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A Dutch gentleman of leisure, living for pleasure, since mirth is my measure. Writing stories that are (mostly) unique and psychological of nature and visiting conventions whenever I can.


This story is a sequel to Blood Curse Boutique

"And so we start again, tormenting ourselves with the pain of a year ago. Living through the pain of having lost my sister. Some might know, others won't have a concept about it. Do I care? No. Because I know my sister, I know what she would and wouldn't do. Somepony murdered her that night, and I'll find out who, or my name won't be Sweetie Belle any longer."

A year came to pass since the fires raged through the Carousel Boutique. A year went by during which everypony thought Rarity was gone. But in reality, she's never left the woods of Everfree. Living her life in the ancient castle, Rarity's time seems endless. Yet thoughts of the past continued to haunt her, together with her more beastly side.

In the meantime, the infamous Night Guard has been reestablished by princess Luna. Vamponies and wereponies are on the rise, causing trouble on the roads. The abominations of the night need to be stopped before they spread too much havoc. A job the thestrals can't do the job on their own, and Luna knows that. Meaning that volunteers can enlist.

Torn by grief, maddened by sadness, Sweetie Belle doesn't know what is right and wrong anymore. That cursed night consumed by fire continued to haunt her. Not even all the distractions she had given herself could empty her mind of it. Unsure of what to do next, it won't take too long before a rash decision comes forth. A decision that won't just drag Sweetie in the abyss, but the other Crusaders as well.

All three of them, having different ideals and ways of living, are about to face the unbelievable. Revelations to come, disasters to be avoided, changes to be made and words that must never be spoken. Yet a slight ripple in the pond, can change everything. Some, have been much closer to the truth than they might have thought originally. Nopony is safe as not only the night is at stake, but so are their lives...

Coverart created by BaroqueDavid

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Well here we are again.
Its nearly been a year, but the sequel is finally here. :heart:
I'll be patiently waiting for the next part of Rarity's story. :raritywink:

Can't tell you how glad I am to see this. I loved BCB and I feel I will love the sequel as well. Maybe, just maybe, if there's enough desire for it, it'll be finished, eh?

One can hope. :)

well, it seems our dear, beloved Rarity Belle once again is in the Moons comforting light.:eeyup:

For who knows, but Rarity Belle, of what is to come?:rainbowderp:

I will be watching you, my dear.

From the sidelines i will watch you...
And if needed, i will come to your aid.
You only need to ask,
Miss Belle, The lady of the Everfree Forest

From: Wild Mind

7135997 It's just shy over a year since I set the 'complete' tag on BCB, and now this thing is out. Talking about being consistent with time there, hehehe. I hope I won't disappoint you with what's written down for it, even if this one may not ever be finished.

7136025 I'm glad to hear those words darling, they do mean a lot for me. But as for actually finishing the story? There are two ways I can do that: shorten it (therefor making it only half the size as its predecessor) and completely re-writing the ideas I had for it. One can only hope indeed. I've no idea if I'll ever be able to even finish it, unless I give my mind free range and literally no restrictions, which held me down in both the original and this one.

7136287 First of all, I really, really, really like the way you wrote that, it's sublime! Though...I can feel your judging eyes already passing through, and it scares me. Perhaps, when the time is there I will do the mentally impossible and ask for aid, but until that time comes, I've no idea what's going to happen next. Well have to let time flow and see where it goes from there.

7136467 Yeah, the last few months have been kinda hectic and I hope that somewhere within the next few ones, everything is finally going to settle for a change, hopefully finally giving me some form of peace in mind. Doubt it though, oh well.

7136555 I have many facets, like a bloodstone of greenish hue with an ever shifting flame, never resting yet peaceful all the same.

But beware, if you do what the flame doesn't like, it will burn you to ash, for it will protect those it cares about with a determination matched only by the might of the sun and moon combined.

Miss Belle of the Everfree, will you have me as your humble Knight, who yearns to serve the one he has heard rumours and whispers about, the one able to help control this accursed hunger, for the wine that flows in the veins of those who have wronged the innocent is, oh so tasty....

But this hunger i feel, drives me to the innocents blood that i wish to protect from the criminals...

I beg of you, to help me....

My leader.....

Do not fear me, for i won't judge you for your past actions, as i know this curse of hunger for the red wine in mortals veins, tempting us in our curse....

YES YES YES! :pinkiehappy: I have been waiting for this forever! :twilightsmile:

Many thoughts course through them but of what nature?

Dual personality with both and the one in control is questionable....

Untill next time, my friend

I made this account just so I could comment to tell you the awesomeness you have created so far

7233556 You're given me too much credit here my dear, but I can't thank you enough for those words.

Torn by grief, maddened by sadness, Sweetie Belle doesn't know what is right and wrong anymore. That cursed night consumed by fire continued to haunt her. Not even all the distractions she had given herself could empty her mind of it. Unsure of what to do next, it won't take too long before a rash decision comes forth. A decision that won't just drag Sweetie in the abyss, but the other Crusaders as well.

Not Sweetie Belle! Oh please, please, please tell me that everything will turn out all right for her!

The promised but never finished sequel to BCB

...Does this mean that you're not going to finish this?

7244234 I dunno, if I ever get the spark back to continue writing it I will finish it of course.

Interesting perhaps the bad future that was prevented before may yet still occur.

I don't understand why this isn't more popular, it's fricking amazing!

7286436 You tell me why it isn't getting the attention it deserves, because I haven't a single clue.

ive been on a trip so i just got back and caught up

it's just so amazing

Man, your writing has improved so much since the first story! Vicious vampires are something that are sorely under explored, I'm so glad that you're willing to explore the subject! I do ope Rarity has some interaction with her friends at some point though, I do enjoy reading about the mane six's escapades

I do appreciate a look into the ponies that Rarity left behind

7234083 no seriously, MasterC0re is right, this story is seriously awesome! :rainbowkiss:

Plz God make Rainbow a bad-ass vampony! Eventually... Plz?! PLZ?!

7379511 Doubt that that is ever going to happen. With her personality already as it is, she would betray herself before the third day of being discovered she's a vampony. And then...well, let's just say it's not going to be a pretty sight, for both sides.

So, Rarity no becoming queen and ruling the world is causing chaos that Luna has to deal with then?

yes moar!!!!!

and also
, but you know how she is these days. Hoe she perhaps

uuuuuh I have a dirty mind

Darn and just when it was really starting to wet my appetite. I hope you come back soon.

7504605 Just wait until next Monday, I have something in store.

but I thought you said you were going on Hiatus?

7506438 I said that indeed, but changed my mind when I placed the chapters here a few weeks ago.

Comment posted by MasterC0re deleted Aug 29th, 2016
Comment posted by MasterC0re deleted Aug 29th, 2016

Chapter 115?

7523554 yeah what is up with that?

What is it 115 for call of duty black ops zombies element 115?

7522170 Can you give some context by that statement? I'm having a difficult time to figure out in what sense you said it.

7523554 7524031 As stated in the 'authors note' at the very bottom of said chapter, it states that I haven't made a mistake, or that you missed a chapter. There's a lot more going on than you can see at first glance. There are a few more chapters coming, and then it will all be explained.

7524457 Apologies I left a comment then read your note at the end of the ch. I cant delete my comments from my vita.

7524488 In that manner, it makes sense now to me, hehehe

7524500 Im halpy I could clear that up.

the story, it be thickening

Was that a Transformers 2 reference

Dammmmmmm that's was awesome.:rainbowdetermined2:

7559464 Not sure which part you're referring to here. It might be, but then it wasn't an intentional one.


Killed whom? I need names, Sweetie. Details, plot, beginning, middle, end.

the old secror7 agent said to jetfire when they first went to Egypt asking about the riddle

7561717 That one was unintentional, hehehe. I wrote it down and when I read it again, I remembered it indeed being spoken in ROTF, but decided to leave it in anyway

Nice chapter. I was wondering when he would betray her. I wonder if Rarity will survive this.

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