity her freedom. Life gives and takes, as the saying goes. Everypony is said to make a deal with the devil, and he always comes to collect.

Coverart created by OstiChristian
Note: this story is a direct sequel/continuation on its prequel story.

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This story is a sequel to The Art of Magic II: Secrecy of the Facility

Madness is said to eventually take hold of everything. It will ravage through a mind like a hurricane over land. Yet only the ponies outside of the comfortzone are able to bring that mind back from the doom it had sunken in. Perhaps a lesson not many will learn through the gears of time. But crisis knocks on the door of both the Magic Facility and the infamous unicorn city of Tol Ret Nac.

With Rarity having gone crazy from the waste products, she has not only become a danger for herself but the entire factory as well. Those trouble together with the protective shield around the city failing more as time comes and goes, the cocktail for disaster is ready to be served. And in what a fashion that would will be done by those around Rarity herself. Old colleagues, new enemies, new hierarchies and time running out. The days are counted for the infamous Facility whether it is liked or not, known or unknown.

Just what would be the very final sight for the final battle that would be fought by the ponies involved in the mess? Though what truly is going on high in the tower of Platinum herself, is a mystery for everypony and best left untouched for those who have nothing to search there. Sadly enough, none of them understand the meaning of that.

The last story in the trilogy and a direct follow up to the second story.
Cover art created by Softpurple.

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Rarity has become her worst fear, a spider. Or better said: an arachnid pony. Nonetheless, it doesn't take away from the fact that she isn't really happy about it, at first. The hopes be that the rest of Ponyville will like it, for three little fillies certainly do. Heaven be ready for whatever happens next when the four of them are together.

Though perhaps, things may not have been the way they look at first glance.

Coverart created by DANMAKUMAN
Featured on 06-13-2014, thank you all so much!

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Rarity is one of the most famous gem-hunters in the land of Equestria and therefore perhaps the best choice for a job given by the royals themselves. She is being called in to retrieve a gem from the deepest parts of the Canterlot mines. Together with her team she has to find the thing and bring it back to the surface. That is only the easy part. For usually it are the smaller things that give the bigger trouble.

When a book is also taken from the resting place of the gem, Rarity finds herself changed. Not for the better to say the least. New possibilities as well as horrors have opened themselves for the mare of fashion as she is seen as a monster in her own eyes. The job for the princesses might have been the final job she had ever taken as a gem-huntress before her life takes a new course. A course in the darker arts of the crystalline magic.

Friends become bitter enemies as the gears of time go on and the events turn only from bad to worse. It is said that there is light at the end of a dark tunnel, but what if you can't see that very light?

Coverart created by Vadim

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