• Published 18th Apr 2016
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Blood Curse Hunters - Rarity Belle

The rise of vamponies and lycans issued the Night Guard's return by Luna's command. Time came and went for Rarity, but everything's about to change. Old friends turn to new enemies and family into adversaries. Hell's knocking, banging on the door.

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Chapter 119

Rarity laid at the bottom of the stairs, bleeding heavily from her side. The stallion remained standing there and all the wires snapped in Sweetie’s mind. She wasn’t going to let the crime go unpaid. Apple Bloom aimed her arrow at the head of the stallion and let go.

Fractions later would the silver tip made contact with the skin and Sweetie lunged herself forward. She rushed up the stairs with the most hateful glance in her eyes. Scootaloo kept an eye on the wolf, but even the wolf’s expression had changed. This was serious, way too serious.

Soulful Gust had prepared himself on the rampaging mare of course, but not even he could avoid what came next. His wings opened as soon when the arrow managed to hit him. To make the situation even worse, he wasn’t allowed to just fall to the ground. No, Sweetie stood there. Her horn aimed at him and Gust fell right atop of it.

Like a sharp blade it pierced through the skin and flesh. Skewered by both his throat and his chest, death seemed like the only option that the vampony stallion had left for himself. Not a cry of pain came from him, but the horn of Sweetie turned warmer. She was going to cast a spell that would obliterate him. To a crazed kind of degree, he was glad for it. Because then would the eternal torment through which he lived, his constant burning of the silver hooves, would all go away. The sweet release of death couldn’t be arriving any sooner for him and he wanted her to slaughter her. Soulful Gust wanted that sweetie Belle would end his life, a thought that occurred by more vamponies before dying.

The blood of the vampony already began to stream down the horn and the top of Sweetie’s head. The young unicorn was maddened by grief of course. She was angry at the stallion and wanted to see him dead. He was the only one with whom they didn’t have any connection. Sweetie would have done the only thing that she could have done. “This is where you end,” she growled to him, shifting her eyes up to his chest.

“And I gladly accept the death you give me!” Soulful Gust returned to her. His voice was already weakened by the blood loss. He was ready to embrace death after such a long, long time. He was ready to leave the cold life behind him and see what laid on the other side of it. Whatever would have come, he had done the will of his queen. The will of his one and only, true queen.

Sweetie’s horn charged up even more rapid before the spell would be cast. It was a simple spell, but one that was enough to kill him. “Feel the wrath of the light,” she grunted. She had cast an illumination spell that shone and bright and powerful as the sun itself. Soulful wouldn’t stand a chance against her powers.

“W-What devilish...trickery, is this?!” Gust grunted as his final words. His body was reduced to ash and dust within a matter of seconds. The stallion had perished by the hunters. Sweetie had laid the killing blow and only when she heard the arrow fall to the ground, did she knew that it was enough.

Trixie and Fluttershy didn’t knew what to do in response. They wanted to attack Sweetie, but they were glad that they had taken down Soulful. It was Rarity whom they had been worrying about the most. She was maimed badly by the hoof and quite possibly, wouldn’t be able to recover. The blue unicorn was the first that ran to her mistress side and dropped down next to her, looking for anything to do.

Scootaloo had kept a firm eye on the wolf, who’s very expression had shifted. It was now more Fluttershy than animal that looked to the pegasus. “Are you going to behave?” she dared to ask of the beast.

“As long, you don’t, do, anything...stupid,” the wolf managed to growl up. Without waiting for an answer had she set her paws in the direction to get closer to Rarity. All five of them would see just how bad it was going to be. Just how badly Rarity was hurt and just how terrible everything else was going to be.

Sweetie Belle had a look down the stairs and saw her sister lying there. The puddle of blood only grew underneath her. It broke the hunter’s heart to see her sister lying there. Even though it was what she had deserved, Rarity’s way of departure was never supposed to be that way. Silence came from the young unicorn. No words came to her mind, other than a roar of pure emotional pain.

A roar that caused everypony to look at her and taking steps back from Rarity. If there was one pony who should have been there in those final moments, it would have been her. Sweetie and Rarity, through thick and thin, would have stayed together.

“It’s a lost cause, she’s gonna die, Scootaloo,” whispered Apple Bloom while she stored her bow again. They weren’t in the mood to get themselves in yet another fight. Scootaloo understood the direction from which the earth pony came and the jab that went across the side of the vampiric unicorn wasn’t for the faint of heart.

Her body tried to fix the damage done, yet the silver continued to burn it away. She would die, be reduced to dust and finally get the peace that she had wanted for such a long time by that point. “S-Sweets...” Rarity managed to speak, hoisting herself back on her legs. There was no strength in them though, and she fell straight back down. “C-Come here, p-please.”

Sweetie just stood there, mortified at the sight she had managed to work herself in. Everything could be blamed upon just her. At the same time, it was also Rarity’s fault. But now was her dying sister asking for her. She wanted to kill them not a mere ten minutes ago and Sweetie felt the same. But now, in the final moments of her life, Rarity just wanted to see Sweetie, feel her, be with her.

“I, I’m coming,” the young, white unicorn returned. She didn’t knew what to do, how to react to it all, but all that she could do was heed her sister’s wish and see what came from it. She would hurry down the stairs and drop down next to her sister. Sweetie didn’t even caring about the blood. They would just have a moment, for themselves.

Rarity’s eyes had shifted back to their sapphire blue color. Their expression was empty though, even emptier than before. Rarity was dying, really dying. The functions of her undead body would be shut one by one, but she would tell her words to Sweetie. She would tell her sister what she had wanted to tell. A hoarse chuckle left her, followed by a cough that brought forth blood. “Heh, well, you, you succeeded,” she said with a trembling voice, “you killed, the one who killed me... M-Maybe not, the way you had, expected, it to go...”

“No, I, I never...” Sweetie managed to say. She felt the hoof of Rarity come over her back, that cold leg, but with that sisterly warmth tingling through her. Time was running out and had gotten way too short for the both of them. She shouldn’t be speaking. Rarity, her sister, had to tell a lot more before she would leave the plane behind them.

“Shh, shh,” she managed to get out before another cough cut her off. Her tired eyes had a deep look to her younger sister. Her lips curled up to a smile and one of the fangs fell out of her mouth. Death was close now, too close for comfort for either of them. “I, I’m proud on you, Sweetie, n-never forget, that... I just, hadn’t expected us, to be in this...position while, it would happen...”

“N-Neither did I,” managed to Sweetie to stammer out. The last thing that the filly had wanted, to to be near the deathbed of her sister when it happened. But now, now there was no escape the reality of the situation. She scurried a bit closer to her sister and nuzzled the neck. She nuzzled like she would have done when they both were young and innocent. “D-Don’t leave me, Rarity...”

Rarity had to shut her eyes to those words, her body aching with every motion she made. She felt that her time had come and she was ready to accept the embrace of death. This time, there wouldn’t be anypony standing her way to leave life behind her and see where she would end up. One last adventure laid before her. But her story was over. Her part in the story of Sweetie’s life had come to an end.

The smile remained standing on her face while she too began to nuzzle her little sister, whispering the words that she wanted to say. “Every story, has to come to an end, Sweetie. Every story that we tell, the story...of who we are, eventually end with or without a book. Mine, just happened to be inside one. This, will be our last, chapter together, our last, page...I’m sorry, to end it on, this note...”

Baffled. Complete and utter baffled, that was the one emotion that went through Sweetie. From the vampony whom had wanted to terminate them was nothing left. All that was left, was the wisdom that Rarity always had. The unicorn was at the end of her life. With a final exhale would she leave her life and her head dropped to the ground.

Sweetie just laid there, watching over her sister with tears streaming out of her eyes. “N-No...” No other word could be muttered by her. The young mare didn’t knew what to do next, other than to wait for the dust to take her sister. She didn’t had to wait long.

It took only seconds before the wound would spread out. The flesh would turn to dust and the bones crumble. A howl of wind would move through the castle, carrying the dust that once was Rarity through the throne room. Her reign had come and in the end, Rarity had embraced death like it was an old friend of hers. The way her story had come to an end wasn’t the way anypony would have seen her go, but it was the way that it was.

A sigh came from Sweetie, who slowly managed to rise back up again. Her armor was covered in the blood of her sister and she shut her eyes. Her body trembled while she tried to keep the rest of the tears to herself. Sweetie wanted to speak some words about the loss of her sister, but there wasn’t any word that she wanted to say. There was no other word that she could speak. Nothing left her, she just stood there, flabbergasted at everything that had happened. Nothing seemed to be making sense to her in the moment and she wanted to just gallop away from the place, yet she was bound to it.

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo joined her side, both placing a hoof on her back. This was the exact reason as to why they remained together. The three of them were at their strongest together, but at the same time understood it when the other was in deep, sincere pain. Sweetie was heartbroken and they were in a place where none of them wanted to be.

Perhaps it was a good thing that both Trixie and Fluttershy were present there, since they didn’t have murderous tendencies to the hunters. They knew what had happened, they knew what troubles they went through. Though they would lie if they said that they didn’t wanted to murder them either. Neither the thrall nor the wolf knew what they had and could do in order to calm the hunters down, if there even was something that could stop it.

“T-Thank you, both,” Sweetie managed to bring forth before she shook her head. It was terrible to see her like it, but she knew that her friends meant all too well with their gestures. She didn’t wanted to be uplifted in her spirit, but it did feel good to have at least somebody looking after her. The young mare let out a deep exhale, saddened and defeated. Yet time had to move on. Even though Rarity’s story had come to an end, they were still alive and ready to tell what had happened in that castle.

In the end had Sweetie torn herself away from her friends. With heavy steps she would have climbed the stairs to the throne again. Her horn coated itself within the magical aura. Once on the top, the mare had a glance at both Fluttershy and Trixie, as well as Apple Bloom and Scootaloo. It was time to give Rarity the honors that she had deserved. It was time to tell what her sister truly thought of her. It would have been tough, but it was the only way in which Sweetie saw an equal respect as what Rarity gave to her in her final moments.

Her voice was heavy, hoarse and defeated beyond belief. Sweetie appeared like she could crumble any given moment. “A lot of vamponies, whom we encountered on our journey, should have taken an example from you, sis. You managed to remain the lady that you always wanted to be, even with the change that had happened to you. It, pains me to say, but, you were a good vampony... One that’s the rarest of them all to encounter. You were cursed so long ago, but you...managed to persevere through time. I, I don’t know what happened after the all-consuming fires, and I don’t want to know, but, I’m glad I was there when your moment to leave, finally came.”

Her head was aimed up, facing the closed and covered up window in the ceiling which held the massive moon behind it. Rarity would be on her way through the stars, finding her spot among them and hopefully shine brightly with them. Sweetie didn’t have any other words for the matter. She didn’t knew what to say, or what to do. It was up to the other four to make the decisions and see what else would have come.

But there was one thing with which they all could have agreed: Rarity could finally have some peace in the afterlife. Finally she wasn’t restrained anymore by the shackles of her undead body that kept her in Equestria. The mare who should have died a long time ago, finally had died and thus departed. Her dust had been scattered all through the throne room and both the thrall nor the wolf had the faintest idea what to do next. One thing was certain though, they wouldn’t dare touching the three hunters.

So many questions that the those same three hunters had for a couple of years, had been answered. So many unexplainable things, suddenly had gotten an answer. It was the answer of which they had never hoped to actually figuring out though. Scootaloo nor Apple Bloom knew what to say to the matter, other than that Sweetie had been right all along. They were sorry for the way Rarity had departed from her life. But in a way would it always have been her, or them. Who knew what future would have come to be when Rarity had just slaughtered them?

They both knew that there was one pony who might have had the answer to that. That impossible stallion that they had encountered once or twice on their adventures. The mysterious, brown coated stallion with the bow-tie. If they could find him, maybe they could get more answers to questions unknown. Not that it mattered much in the moment though. Violence wasn’t going to be the answer in that moment and the wolf shook her head.

“You okay?” Scootaloo asked to her.

A growl came forth from her and Trixie joined the side of the wolf. She would be acting as the translator for the creature. Because Fluttershy had been going mad with grief. Same could have been said for Trixie as well, but the blue coated unicorn managed to hide it very well. The clutches that the unicorn had over her were still present. The mind of Rarity was still present and held a strong hold on Trixie’s. But eventually, that hold would have come to vanish like that.

“She’s sad that her master has left this realm. Fluttershy’s been under mistress Rarity’s guard for a long time now. She fed her, kept her safe when the moon was full. She even taught her how to live with her changes, like she had done for herself,” Trixie explained in a nasty, sneering tone to them. “Not that I feel any better with Rarity’s departure though. She’s gone and we’re all here. But...” That was the moment where the hooks were gently released from her mind. “Trixie is also happy, that you saw understanding. To not, slaughter any of us until the moment was done. The stallion, Soulful Gust, always struck Trixie as a special type. Turned out she was right on him.”

So many answers had been going through the mind of Sweetie Belle. The young mare nodded with her head before she would leave the platform with the throne again. There was no need for her to stay there. There was no need for any of them to be there. Fluttershy would probably be trialed by the Night Guard and Trixie? Trixie would probably fall in the obscurity of history and be forgotten by time, if she was lucky.

Even though they all wanted to leave, none of them could. The presence of Rarity was still far too strong in that very moment. No, the end was nigh and everypony knew that. Soon would the doors be closed and the book be shut. The final act had happened in their story of madness, revenge and now grief. The battle-hardened hunters had now nothing. The only other thing they could do, was to hang up their coats and live their lives as they saw fit. A life away from the Night Guard.