• Published 18th Apr 2016
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Blood Curse Hunters - Rarity Belle

The rise of vamponies and lycans issued the Night Guard's return by Luna's command. Time came and went for Rarity, but everything's about to change. Old friends turn to new enemies and family into adversaries. Hell's knocking, banging on the door.

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Chapter 2

The end of the flight of stairs came finally in her eyes. Finally was Rarity back on ground level and she could talk some sense into the wolf. But first should the door be opened and with a single charge of her magic was that done. Though when the door opened, Rarity began to smell something different. Something she lusted after had entered her nose. A scent so strong that it made her mouth almost water. A delight came through to her body. One that filled her with excitement, arousal even.

It had never smelled as sweet as before. Six days had she gone without it, six days had she been lusting to it and now it laid there, ready for the taking. There was no way in all of the worlds that Rarity would have let the opportunity pass. Her more primal instinct took her over and the tongue licked passed the fangs. Finally had the time been there again. Finally could she do what she had wanted to do. Finally could she consume, what she wanted to consume. “Blood.”

With powerful steps in her hooves and the horn still primed with magic, Rarity made her way through the opening and into the hallway. The doors to the throne room were still open and she straightened her back a bit. One hoof was set in front of the other before she assumed a much more regal, seductive pace. Her wings unfolded before they went against the sides of her body, forming the tail of a dress that was never there. She would have joined the feast, no matter what.

“Fluttershy!” Rarity bellowed through the hallway. “Leave some for me, would you?”

The wolf turned its attention to the incoming vampony without dropping the flesh that it held in her mouth. One motion was made before the piece of meat had been swallowed whole and she then bore her bloodied fangs to the vampony. Who in return bared hers. Fluttershy wasn’t going to give up her prize, not for Rarity, not even after everything they had gone through. Territorial and dominant like the real thing, thought Rarity before she spread her wings outward.

“I see you still haven’t learned your manners around me. You get the flesh, I get the blood, remember?!” Rarity snarled to the wolf before she made a jump in the air. With her wings she then glided over to the other side of the half eaten carcass. Her hooves touched the floor again and she didn’t even bend through her legs. Instead she assumed a pose of certain regal once more.

Fluttershy on the other end heard how the doors were shut behind Rarity, leaving no other option than to fight the vampony over whatever scraps were left. But Fluttershy wasn’t too stupid either. It was her prize. She had slaughtered the pony for trespassing their woods. She was the one that had all of the right to the claim that she had. A clawed hoof was then set in the puddle of blood that had made its escape from the body. Her blood covered snout pointed to Rarity while a wolfish growl came from her throat.

“Oh don’t tell me...” That was all that Rarity could say before Fluttershy launched herself into her direction. Though with an elegant motion had Rarity avoided the incoming wolf, who fell down to the ground due to the slippery hooves. A snarl came from the beast before she managed to hoist herself back on all four. Rarity gave a flap with her wings to make sure everything still worked and her eyes pried the werepony thorough. Surprise was not a treat that the wolf had, but Rarity had more of it than she gave on to.

“It’s, mine!” Fluttershy growled before she launched again to Rarity. Who again avoided the beast with ease. Even though her blood reserves were low, Rarity still had excellent stamina. Though when she took a look to see where the wolf had landed, she noticed that Fluttershy only stood half a leg away from her. “It’s, mine!”

“Oh shush it, you big oversized pup,” muttered Rarity. The vampony was almost at the point of giving the wolf a tick on the nose, but doing so would have only angered it even more. “You may have slaughtered it, but you dragged it into my home. I am lord and master inside of these walls, if you don’t want to share your meal with me, you can eat it outside if you like, in the thundering, pouring storm.”

The gears inside of Fluttershy’s head did began to turn while the ears went from left to right. She was thinking, which was good for Rarity. Perhaps there was a level of reason left inside the beast. Though she doubted the fact more than she liked to admit. Fluttershy was a strange being, a being that could have been sweet and kind one moment, before becoming a total monster the next. Rarity had met the other end of the spectrum, right in front of her. Though the blood covered claws tapped against the stone floor, almost slipping every motion made. Time to decide what would have happened came in the next few, precious seconds.


“Fine,” growled Fluttershy in the end. Rarity could have her fair share of the feast, Fluttershy wasn’t even hungry anymore to boot. She turned away from the scene to let Rarity have her own dinner. The wolf would have made her way to the throne and laid down at the steps. She felt filthy and wanted to clean herself from the blood and dirt.

The vampony on the other end was happy that Fluttershy noticed at least some form of reason. She glanced back to the body and dropped herself next to it. The scent of the blood pouring out of the body made her feel dirty, moments later she set her fangs right into the flesh. Blood oozed in her mouth and she felt the strength of a dozen stallions flowing through her.

Swallow after swallow was made by Rarity, until there was no blood left in the body. When Rarity dared to remove her mouth, she was panting. It tasted so good, even though it was already cold. She hadn’t eaten in six days, anything was welcoming to her. But she felt good that she had consumed some more blood. Deep, forced and animated breaths were taken by her to show that she still was alive to some degree. Not for Fluttershy or Trixie, but for herself. Rarity had to prove to herself that she was still the regal lady that she always pictured herself as.

Though with the blood surrounding her lips, that fact was difficult to believe. One last lick over the wound and lips was made by her, before she then had a look over to the wolf, who just laid there with her eyes glancing back to Rarity. A glance of hatred, disgust even, could be found in the wolf. There had to be a reason for that, right? Rarity thought that she had seen it all with Fluttershy so far, but in reality, she wasn’t even close as to getting to the truth.

Quarrel would have risen between the two. Their entire friendship might have been at stake there. The vampony coiled her wings back around her body before she left the body for what it was. The fresh blood in her system made her feel powerful, it made her feel even rich. It made her feel as if she could take on the world. The blood coursing through her system, who would have known that it tasted to sweet, yet so bitter at the same time.

Rarity’s glance turned mistrustful while she kept an eye out on Fluttershy. Who of the two would have broken the silence first? That was the question that they both had in their minds. But somepony had to talk, before they would have erupted out in yet another fight. Rarity was a master of remaining silent of course, but Fluttershy could have only broken it. The shy and timid pegasus that she used to be, was nowhere to be found. The heavy breathing of the wolf filled the entire throne room.

Caution was required and Rarity moved in a bit closer, only to receive a growl from the wolf. She then made a step back and gave a simple nod. Rarity would have made a gesture with her hoof to let Fluttershy take the word. Which she gladly did. “It, was, mine, Rarity,” the werepony spoke. Even a year after their initial encounter, speaking was still a difficulty for the beast-form. Still, it all fell back to the fact that the body was hers. She had claimed it of course.

Rarity on the other end just rolled with her eyes before she took a step closer, not caring about the growling of the wolf. “Yes, and as I told you, numerous times before, everything that you drag into this place, automatically becomes mine. I’ve told this to you and the other you, which I love to meet at this point, by-the-by, since I can’t even talk properly with you!” Rarity answered to the wolf in a stern tone. She had to establish her dominance once more over the beast before things would have spiraled out of control.

Unaware to the both of them, Trixie had come back in the throne room through a backdoor. She was witnessing the entire thing from the sideline but didn’t know who to root for. She couldn’t root for either of them, really. Rooting for either of them would be seen as betrayal to the other. So the decision came forth to remain just silent. Not to meddle herself into the fight between the immortals. Whether Trixie liked to admit it or not, she was still mortal. A fact that came back to her when she rubbed her neck and felt the bite-marks that Rarity’s fangs had left behind on numerous occasions.

Fluttershy remained where she was, in that lying position over the steps leading to the throne. The most favored position of the wolf, actually. Her tail swished over the steps while she listened to the words of Rarity. Words that she could counter just as easily. “And she’s, not coming out, until dawn. When full moon stands high, I come out and play. Choose next words, very, very carefully,” growled the wolf to the vampony.

To Rarity it almost appeared like Fluttershy was taunting her. To see how far the buttons could be pushed until she would have lost her cool. But Rarity wouldn’t be falling for it anytime soon. She had been through the cycle with the wolf time and time again. She knew exactly what would have come next. She knew exactly what issue she would have to resolve. “And what if I don’t choose them carefully, hm? Are you going to gut me like you did with him? You know that you just can’t tear open any soul that comes across your path, right? For almost a year have you been mercilessly murdering ponies like that.” To emphasize her words, she stomped a hoof against the floor, sending a clack through the room.

The wolf just chuckled a little bit, as if the whole thing was funny for it. “You, foolish, vampony. I can tear you, open just like, that. But, I won’t.” Another chuckle was given off by the beast, leaving Rarity just standing there, not knowing what to say next.

Though after a few seconds she knew exactly what to say in return. “Don’t you forget that it was me who took you in. I was the one who dared to help you with your condition. I was the one who gave you a shelter for the full moon. Only because of me, you ensured your own survival. So tell me, why exactly, I should choose my words with care.”

The chuckle died while a low toned howl took over. Danger was rising, that much was clear. “Because you didn’t show me anything to adjust to my changes!” Fluttershy bellowed in her normal voice. The shy pegasus had returned and managed to stagger Rarity, to make her shut up.