• Published 18th Apr 2016
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Blood Curse Hunters - Rarity Belle

The rise of vamponies and lycans issued the Night Guard's return by Luna's command. Time came and went for Rarity, but everything's about to change. Old friends turn to new enemies and family into adversaries. Hell's knocking, banging on the door.

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Chapter 6

In the comforts of her blankets had Fluttershy awoken after a rainy night. The dawn had come again and the clouds of rain seemed to have disappeared. She was happy with that little fact, because it meant that she could be doing her own things during the rest of the day again.

A morning came to pass during which not much seemed to have happened. But it was in the afternoon that Twilight wandered the roads outside her cottage. The unicorn was just whistling some songs to herself before Fluttershy even noticed her. She then waved to her friend who actually came over. In an instant had the pegasus come to regret her decision. If there was one pony to which she didn’t wanted to speak in the moment, it would have been Twilight.

“Hey Fluttershy, how is it going?” Twilight asked, holding a stack of books and scrolls in her magic. Without a doubt would she be reading those later that afternoon.

Though the pegasus didn’t even knew how to react to that. Words shot short to her as Twilight possibly would have continued to ask about her scars and everything. “W-Well, I, I’m feeling fine,” she answered quickly, “but what about you? W-Where are you going, with...that?”

Twilight giggled a bit to herself. She was secretly pleased to hear the answer and the question. A question which she was even more eager to answer. “Well, you know that Zecora and I have been meeting with one another for the past year now, trying to figure out what exactly roams in the Everfree. I, told Rarity my discoveries before she, you know, but we never have been able to confirm it.”

Fluttershy rose both her eyebrows to the words. The words spoke of a conversation that she had never even heard before, not from Rarity, not from Twilight, not from anypony. Though with her own condition of course, she had to be certain that they wouldn’t be hunting her. “And, w-what do you believe, roams the Everfree?”

Twilight shook her head and shrugged. There were many creatures that called those woods their home, but the one in which she was interested, was one that took the icing on the cake. “The one creature in which I am interested in, is what we believe to be a werepony, a pony that can shift during full moon and consumes any and all, given the chance. Nasty creatures and a regular sighting these days in rural areas like Ponyville. I do not know where they come from though.”

This was the moment where Fluttershy had been waiting on. This was the moment on which she had been eagerly waiting. The chance was given to her and she would have taken it. The chance to ask Twilight about facts about wereponies without looking too suspicious in doing so. Fluttershy just had to take it with both hooves. “Say, uhm, Twilight, if, if it isn’t too much trouble for you, could, I borrow some books about these, wereponies? Y-You know, just in case one decides to, pay me a visit?” Fluttershy dared to ask of Twilight. Then she could have only waited for the right answer.

Twilight had to think about for just a couple of seconds. For a couple of agonizing seconds would she have been kept in wait for whatever came next. Fluttershy’s heart began beating faster and faster while it crawled up to her throat. Who knew how long it would have actually taken and how long before Fluttershy would have been discovered?

Yet Twilight then gave a simple nod. A simple nod that she agreed with the pegasus. “It is something to take into consideration, yes. If you come by later tonight, I will have a couple of books ready about them. Wouldn’t want it to happen that you end up as one of them,” answered Twilight before her mind would have scuttled off to regions unknown. Sunken perhaps too deep in the past, that was what it seemed like for Fluttershy.

The pegasus have to clop with her hooves in order to get Twilight back to the present time. “W-What? Yes, sorry, of course. I, I kinda got carried away. I, don’t want to lose any more friends than I already have.”

Fluttershy understood where Twilight came from though, but telling her the truth would have been a lot more painful than she originally had thought. The pegasus had to bite her tongue in order not to say anything about Rarity, about the castle or about her own condition. “Maybe you should be going, Zecora is waiting and I’ll come by later tonight,” returned Fluttershy in a calm, reassuring tone to the unicorn. Who only nodded before they gave each other a hug. Only to then go their separate ways again. Fluttershy would return to her chores while Twilight went to Zecora.


Trixie had come back up to the ground-level of the castle and felt the warmth of the flames again going across her entire body. It just felt good to her to be out of the grasp of the prison again. Fluttershy would eventually have been sent down in order to clean up the dead. Gave her something to feast on as well. It was a reasoning that couldn’t have worked more perfectly though, even though trouble would have come from it. Either way, Trixie was back with the cup of blood and she turned over to the throne room.

For it was inside that very room that she would be waiting for her meal. Rarity had sent Trixie away some time ago and then gazed to the light of the sun, to view the world she was forced to see only by night, once more cast in the light. But it had caused some severe burning to her eyes. Her usual sharp eyesight had been taken. She was almost blinded and only saw hazy blobs left and right. Only directly in front of her did she still notice things sharp. Though while she sat on her throne, there was nothing that gave away the limitation that she had.

Rarity’s eyes still appeared to be normal while Trixie walked through the door. A set of doors which was left open in order to see who would have found the place next. Trixie levitated the cup to her mistress with a bow, who took the blob of brown to herself. Only when it almost touched her nose did Rarity see it was the cup she had asked. It wasn’t a moment too soon either. She wanted to drink it, consume everything and heal up from her stupid little adventure with the sun. That cursed light was her enemy, her greatest enemy of all.

“The blood, as you requested. Though, Trixie does have unfortunate news as well,” she said to Rarity. Her body rose back up. Her hooves brought her closer to the throne before she came to a standstill. Trixie was looking right at Rarity, who had taken already a big sip of blood. The slave anticipated the signal to continue talking.

A signal which was given to her not that much later. With a smear of blood stuck to her upper lip, Rarity felt the fresh blood coursing through her throat before it pulsed through her veins. She animated a deep breath while the eyes were focused on a bluish blob at the bottom of the steps. “Continue, what is this unfortunate news that you have, darling?” Rarity asked of her, eager to hear.

Trixie shuffled a bit with her leg and took her eyes off of Rarity. Almost as if she was ashamed to whatever the stallion had spoken about, as if she was terrified to even tell Rarity what had happened down there. But she had to tell her mistress eventually. Though perhaps she could leave certain bits out? So many things went through her head at the same time, what was the right thing?

Letting Rarity wait usually was not a good idea, so Trixie took a deep breath before she told her what she knew. Not a stone was unturned about the matter. About how she drained him and how she slaughtered them. But she never spoke the words about the flames consuming all. That was the one little part that she left out.

The vampony had listened to the words with great care and only nodded before shrugging the loss off. It was a shame, as the blood was delicious. But a dead pony was a dead pony. Nothing could change that fact. She couldn’t reanimate the dead to work for her. First of all would it unclear, second, it would be unethical and third, she wasn’t a fan of zombiponies. No, perhaps it was better that the stallion had lost his life.

The cup was again set to her lips while the eyes went shut. Rarity would have continued to take sips from it until it was empty. And even then would she have licked out all the bits that she could. Next to the fact that it could restore her sight, Rarity had also hoped on the fact that it would refresh her mind of times long gone by. But who was she kidding with that desire to begin with? Prior her turning had her life only been hard work and very little free time, after she had been turned had it become a hell to keep everything ‘natural’. No, only after she was dead to the world did she began to live truly. Only then would Rarity have been Rarity. A different Rarity, but Rarity still.

Every single sip that she took from the blood caused a new flash to come before her eyes. A flesh that always pictured a pony that had seen the end of life because of her. Whether it were her teeth or her magic, it didn’t matter. Every single pony that had been slaughtered by her in the past two years made a return. A return that always was accompanied with that questioning gaze. The gaze that not just asked, but screamed why? Why were they the ones that she had murdered? Why were they the ones that had encountered the true Rarity while the others lived in ignorance?


Once the cup was empty and licked out, the final pony did its turn before her eyes. Behind the closed lids did Rarity see a heartless Fleur staring at her. The dead eyes had haunted her to that very day. A curse that she has been living with for over a year. The glance which Fleur had given to her was just utterly dreadful. If Rarity had to be honest, she admitted that she became terrified of it.

In a moment of pure rage had she done something unexpected. While the cup was held in a hoof, all of the sudden was it hurled away from her. Almost as if she wanted to hit something across the room. While the cup flew, Rarity shouted her words in pure anger and cold hatred. “Leave me alone for once, you had it coming! And you know it as well as I do!”

Trixie ducked to the ground before she saw where the cup smashed against the floor and shattered into pieces. The other unicorn could have only gasped in fright before her eyes shifted back to Rarity. Something had happened and her mistress just stood there, wheezing to herself while her eyes were opened again. Not a single word came from either of them. What would have come next? That was the question that Trixie dared to ask herself in mind. Never would she have asked how Rarity was doing, as Rarity was not doing that great to begin with. The vampony bared her fangs as if she would do before the hunt.

A gulp came from Trixie when she saw how the wings uncurled themselves. Flap after flap would be given to them before Rarity had become airborne. Even after a year of intense training had the connection between wing and body remained brittle. But she could fly at least for a good minute. The pain she would have received was suppressed until she could no longer take it. Which was exactly what she would have done that very moment.

Growling came from her. Animalistic growling had left Rarity’s throat before she licked her lips clean from the blood. She wasn’t in the mood to do anything else. She had to find shelter somewhere, somewhere that only she knew would have been save. A shriek of rage followed everything before she shot up to the ceiling of the throne room.

Somewhere across the stone beams that supported the roof had Rarity made her little nest. A nest where she would have come whenever she felt like. High up in the darkness of the roof would she be waiting for anypony unwelcome to have come through the doors. She landed atop one of the beams and her eyes saw the nest made out of blankets and pillows. It appeared to be build similar as to how birds would have done it.

Hidden away from everything, Rarity would have done her things and nestled herself in the little nest, awaiting whoever came through the door. All while Trixie left in silence for her own room.