• Published 18th Apr 2016
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Blood Curse Hunters - Rarity Belle

The rise of vamponies and lycans issued the Night Guard's return by Luna's command. Time came and went for Rarity, but everything's about to change. Old friends turn to new enemies and family into adversaries. Hell's knocking, banging on the door.

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Chapter 11

The cursed and dreaded dawn had come again and the sun crept over the skies as it would have done every other day. All seemed well in Ponyville, all seemed how it used and should have been. Ponies just went about doing their own things, while others just went along with the currents of time itself. Nopony would have fallen out of alignment for the day.

The clear blue skies already gave it away to them, it would be a marvelous day. But for one certain unicorn would the day be spend doing something that was loved, cherished even. A year had come to pass and Twilight Sparkle released a deep sigh through her nostrils. Time had brought her back to more distant and rather forgotten memories. Time brought her back to the night it all happened. It resulted in a single, gentle tear that ran down her cheek.

Her eyes opened again and she saw the field that stretched before her. A field where another unicorn was busy with magic. The vision of Twilight became sharper again before her lips curled up in a smile. In her sight had she seen Sweetie Belle. The young mare had gone through a couple of grow spurts, so did her friends. Sweetie was no long just the cute filly, she was developing herself into a gorgeous young mare.

Even though Rarity had come to pass away, Twilight had taken it on herself that she would take the sisterly duties on her, just to make the other unicorn proud. Sweetie was of course happy with that, since Twilight was a true master of the arcane, a fact proven time and time again. Though to Twilight it only seemed like yesterday that Sweetie came in her library, devastated by the news, looking for comfort. A comfort that not even her friends could give to her.

Twilight let out another sigh moments before Sweetie lowered the object in her magic. The green aura disappeared around her horn and a smile grew over her lips. She was glad to have done the exercise. One that she had been doing time and time again already, but every time she discovered that she was just that bit more powerful.

In the near year that they had been training, Twilight came to notice that Sweetie –much like her sister– had a specialty in the arts of levitation. But next to that was Sweetie also gifted in some shield-spells and...did Twilight even dare to think about it? Sweetie Belle could even concentrate her grief into a physical beam. It had happened once, just after the funeral for Rarity. Twilight straightened her back and she felt the scar that was given to it. A gentle groan came from her before she rose out of her sitting position.

“Very well done indeed, Sweetie,” said Twilight in a genuine impressed tone. The weight that Sweetie had been levitating was one of the more heavier objects that Twilight could have given her. For the time being, she only focused on doing just that. There was still no good opportunity to show Sweetie the more advanced spells in the library. Twilight sometimes even wondered if she would have been ready for it. Magic and a grieving pony weren’t always the best mix together.

She came closer to the young mare and gave her a tight hug, a hug that was returned just as tight to her. “Thanks Twilight,” returned Sweetie in a sultry, calm voice. Sweetie’s voice had left the cracks behind in order to form one that could melt a stallion’s heart. Singing had become a favorite past time, she had the near perfect voice that to boot.

A year had gone by, but Sweetie had become so much more mature during it.

“How about we return to the library for a nice cup of tea? We can stay on the balcony, if you want,” Twilight said to her moments before the hug would have been broken.

Sweetie just nodded to the words and together they would have left, only to wander through the quiet streets of Ponyville, avoiding one place in particular. Sweetie had no desire to see what had come from the place and she just wanted to be out of the streets, quick as they could. But time hadn’t been that kind for Twilight. She had in fact become a bit slower. She took her time to do pretty much everything and she smiled warm to some other ponies in the street.

It truly was a picture perfect day.

Though while they continued to walk to the library, a question came up in the mind of Sweetie. A question that perhaps shouldn’t have been asked. One that, if she didn’t spoke it before thinking, she would have slapped herself for. “Do you think that Spike has an eye on me?” Sweetie asked to Twilight. Her eyes shifted over to the other unicorn, who could read the wonder within.

Though the other mare just yet out a single chuckle in response. It was cute to see her think about stallions, or the opposing sex in general. But Spike having an eye for her? Even though he had grown and they were about the same age, Twilight doubted it. “Not that I am aware of. He’s a dragon with many secrets though. Many secrets that would be hidden from me as well. I honestly cannot tell. But maybe I can get him crazy enough to arrange a date with you? Just imagine, a dinner by candlelight, a kiss on the lips, a star-filled night, nopony to disturb you.”

“Uhm, Twilight, you sure that you haven’t been reading too many romantic novels again?” Sweetie asked before a cute giggle left her. Just to see Twilight’s face drop the way it did in response, it was priceless for the young mare.

“Well, uhm, perhaps,” was all that Twilight could bring out as a response with a blush.


The two unicorns continued to wander through the town of Ponyville, to the treelibrary that was so well-known by everypony. But every time when they entered a street, Sweetie had to blink and see the ponies inside of it again. A horrible thought and curse was laid upon her. A horrible something that could someday just devastate her mind.

Twilight was aware of what was going on in Sweetie’s mind. Even though she never gave it away, she did keep a firm and close eye on the young mare. Something about her whole being had changed in the past year. Certainly in the first few months, Sweetie grew more closer to herself, she didn’t trust others as much as she had done before. The events that happened to Rarity, had made a great impact on her personality.

Because every time when they entered a street, Sweetie could have sworn that she saw Rarity walking through it. Months ago would she have trusted her feelings and just galloped and barraged through it, but only recently had she learned that little trick. A trick that was taught by her own mother, in fact. But the numerous times that it happened, worried Twilight. “You still see her, around every corner that you go, don’t you?” the mare asked with a careful tone.

Sweetie gave a single nod in response. She didn’t want to talk about it and Twilight could understand it. There was nothing to talk about in the situation even. Sweetie had experienced something horrible, lost her beloved sister in the process and all that she wanted, was to get Rarity back. But that, was a thing that never would have come to reality.

So in silence they then continued their journey to the treelibrary. As much as Twilight had wanted to help her with her psychological issues, but it wasn’t her place to do. No, that duty would have always remained by her parents and they had done an amazing job so far. Though from time to time would the question have risen about everything.

Questions that spoke about the past two years in general, how everything had come to the point as they were. A lot of strange things happened for certain, for everypony involved. But while they were wandering down the street, Twilight had to admit that it was strange. And there was one matter that still went unresolved.

The crisping and raging fires could be caught in her ears again, the powerful hum of her magic while she searched for Rarity in the burning boutique. Nothing made sense that very night. Nothing seemed to have been what it was. And worst of all, the night that she and Magnum spend in the hospital, she was hoping that she was right. Twilight prayed every waking hour that she was right and that Rarity indeed hadn’t risen from the dead. Something unfathomable had happened that night. Twilight was even scared of it, because nopony held the answer to that.

A deep sigh came from her nostrils before she hugged Sweetie around the neck with a hoof. A warm smile set over her lips before she nodded once. “It’s okay for you to see her, it means that you haven’t forgotten her. Remember that, for as long as you live, Sweetie.”


Fluttershy had just closed the last book about lycanthropy. Another night of no sleep had come to pass and the bags underneath her eyes had grown even larger. Sleeping was turned in a major issue for the pegasus over the past few days. Horrible nightmares and flashbacks had kept her awake for who knew how long. And the times that she had fallen asleep, all would have come back to her.

Sleep wasn’t granted anymore to her for reasons that she couldn’t even think about. Fluttershy let out a deep and loud yawn before the mouth made some smacks. She was at least in the comfort of her home though, that was one thing where was grateful for. Though after the yawn she left her sofa and just roamed through her cottage, no true aim had been given to her hooves. She just went around and about. Maybe she was checking if everything was there, maybe she just needed to move around? Her mind worked slower than usual, cursing her muscles.

All of the animals in her cottage of course knew what she was, but none of them even dared to speak it against other beings. As much as it was Fluttershy’s home, so was it theirs. Not to mention that the pegasus had never morphed due to them or even laid a single talon on any of them. Control was something that she had, but only because her personality had allowed it.

The mare ended up staring out of a window that she opened only moments prior. Her thoughts began to trail off again to places that she never even held possible. Thought went all the way to times where she hadn’t been turned into a monster. “What would have come from me, if I hadn’t gone into the woods that night?” Fluttershy mumbled to herself, hoping to get some answer from the sun above.

She could still walk through the light of the sun, whereas Rarity was locked away during the night. To that day, she still didn’t know for certain who had gotten the shorter end of the stick. At some moments Fluttershy thought it was herself, at others she knew that it was Rarity. Either way, the thoughts continued to make a rampage through her mind.

Another sigh would have left her before she let the window alone again. But the calm breezes that went through the cottage were a welcoming thing. A gentle smile managed to come to her face before she returned to the books. A gander was given to each of them and then a nod followed. She would have stored them all away, hoping to remember the information in them. Hoping that perhaps one day, they would have saved her hide.

Lycans were a special kind of beings, that much was sure. Wereponies in the common tongue, and Fluttershy was one of the worst. There was a saying that spoke that the most horrible things would have come from the quiet ones, in her case did that happen to be the truth.

While she made her way up the stairs, the scars announced their presence again and a curse went through the cottage. One the cursed Angel the bunny, for he was the cause that everything had gone to Tartarus for her. If he hadn’t left the place that night, everything would have been normal, everything would have been the way it supposed to be. Everything would have been ignorant, and that would have been a bliss to her.

Angel the bunny heard the curing words and perked his ears, only to lay low in his basket. Not even he dared to ask her anything. He had become terrified for the monster in which Fluttershy could turn. He too, realized that a mistake had been made. A grave mistake for which she had to pay.


Atop the balcony of the treelibrary were both Twilight and Sweetie. They enjoyed each other’s company and just sat there, sipping their tea while magical theories were exchanged, books were read or just bathing in the sun. No matter what, calm and serenity were kept on the deck. A thing that was loved by either unicorns.

Spike the dragon wanted to partake in the events, but Twilight had said to him it was better for Sweetie to be left alone in the moment. She had another one of her moments and Spike knew more than enough about the matter. He would have left them alone for as long as they wanted. Perhaps it was a bit sad for Sweetie, as she had grown rather fond of Spike’s company too. The chance was there that they both felt attracted, because Rarity meant so much to them both.

Twilight went to another page of her book before a sip of tea was taken. She had arrived by the chapter of arcane shields and gave it a thorough read. All sorts of things had to be worked out before she would even begin to teach Sweetie the true basics of arcane-shielding. Sweetie knew how to cast one, but that one was barely enough to hold a pebble fired at it. No, the librarian said to herself that she knew when Sweetie would have been ready to receive the next step in their training. For the time being, it would have been just the levitational spells.

That very same Sweetie Belle was bathing in the afternoon sun at that moment. With the sunglasses on and her belly facing up, she laid in the lawn chair. The beams of the sun tickled her a little bit before a shade blocked it just for a moment.

A shade that came quick as it could and left even faster. The eyes of the young mare opened up and she rose up from the lawn chair. A couple blinks were made before the glasses were removed and she turned her attention to the castle of Canterlot. There she saw it flying with great haste. Something that resembled a bat-pony of the Lunar Guard shot by, heading home to inform the princess of the night about something. Something that perhaps meant trouble?

Either way, Sweetie’s attention turned back to Twilight with a rather burning question on her mind. Something else had happened in the past six months and she wanted to know what it was. Something that had shook Equestria on its foundations even, but most ponies just lived passed it. “Say Twilight, why is the Night Guard established again?” she asked to the other unicorn.

With her attention shifted over to Twilight, the other unicorn had no choice but to answer. “What?” was all she said though. The question has shot right passed her and the book was lowered.

“I asked, why the Night Guard had been established, Twilight,” the young mare repeated.

That time did Twilight caught it and she let out just a single chuckle in response. But the answer to give on it was everything but simple. The Night Guard wasn’t something that worked in the light of day, nor were their methods something that was considerable ‘good’, they were a questionable lot, that was for certain. But they tried, they tried their best to help the ponies.

“The Night Guard has been established in every single city and town so far, Sweetie. The reason behind it is that a lot of predators have been lurking in the darkness of night. Princess Luna took it almost to herself to protect the ponies. Even though she controls the night, she doesn’t control what dwells within. And evil, mostly comes from dark places. It’s a long, long story actually, and not even I know all of the details that are involved in the matter.”

“Please Twilight, could you tell me? I have the right to know, right?” Sweetie asked in a tone a young foal could be proud on. One thing had not changed in all that time though, when Sweetie wanted something, she would have gotten it. Which meant that there was no other option for Twilight than to give in the demands of the young mare.

With a nod would Twilight have started the story as she knew it. A gentle exhale was given first and the book was closed. Sweetie assumed a more normal sitting position on the chair and perked her ears. The afternoon would still last long and her parents wouldn’t mind it if she came home after dinner. She would have been with Twilight, just about the safest place in Equestria.